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Hi! This is Megan with and today I'm going to show you How to Use these Slide End Tubes basically these are made for miyuki 11/0 size bead's to finish off your bead work and add a clasp and we have all the way down from this little short one with one loop up to these really super wide ones with two loops and then we have a couple of sizes in between and they have them in gold finish and in silver finish and what they're for is a square stitch or loom woven piece so you're not gonna want to do this with peyote because you need to have straight single rows where as peyote has a staggered look the other thing is that these are designed to work with 11/0 miyuki delicas they don't work with a larger delica and they also don't work with 11/0 round seed beads just your standard toho or czech bead because they are a little bit bigger than the delica sizing so I've just got this little tiny piece of square stitch just to demonstrate and show you how this works first thing I'm gonna do is pushed down one of the sides and you can see a little flap on either end and just go ahead grab the end with a pair of chain nose pliers and start folding it down and then just go ahead and push get it to flatten the rest of it down against the side of the chain nose okay once you get that pushed down flat, you have a piece of weaving, go ahead and keep track of your end that you want to use when you are deciding how many beads to put on your bead weaving piece don't forget that when you do square stitch or you do this on a loom, that you are going to end up with some spacing between your beads so it might take some experimentation. I have this small size here and I have a pieces of square stitch ten beads wide but it is going to be a little bit of trial and error to make sure that you're getting the piece just the right width you're going to slide the last row into the tube and you do need to finish off the thread. Tie off and weave in your ends before you do this so it's a nice and clean piece of weaving so you can see you've got the right size bead to slide right in and its just gonna see in the divot between the first and second rows fold down the tab on the other end like you did on the first end as you can see it's a really nice neat tidy way to end your piece. It give you a really nice finished professional looking end. you can attach your clasp yo the loop that's included. To purchase items in this video, go to / Video description has a list of supplies

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