How to Use the Heetrix Soldering Platform

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to assemble and use the space saving Heetrix Soldering Platform. The Heetrix mounts on top of the bench and the soldering platform swings out of the way when not in use. It also rotates for convenience. The included special third hand attachment with a fibre grip tweezer easily allows for hands free work.
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm going to show you how to setup and use the Heetrix soldering platform by Eurotool when you first unwrap this tool from its packaging you're going to notice it has a greasy type residue on the surface and actually what this is is a rust preventive coating. iIts been applied at the factory. It's just to prevent rust and corrosion from happening while this tool is being stored and transported until it arrives to you and to clean it all you need to do is use some WD40, some mineral spirit or even some dawn dish soap that's going to take that grease right off the only tool you're gonna need besides what's included in your kit is going to be a flat head screw driver What you're going to get, its all gonna come in a box. You're gonna get a clamp, a pair of gripping tweezers, the platform itself a third hand extension and a solder disc so what you do to put this together is take your clamp and is going to fit on the edge of your tables so you're not going to do any drilling and you're just going to slide it on all the way and twist it tight you want it to be on there good and tight you'll notice there's a little notch right here and this goes right over the post and this swings which is very convenient. Let's it swing out of the way when it's not in use and then this platform here goes right on top of there. It fits perfect. There's a little depression right here and this is for soldering grain if you want to do a project like that but the platform itself will go ahead fit right on there and here's your third-hand extension this is where the tool comes in handy we got a little screw right here. You put this right onto the neck of the soldering platform and you're just going to screw it on tight so that's secure to put your tweezers on they go right in here and this is adjustable tension so hold them firm tighten that and now you can swing, you can loosen and tighten. You got a lot of flexibility and here we go, swing all the way around and then it can actually hover right over your platform and you can squeeze the tweezers and do whatever type of projects you want and this will go ahead and protect your work surface, it'll protect your hands. It'll give you a third-hand and it's very convenient. Now in another video I'm going to show this in use and show you how to draw a bead on sterling silver wire to create a head pin If you want to stay tuned for that, please check that out and I'll show this tool in action

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