How to Use Cymbal Bead Substitutes with 8/0 Seed Beads in Loom Work

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see how to incorporate two types of Cymbal bead substitutes into loom weaving with Toho 8/0 seed beads: the Kymo round stud with shank and the Vai bar shaped 2-hole bead.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to be dubsteps with a tow seed beads in loom work so here I have a bracelet in progress and I'm using some 800 hosi beads along with a couple of its symbol beads substitute findings this one is a round stud with a shank and then behind that I've got a few of these little bar shaped substitute beads that are two holes and so when I'm ready I'll be putting on this 20 millimeter slide clasp we have a separate video on how to do that and so be sure to reference that if you're interested but let's get started here working on a couple of rows so I can show you how to incorporate these symbols into your bead weaving so I'm at the point where I'm ready to add one of these round studs with the shank and for that I'm going to go ahead and string on three of my eight o beads along with the stud and three more Adel beads this bracelet is seven beads across as you can see and it uses eight warp threads and so I set that up just as I would any line of loom work I should also say please do reference our dual loom video that shows you how to use this loom which is just wonderful wonderful video we have on that so I'm threading my needle as I would any other set of beads on loom and what I want to do to get that shank showing is I can just gently and carefully kind of pop that through the middle there we go takes just a little doing and then I'm ready to slide my needle back over the warp threads as usual get my jewel loom needle through there all right so it's as simple as that for adding a stud on there and it's just a really sort of chic modern look that this adds so what I'm gonna do to get myself up to my next set of two whole cymbal beads is I'm going to add three more rows of straight beads and then I'll get back with you when we're ready to add those two whole beads into the loom weaving so I'm ready to add my cymbal bar bead and for that I'm going to string through one hole and then add five seed beads and string on one more bar beat I'll bring them up to my warp threads and tuck them up just as I would a regular line of beads and come right up through over the top of the warp threads just like usual so that part's the same now here's where it gets a little different I'm bringing my needle up between these two warp threads right on the far right side string my needle through the other hole of the cymbal bead so I've created a little thread bridge there and now I'm going to tuck my needle back down the way that it came grab that out of there and I'm setting up my thread path so from there and I'm gonna add five more seed beads onto my needle and bring those under to tuck them up just as I normally would what I also want to do is thread on to my needle the second hole of that other symbol bead my thread out of the way and so I'm bringing my beads up at the same time that I'm tucking up that second symbol and this is how I'm able to get my threads through the second hole of those the beads and then up over the top as I would normally I mean over the top of those warp threads to capture the second hole of the bead that's not so from here let's take a look at the pattern really quickly I'm going to go ahead and add three more rows of plain beads and then I would go ahead with another shank if it depends on how long I want to make the bracelet which I haven't quite decided yet but the pattern that I began with was four rows of beads and then starting into the pattern with the symbols going up the length so I hope you found this video useful and you can find all these supplies at please also subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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