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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to replace a broken needle on griffon silk now most often at we've been using the griffin silk to create the rapid loom piece you can see i have a piece that i'm working on right here so i have my button in there i have my leather and then you can see those beautiful little griffin silk pieces on the side that's that beautiful green there that's happening now when you normally have your griffin silk it will come with a wire needle on the end that will kind of bend as you go but it will look like this it will be attached because it will be twisted up in that silk so this is great to use on this side but what do you do on the other side and if your needle should break off it can happen we've seen it happen but here's what you do so we have a flexible twisted wire beading needle and this is from the beadsmith and we have this in fine so we have the option and the thing i love about this is you get a pack of 50 because once you're kind of done with these they they're not really useful anymore so you can't really use it like you would a regular needle so this is a simple little needle from that package and you can see that has that beautiful little loop on the end so what we're going to do is just simply slide it on to our griffin silk and i like to slide mine down at least about an inch or so sometimes two inches it has griffin silk will have these sort of natural little notches there too but you can't just well you could let me say that you could just leave it like this if you wanted but it's not very secure and it'll kind of slip slide around so what i like to do is just give it a little tug and you'll see that eye of that needle kind of disappear and then come down to the end here and give it a little pinch and a little twist so what we are trying to do is create where it's going to be on that griffin silk with a little bit more permanence now it could still slide around if you want to really tug at it but it should stay pretty fairly close to where you kind of twisted it on there but now this needle is nice and straight and can fit through your beads no problem so this is something that you'd want to do if you have uh or if you're only using one piece of griffin silk or if you should lose your needle now the only thing i will say is that you'll notice that on the needle that i added here on the right hand side i did have to double over the thread even just for a little bit so make sure that that will still fit through your beads if you have to double it over if that's not going to be the case be sure to use two things of griffon silk and be very careful with those needles because we want to make sure that you can complete your project without any hassle so this is how to replace a broken needle on griffin silk you can get all of these supplies by heading over to and if you're new to our youtube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from you

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