Instructions for Making the Crystal Rivoli Wrapped Bracelet Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will learn how to make the Crystal Rivoli Wrap Bracelet, an exclusive jewelry kit from Each kit comes complete with all the supplies you will need to make the project, all you need to provide are the tools. This bracelet pattern can be adjusted so that it has between 1 and 5 wraps. A great project for beginners.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with the kit comes in so you can see that we have some color choices here so i want to show you what you get in the kit and how to put it together you're first going to get a length of this great faux leather cord this is really nice it's not leather it's a leather alternative but it looks very much like leather so you get a nice length and you can see you actually get quite a bit of it of this faux leather cord and it looks really nice you're going to get four end caps four jump rings a magnetic clasp a Rivoli setting and ace Roth's key elements crystal Rivoli and of course the colors that you're going to get in your kit are based upon the color of the kit you choose so everything will of course be coordinating and here I have the kit that has the brown faux leather cord and the brass findings you're also going to get a whole bottle of super new glue to glue these in place so you'll be able to use the leftover glue for other projects terms of the tools you'll need you'll need a pen a pair of scissors and two pairs of chain nose pliers so to start we're going to glue in the Rivoli into the setting so one thing about the super new glue is a little goes a long ways so we're just going to take the glue bottle and put three little drops into the setting and just drop our Rivoli in place we're going to let that dry now and as that is drying we're going to take our faux leather cord match up the ends so you find the midway point and then cut and now we've got two equal lengths of cord taking the super new glue again we're going to put a drop into the cord finding in place our cord into it hold it for just a few seconds and then you can set it down to dry we're going to do that now with the other cord and again just stick it in there hold it for a few seconds so it can create a bond and set it aside to dry at this point I'm going to take a 10-minute break let these dry a bit before proceeding on to the next step okay so after you've let these pieces dry you're going to go ahead and open a jump ring to do that you grab one end to the side of the slit with your chain nose pliers and then you grab the other side and you simply twist now these are some pretty good strong heavy-duty jump rings and we're just going to go ahead link it on to one of the loops on your Rivoli setting and then you're also going to connect it on to the little end cap you just attached with the glue now note there is a right side and a wrong side to the cord so you can actually choose I actually like both sides but for this particular project I want the more leather looking shiny side facing out so when I connect this on I'm going to make sure I pay attention to that loop that on to your jump ring and to close your jump ring you simply twist it back in place and now you'll see the correct side of the faux leather is facing out and I'm just going to repeat that on the other end of my setting as well again just going to open the jump ring link it on to the setting think on the other part of the bracelet and close it back up so believe it or not we're already half done with our bracelet if you're making this as a gift for someone and you don't really know their bracelet size a standard bracelet size is about seven and a half inches to obtain that you would go ahead and would measure each side of your cord to be 16 inches long you would cut it and attach your end but if you're making this for yourself I want to show you how to measure it so it fits your wrist so go ahead Center the Rivoli on the top of your wrist in the middle and now you can actually decide do you want one wrap just so you have a very simple bracelet like that or you can wrap it around once on each side so it looks like that or you actually have enough to do two wraps on each side of the setting now I like to measure it like this because everyone's wrist is a little bit of a different size and everyone has a different preference as to how tight or loose they want to wear their bracelet so I'm gonna make this for my wrist and I would actually like to wear it like this I want it pretty snug on my wrist just because of this design here so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go ahead see where the two cords would overlap in the center of the backside of my wrist and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hold these and I'm gonna make a mark with my pen where they overlap so there's one mark it takes a little bit of fidgeting to be able to do this if you have someone who can help you it might be easier but if you're doing this yourself it's definitely possible okay so there I've made a mark on both sides now when I attach my clasp it's gonna add between a half an inch and a three-quarters of an inch so I'm going to cut a little bit shy of that mark a little bit short of it so now I can go ahead and unwrap my bracelet and I have a particularly tiny wrist so if you're watching me do this and you're seeing how much I'm cutting off you might not necessarily cutting off this much I just have a really small wrist so that was my mark but because I know my end and my class are gonna add between 1/2 and 1/4 and 3/4 inch I'm gonna cut a little bit shy on both sides and now I'm going to attach another end cap to each side I'm gonna do that the same way I did the others whoops you'll have a new bottle of glue we've actually used this glue in the studio before but yours will come with a brand new bottle again just one drop kind of let it swirl around in there make sure it coats the base and the sides okay close up your glute and we're going to let that dry for another ten minutes or so before we complete our bracelet to finish your bracelet go ahead and separate your out your magnetic clasp then you're going to take a jump ring open it slide it onto one half of your clasp and also the end cap you just glued in and close it and then repeat on the other side of the bracelet close it back up and you are done I'll put this on so you can see that the it was measured correctly and what's great about magnetic clasps as you're gonna see in one second if I can get it off of my pliers they are really great for bracelets cuz they're so easy to do so they just snap together and there we go and I have a perfectly fitting bracelet so I hope you enjoy this tutorial you can find this kit along with other exclusive kits on you

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