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Hi. I'm Chris from Beadaholique and I'd like to show you how easy it is to make your own jump rings with the Beadalon Jump Maker. Before we begin it's a good idea to wear safety glasses before you begin this project. In front of me I've got some artistic craft wire eighteen gauge copper. And two sets of Beadalon jump ring makers. The one below has four six seven and eight-millimeter mandrels and above ten twelve fourteen and sixteen millimeter diameter mandrels. Now what we'll do is we'll just unroll a bit of our wire and I'll cut with a flush cutters. Today we'll make six millimeter jump rings. So I'm going to screw the mandrel into the acrylic handle. And take one end of our wire and place it through the hole in the acrylic handle and bend it ninety degrees. And I think what I'll do is just straighten this wire out a little bit with my nylon jaw pliers. Not a hundred percent neccesary but I like it nice and straight before I begin. No kinks and it makes it a little bit easier to manipulate the wire. So what you do is with your left hand or your dominant hand, I'm a righty, hold the mandrel and the wire with my thumb against mandrel and I begin to turn with my right hand. And I can form perfect coil here as I turn the wire. This is very much how they are done on a machine. This is obviously a little bit more manual. And you can make just as many as you need. I'll cut one end. The end that's attached to the handle and remove the coil. Now with my flush cutters, I'm going to cut oh maybe four or five of the rings with my flush cutters facing one direction. Now I'm going to turn the flush cutters around and I'm going to cut the rings again so that both ends of the rings are flush. I'll drop those pieces down and finish off cutting in one direction turning the cutters around and then cutting in the other direction. There's a little bit of waste. There's some little pieces here and there but what you get are a whole pile of perfectly formed jump rings. And you can use sterling silver once you've practiced with the artistic wire or other craft wire. But they're quite easy to make and it's very handy to to make rings as you go with the Beadalon Round Jump Ring Maker Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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