Instructions for Making the Noodle Bead Necklace Kit

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, you will learn how to make the necklaces in the Noodle Bead Necklace Kits, which are available at These fashionable necklaces add a great pop of color to your everyday look. Each kit will make two necklaces: a gold plated version and a silver plated version. In this tutorial, you will learn how to open and close a jump ring.
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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to make the noodle bead necklace from the noodle bead necklace kit and there are three different kit options, there's a black color option, a purple color option and a turquoise color option and each kit will come with the supplies to make two necklaces. One in a silver plated version and one in a gold plated version I'm just gonna show you had to make one and I'm gonna make another one of the turquoise in gold plated necklaces. Inside the kit will be all of these goodies and it's everything you need but the tools. So you'll have five silver plated metal beads and five gold plated metal beads you'll get a little bundle of waxed cotton cord, a little tube of glue two gold plated cord ends, two silver plated cord ends and you have two silver plated jump rings two gold plated jump rings and then magnetic clasps, a silver plated and a gold plated and the tools that you'll need are a ruler, a pair of flush cutters, you can use scissors but I like to get a nice clean edge on my cotton cord by using a flush cutter and then you'll need two pairs of pliers for jewelry making, so a chain nose and then either a second pair chain nose or a pair of round nose something else that you'll use to open and close the jump rings and then I also like to have a scratchpad, a posted pad or something to use for catching the glue as I'm working. To begin cut our cord. Now when you first open your cord it might be wrinkled and bent up from being in a little bundle It should relax as you use it and wear it but one really quick and easy way to get it to straighten right out is just get wet and pull it straight and don't stretch just run it through your fingers and pull it straight and it will dry relatively quickly cut five pieces of our wax cotton cord 15 and a half inches long each so I just cut one with the ruler and then measured the rest off of the ones that are already cut because it's more important to me to have them the same length than it is to have them all exactly 15 and a half inches, so they should be even and so even if your first one was very slightly offish go ahead and match that. This is gonna make a 16 inch necklace which is a shorter necklace if you'd like to adjust the finished necklace length you would just cut your waxed cotton cord to slightly different lengths so you can add a little in or out of the measure there and I'm just gonna show you one necklace if you wanna cut all 10 pieces of your cord all at once to do both necklaces you can of course feel free to cut all 10 pieces at one time and you would have more left. I just had a shorter piece that I used when I straighten it out with the water now we're going to need some glue I'm going to go ahead and but some glue out onto a post it note pad and line all five of your cords up so that the ends match are even. Put some glue on the ends and you want a decent amount you want it all the way to the sides you don't want so much that it's gonna overflow out of your end cap and it can be a little tricky but they do all fit. You're going to with them bundled up put all five cord ends into one of the cord end caps. They do fit, sometimes you just gotta get your nail into the edge and wipe away excess glue you wanna let that glue set and make sure all the cords are pushed all the way down into the tip and let that set up for a few minutes before you move on you don't wanna pull it out. Then going to, working carefully just because this glue isn't 100 percent dry if you want you can go ahead and let it dry for longer so that you don't have to be as careful. We're going to place one of our noodle beads onto each one of the cords just slide it up and pull it to about the middle. Then we're going to just line up your cords stack the beads a little so that they're not really twisted up so that you can get them into a group where they're not super twisted up and it's okay if it's a little bit it's really hard to get it perfect but take more time or less as it matters to you. I've noticed that it's not that noticeable unless it's really twisted. Then we're going to put some more glue on the other end and if you're glue has gotten too dry you get yourself some some more mine is still pretty good. I'm going to use that slide all five ends into the cord end and push them all the way then wipe away any excess glue I'm going to let the glue set that on that as well before you continue the last thing we're gonna do is attach the clasp. You're going to you take your jump rings grasp the jump ring on one side of the split with your chain nose pliers and then use a second pair of pliers to pull the sides away from each other this way, not apart this way but just from side to side then you're going to attach each cord end to one side of the clasp using a jump ring and just pull the sides back until they meet. I'm just gonna leave that clasp closed while I attach it you can separate it if you find it's easier open the jump ring and then put the two pieces onto the jump ring and the clasp will be a little bit annoying, just be careful that you don't have it come off the jump ring close the jump ring back up and that's all there is to it and you would just repeat that process with your silver plated findings to create your second version. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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