How to Make the Bejeweled Clover Earrings with Gita Settings for Austrian Crystals

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to create these earrings by placing Austrian crystal round stone chatons in sizes pp14 and ss39 into Gita lever back earring settings. This project uses G-S Hypo Cement glue and the BeadSmith Magical Pick.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique the bejeweled clover earrings with Geeta settings for Swarovski crystal so this beautiful antique silver Geeta setting is designed to glue Swarovski crystals in this size teepee 14 which is these tiny ones here and the SS 39 stone shut-ins and so here's a completed earring and I also want to draw your eye over to some other styles and shapes that we have that accommodate these stone settings so we've got this nice pendant a connector and also a secondary lever back that incorporate those both of those sizes and then a whole selection of other connectors with the side loops and then offset top side loops and some other lever backs and even a ring and I just love the sort of rustic asymmetry of that really look forward to working with that so those are some beautiful selections and we're going to create the companion earring to this one here in this video so for that I'm going to be using some Gia's hypo cement and also the magical pick by beadsmith I have a pad of post-its that's gonna come in handy and so let's begin so I'm going to take my GS hypo cement and just take the top off of that now this pad can be helpful for getting any extra glue off that I need to because this little spout tends to spit out occasionally so what I'm going to do is take up my earring and the applicator tip of this glue is what makes it so handy for this project it really fits so nicely into these tiny little divots and I'm just applying maybe to a third of the way with the glue into each of these sections kind of working it around in there to touch all of the surface and before I do the center one I'm gonna close this up because I know how it spits the glue out so I just want to get that sealed before it it's too much glue and now I'm ready to put in my tiny stones I'm going to take up my magical pic and onto the top of each stone I'm just gonna press lightly and set the stone in and I'm going to flip the tool over and with this edged side I'm just gonna tap that in I'll do that all the way around the perimeter for a total of 12 stones first glance it looks like these peepee 14 size stones are actually too small but once you get them in there you realize it's the right the right fit let me give those each a tap make sure they get set into the glue securely and then keep going it's a satisfying process these are a beautiful aquamarine color which I've paired with the amethyst center stone and it flipped some of these over so I get the blue side up and this magical pick has a little resin tip that is sticky unto itself and so it works really well for gripping and then releasing oh I see that I'm done it's having too much fun all right so now while I'm getting ready to sit in my larger stone I'm actually gonna set my earring on that post-it note to keep any slipping and sliding from happening with those while they're still trying open up my GS hypo cement and while it's sitting there I'm just gonna work my way around that Center bezel area careful not to do too much glue that will slide through that center hole that's accommodating the pointed tip of this stone hardest part is always threading the hypo cement back up alright so now I'm ready to take up my size s s39 stone and just set it right into the middle like so and as that's drying I'm gonna again leave it on my post-it note for centered placement so it's really that simple and the result is so beautiful I hope you enjoyed this video all of these supplies tools components are available at and please also subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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