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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com platinum you don't wash this cloth is not recommended for pearls or electroplated items but this is what you're going to get is very easy to use you don't have to get it wet you don't have to use any other cleaner with it and i'm going to show you just how to use it so here are a couple earrings and they're sterling silver and you can see that they've tarnished this one has a pearl so i'm going to avoid polishing the pearl but i'm going to quickly polish these up so you can see what they look like so i'm just going to take the cloth take one end of it and just rub it on the surface and you can see that shine is already coming through you can see where it's going to start to soil the cloth you're not going to wash the cloth and you're just going to use it until it's completely soiled so you're going to get a lot of use out of it so i'm going to do both sides and i'm just using a little bit of pressure not a lot now if you to wear a lot of sterling silver or a lot of jewelry that does tend to tarnish you might want to consider storing it in a ziploc bag that's going to help prevent the tarnishing and then when it does tarnish you can just use something simple like this to clean it back up there you can see we've really brought back that shine these both started about the same look and then you can see that is now really nice and shiny the one I just did I'm going to quickly do this one as well you can see where that shines coming through and I'm just protecting the Pearl by holding it it's a little easier to see on the nice smooth parts this is a Bali silver bead cap which has a lot of really wonderful fine detail to it it's just a little bit hard to get into the nooks and crannies so you can see we brought back that lovely shine on both of these and it was really quick and easy and we have a lot more usage that we can get out of this cloth you

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