How to Use the Speedle Needle

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see a demonstration of how to use the Speedle Needle by the Beadsmith. This is a wonderful tool to use to load beads directly from the tube to your thread. If you love bead crochet, this is a must-have tool.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to use the speedl needle from the beadsmith now i have the packaging here because i wanted to let you see a little bit easier what you're going to get here so we're going to get two pieces of the speedl needle and this is really great especially if you're going to be doing any bead crochet so the idea is is that you can pick up those beads straight from the tube because it has a little hook on the end so i'm going to go ahead and flip this over so you can see that so we have that little hook on the end we have a nice big eye needle and you can see that it's just going to catch there on the end to load up your beads so i'm going to do a little demonstration of that right now and for this i'm going to use some four pound fireline but feel free to use whatever you like obviously if you're going to be using this does work with the 15 0s and the 11 0's but if you are going to be using the 15 0s you might want to consider a thinner thread but that is entirely up to you okay so i have one of those needles here and you can see that nice eye is really really big so we can just slip our thread through there and go ahead and kind of pull it down so it kind of sits in that little notch it's a little extra little twisted notch there because we don't want that to be able to move at all now you can go ahead and take the top off of your tube of beads and what you're going to do is you're just going to kind of i like to just sort of tap mine on my table there and then you can just sort of get them get your needle down in there and just go down through and it starts to pick up those beads for you so just you can go down through a couple times again if you need to just give it a little shake and you can see that it starts to pick up those beads for you very nicely just like so and then you can just go ahead and slide them down and they will fit right over that big eye needle right onto your thread all right so now let me show you with the 15 0s here it'll be the same thing but i just want to show you oops before i spill them all over the place anyway i just want to show you that it will work now i'm using some miyuki delicas here or excuse me some yuki rounds and toho rounds but you can just see how nicely that just sort of loads up onto your beads there and then again you can just slide that down over the needle so the 15 0s work on that little collapsible eye needle there as well so that is how easy this is to do but then you can load up a whole bunch of beads this is great if you're going to be working with especially a mixed tube of seed beads and let's say like i said you're going to do some beaded crochet so then all you need to do is just remove this from the piece here and add on your regular needle that you would need so you wouldn't want to use this particular needle to do any bead weaving it's really just for the loading process but you do get two in the package so you can have those for a very long time i hope you enjoyed this demonstration of the speedl needle by the beadsmith thanks so much for watching you can get these supplies and even more by heading over to

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