How to Use Fold Over Crimping Pliers

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, see how to use fold over crimping pliers to help you achieve a smooth, rounded appearance to your fold over crimps. A very handy tool that takes the guesswork out of using regular pliers and does not mark the surface of the crimp.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with I'm going to show you how to use these fold over crimping pliers. So this is what a fold-over crimp looks like and basically what it's meant to do is to finish the end of a cord and what you do is place it into the well and then you fold over the sides and you can fold over the sides with pliers but you don't always get a very even look when you do that. So these foldover crimping pliers are made specifically to use with a couple different sizes of fold over crimps you can see there's a larger hole and a smaller one and the size I have here is a smaller one you can just kinda tell how it fits into the well on this one here it's gonna work best with a small one if you have a much larger one that would work better that larger hole. So I wanna show you how this works now if you want to add a little bit of glue into the well feel free to do so It'll give a little bit more security I'll show you without the glue. If you do use glue I recommend like a little E6000 or GS Hypo Cement. So I'm just going to hold it by the little round circle and I'm in a place that into the plier and I'm just going to squeeze and you can see I'm going to do is very slowly. See what's happening with the folder for crimps You're actually folding into each other and down what you have now is a very nice neat and tidy and very rounded fold over crimp I'm going to show you that one more time on the other side. So I'm just holding it up by the little loop placing my ultra suede cord into it, setting it down into the well that's appropriate for the size and there you go actually by doing that I have just completed a finished necklace and all I have to do is add a jump ring and a clasp to each side and I'll be ready to go. So that is the fold-over crimping pliers. A great handy tool if you use a lot of fold over crimps. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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