How to Wire Wrap Beads onto the Inside and Outside of a Hoop

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to create this design using 28 gauge craft wire, Czech etched glass seed beads, and Nunn Design elements. First, you will see how to wire wrap 6/0 seed beads onto the outside of a hoop. Then you will see how to wire wrap 8/0 seed beads into the interior of the hoop. Finally, you will see how to attach an earring hook to your wire wrapped frame.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique you how to wire wrap beads on to the inside and outside of a hoop so this earring is the Raindance earring and it uses a couple of different sizes of czech glass beads we've got a rainbow assortment of size 8 OC beads and also some 6os we'll be using some Nunn design components including this 34 and a half millimeter hoop we've got a jump ring here in 17 gauge and a nice earring hook for tools I have flush cutters chain nose pliers round nose pliers and also some 28 gauge wire so let's begin I'm going to cut approximately 26 inches of 28 gauge wire this is the tarnish resistant copper craft wire which is good for this kind of a project because it's nice and soft so to begin I'm going to take up my hoop frame and lay the wire over the top of the edge with about an inch overlapping there and with that tail that inch long tail I'm going to start wrapping around the edge of the hoop and I'm gonna come around four times and make sure that the tip of my wire the end of it is facing inward so that it doesn't get caught on anything and with my chain nose pliers I'm going to tuck that tail in make sure it's nice and flush I'm also gonna straighten up this wrap just by squeezing and now I'm ready to take on my first beads we'll start by wrapping the blue beads around the outside edge I'm going to take the end of my wire and string on one of these size 6/0 H beads get myself situated here I'm gonna hold that bead along the edge of the hoop and bring my wire into the center I'm going to create four more coils just by coming around that edge and stacking the coils one after the other there's my four that I'm going to bring on the next bead take the end of my wire treat it like a needle and string my bead on it's a lot of wire to handle at once but it's good to keep a continuous line otherwise there's a lot of connecting and disconnecting you'd be doing so we keep one one long section of wire again I'm coming in toward the center of the hoop and coiling the wire away from the bead that I just added four times and add on my next bead waiting for it to slide down there we got it okay I'm gonna do the same thing coiling around and once I get this coil done I'm gonna cinch these beads up so that they lay nice and flush together there's my fourth quail and now just with my fingers I'm gonna go ahead and squeeze together those beads along the edge and see how they just line up nice and flush that'll take up my extra space so I'm gonna continue for 16 beads and once I'm done we'll coil and clip the wire and get on start it in the center of the piece so I'm adding on my 16th bead coiling around about four times on the end and again I'm going to clip the wire and have it headed right into the center of the hoop tuck that in with my chain nose pliers and now let's get started on the center part of the beads beadwork okay so I'm going to cut another 26 inches make sure that I have enough only six inches of wire there we go clip that with my flush cutters and bring in the tail of my wire over the top of one of my end wraps and I'm going to do the same thing over the top of that wrap where I'm coiling the tail about three times kind of locking it in between those previous rounds and I will tuck in the edge of that wire and now I'm gonna bring the remainder of my wire through the center of the hoop as we work you'll notice that we'll be weaving in and out of each of these outer blue beads so my first row is going to consist of 15 red beads so I'm going to go ahead and string those on there we go and now I'm gonna bring my wire just over the other coil of beads on the end there and I'm gonna coil around by bringing my wire through the middle and over the top again of that edge you'll see I have a little bit of space where my beads are moving around and if that bothers you and you want to adjust the count of beads for your earring the thing is that these seed beads are just a little varied in size even though they are designated as size 8 o beads sometimes they're a little thinner or a little thicker so from this point what I'm gonna do after I've made my final round there is just angle my wire so that it falls into the space between the first and second bead on this side and now I'm gonna bring my wire through the center again careful to get that loop through so it doesn't kink and I'm ready to add on sixteen of the orange beads I'm going to set my frame off to the side so I'm not knocking into all of these beads here and add 16 orange beads bringing in my 16 beads and spreading the wire across the inside I'm coming down between the first two beads on the opposite side of my frame and coiling the wire around the edge gonna come around twice after my second coil come back up and over behind the back of that second bead down on the edge and bring my wire in again through the frame headed toward the opposite side and now I'm ready to add on my yellow beads and that will be 14 set my frame off to the side and pick up 14 yellows now I've got my 14 beads in the center coming between the second and third bead on this side and coiling my wire around the edge once twice and three times now again I'm coming behind that third bead through the middle between the third and fourth and sending my wire through the center of the hoop now I'm ready to add on 12 green beads again these these counts are approximate use whatever works best to fill the space for your frame it's my twelve bring those into the middle coming across and down between the third and fourth bead along the edge coiling through the center and you'll notice as your space gets tighter you might start to want to send the tip of the wire through it's a guide your length and coming around one more time okay we will straighten and adjust these once we're complete with our stringing but for now we're going to continue by coming behind the fourth bead at an angle and sending our wire through the middle of the hoop again and adding on nine purple beads slide those down fill the space and I'm coming between the fourth and fifth bead on this side and this is going to be my final coil around the edge tucking the tip of my wire through the middle and around and I've given myself more than enough wire for this center portion okay so coming around three times I'm gonna flip the piece over and clip and tuck in the remainder of my wire with my flat pliers sometimes I like to take the edge of my plier and push it in like so all right so I've got my beads filling the space I'm just gonna go in and start to straighten that a little bit and you can see that the path of the wire goes over under under over under and so forth it's weaving its way in and out of the hoop so now we're ready to add our earring hook and for this I'm going to take my chain pliers and grip on the loop of my earring hook and change the orientation of that loop because I'll be using a jump ring as a go-between and I want that setting my earring facing forward so this jump ring again another nice Nunn design element is etched along the edge and I like how that touch sort of mirrors the wire wrapping so I picked a piece that would be large enough to accommodate the size of this thick hoop I'm gonna slide that on and also slide on my earring hook and use my pliers to close that up there we have another beautiful Raindance earring all of these beads tools and supplies are available at and please also visit our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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