How to Use the EuroTool Bench Top Polisher

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video tutorial shows you how to assemble and use the EuroTool Bench Top Polisher. With variable speeds from 1,800 - 7,500 and compact in size, this tool is a great precision polisher. You will be amazed at the time it saves and the high shine you can achieve.
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I want to show you how to use a bench top polisher. So this is a great tool because what it allows to do is just take for instance a ring that looks like this that is all black and and turn into a ring that looks like that. So it's going to help you really shine it up and polish some of your metal pieces and jewelry I want to show you what's involved with this bench top polisher. I want to show you how to assemble it and I wanna show you how to operate it before you get started you wanna work in a well-ventilated area you are going to absolutely need some safety goggles and you'll need a mask as well You do not want to breathe in any at the dust so definitely cover your mouth, keep your mouth shut and then also I use some safety goggles as well. Always take precautions when you get this kit it's gonna arrive like this. So this is the base form of it you are going to be given two screws which go right here and you're gonna wanna screw it down to your work surface and that is to prevent it from start to jump around or move around as you're applying pressure and when you're doing your buffing and you're gonna maybe in up scooting it like this which you don't want to do. This is a power tool so please take precaution For this video I am NOT going in screw it down but please note that you really do need to. So also with this kit here you get two tapered spindles, one for the left side and one for the right you'll see there's a little L there and a little right there. So this is going to be the left and this is going to be right and you're also given a little tool to help use them. You'll see that it's got two set screws and you're going to go ahead and line this up with this flat portion on the motor shaft. So I got the left hand side one and I'll slide that on until it's about an 1/8 of an inch from the actual motor casing and then I'm just going to take my little tool here don't want it to be flush up against that you want that little space I'm just going to twist until that is secure mayor keep that same step on the other side and do note this is not plugged in at this moment you are not getting until you rate actually is that I'm sliding this one same distance and screwing this and the place no one thing I wanna show you before I go any further issues to get these two little guys is our motor brushes and he's a replacement he says he and I can you send right of but after about a hundred hours of continuous use on this you will need to replace is when they get down to about 47 inch gonna wear down and where they go a little screwdriver right here that spring right here and there's another one this is brand new sale just replace that put the coil onto the slot top notch area and put it back in place there's one on that side and there's one on that side seam back to those so we first got this you not have to worry about these but I did I show you where they belong we're gonna mount are medium grit abrasive wheels which come with this and the way you can do that if your gonna hold right here and then you're gonna twist to do the other will you can do the same thing that on seek i've a twist the motor shaft or you can twist the actual as our secure and not going anywhere so at this point I'm ready to turn on my machine and then I'm going to put my mask on and my goggles on and so I'm not gonna talk as i'm doing up and show you how to do it couple quick things my first turn this on i turn the knob its gonna spatter little mustang apps and stopped and stop and then once I get past certain speed is gonna catch as gonna keep at that speed and then I can reduce the speed and it will go ahead and lower the speed it won't be that stuttering that's just the way it starts at so it is variable speed see you can adjust the speed and I suggest starting on a low-speed to begin with and to get more comfortable with it the wheels are going to be coming this way and so we're gonna point our peace downward and got another hearing over here action eases example for me pointing at least downward make sure we don't touch the wheel actually I do recommend using some take the finger protection as well because this is gonna he ap as you're doing this so you wanna be really careful with that and I can do that video that please I wanna crash into the scare tactics have crossed precautions there with your fingers and how this metals can heat up and is not get it for a long enough time that analytic very hot so here we go on a plugin at turn it on and show you how this works K they Sep beautiful bright shiny silver compare to the way it looked before hand us in s1 it was plugged in but not to now have the red light and then when we had it turned on we also have that blue light so there you go and you can see is quite a dramatic resolve help very much effort or strain very easy to use benchtop polisher. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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