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Today we're working with letter punches for stamping. You'll want to practice on either brass or copper sheet before stamping on more expensive precious metals like silver or gold filled sheet. You can see where I've used to my sheet for practicing both standing and texturizing. Practice aligning and spacing letters as many times as you need to. Alright now you take a ruler and make a line across your practice sheet where you're going to be stamping because then you're going to pick up one of your stamps whatever letter you want to play with at this point. Just set it straight up-and-down on the line on the very bottom edge of the stamp. I'm working with the letters 'L' 'O' 'V' 'E'. Remember you just have to practice so the that the spacing is right. All stamps have different spacing. So basically the more you work with them the more you practice with them, the better you'll get at aligning and spacing your letters. Now that you've practiced you can go to your pendant blank. Take your ruler and pencil to draw a straight line about it eighth of an inch lower than where you want to stamp. Place a line in the very center of where you want the word. Take one of the center letters of the word you're stamping and work your way from the inside out. This way you word will be at the exact center of your piece. I going to use the letter 'O'. And then the letter 'V'. You can use a soft cloth or paper towel to remove the pencil mark once you're finished. Once all the letters have been stamped, you can use it black permanent marker to fill in the letters. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe off excess marker. After wiping off the permanent marker this is what my finished piece look like. Enjoy making your new project. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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