How to Wire Wrap Beads onto an Earring Hook

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to wire wrap round Preciosa crystal beads onto and earring finding. This technique can be used with other beads as well. Try seed beads or gemstones to dress up these earring hooks.
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to wire wrap beads onto an earring hook now i have a finished pair of earrings right here and this is just the style that we're going for here today so you can see that i've wire wrapped five beautiful six millimeter crystals excuse me sorry four millimeter crystals onto my beautiful findings here and i just added those same crystals at the bottom so it's a little extra embellishment so i'm going to show you how to do that here today so like i said i do have some four millimeter crystals and i'm going to be using some wire here and i'm going to be using 26 gauge gold color wire and i have my nice earring hook here okay so the first thing that we're going to do is we are going to take off about 11 inches or so oops let's grab the right one there we go 11 inches of wire now the reason you want to always think about taking off a little more than you might need is because as you're working you're going to need something to hold on to so i just kind of put mine back into that little notch there and hopefully we can keep it from untangling okay perfect now we keep our wire tame all right set that aside so i have my 11 inches of wire i can set my ruler aside now and i'm actually going to move my earrings out of the way here so that you can see what i am what i am working on all right so now i'm going to take my nylon jaw pliers and my chain nose pliers and i'm just going to come to one end here and all i'm going to do is just sort of straighten out that wire make sure it is nice and ready to go and is going to behave for me here today all right one more time just kind of run it along to the end okay perfect so now coming to one end of the wire i'm going to use the earring hook here and i'm just going to sort of lay this across the top and i'm just going to wind down and i'm going to wind now with the longer end so you kind of just do that little crisscross there and now i'm just going to wind it down and wind it up and over and what i want to do is i want to get three solid coils there at the bottom so i'm going to do once more and then wrap it around to the top there so you can see what we have we have our three little coils there and we have that wire coming out up and over the top okay so now you can kind of use this like a little needle if you want slide on one of our beads now normally we'll be using some smaller beads so you can't just let it fall all the way down to the bottom there and push it over what you have to do is you can get this little tail out of the way there you want to come up just about a quarter of an inch or so even maybe less and then use the bead to bend that wire and now we can come around and we're wrapping the same way so we're going to wrap once twice and three times and now on our fourth time up and over there we go we're going to add on one more bead now you can do this with just one bead you can you know do three if you want i like to work in odd numbers so for me as i was creating this design i stopped at three and then i was like you know i think i'm going to keep going so that's how i ended up with five because i liked that it mirrored the little pendant at the bottom for this particular design but if you wanted to do something else you can absolutely kind of just use this basic technique to achieve that result all right so that's one that's two and if you ever need to if you feel like your wire is getting kinked here just go ahead and give it a little smooth out and you can either pick it up with your fingers like i'm doing here or you can pick it up like a needle and now same thing always make sure you're remembering to go the right way with your wire so we're wrapping down this way and the nice thing about the ear wire is that it's open so you don't have to like string your wire through you're just kind of wrapping it down and around and this ear wire is really forgiving so it's behaving very nicely for me all right so i'm just going to do two more here and then there's a couple little little tips i'll show you so the reason i initially thought to end it with three is because i was worried this would be getting too close to the earlobe you know as you're wearing it so i was worried about the comfort but i tried it on i did the five and i tried it on i was like nope that works i'll keep that so sometimes you just gotta you gotta test it out you know but that's why i love this wire elements wire because you get a full spool of wire to play with so there's there's no worry about having enough which is great all right so i'm just going to do this last one here and you can see that i still have my tails if that bothers you you can trim it off now but i'm going to show you how to do that in just a moment here let's do our last last triple wrap and two and three and now i'm going to come and make sure that i come to the back because when we're looking at the front we want to see that triple wrap right there so but i want to come all the way to the back and almost like i'm coming back to the front there i want to come in now with my flush cutters and trim at the top and the reason i want to do that is because i don't want the wire facing in to poke i want it kind of coming outwards and then if you if you feel it's just it's out just a little bit just go ahead and take your chain nose pliers and just sort of pinch that together all right and here's where you can sort of just you know stare down the barrel there and just straighten any pieces out come to this end here and again we want to just sort of sneak our pliers in there because we want to always try to hide that little wire so i'm just going to sneak my pliers in snip off that wire and i'm going to actually just sort of pinch this together just a little bit and pinch it around because we want to make sure that that loop is open so that we can attach our pendant but that's it that's how easy it is and you're just kind of wrapping all the way around but you can see that you sort of have to give a little bit of extra space to accommodate those four millimeter beads you can do this with smaller beads of course and you know the technique will basically be the same you can also try this with some larger beads as well and again um i was using the 26 gauge wire if you did want to go finer you could absolutely use a 28 and i think it would work just fine you could even go up to a 30 if you're using smaller beads and kind of looking for a more delicate look all right i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to you

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