How to Use BeadSmith's Magical Tray and Magical Pick Up Tool for Flatback Rhinestones

SKU VID-0277
Designer: Andrea Morici
With just a shake, flat back stones will turn right side up, quickly and easily using the Magical Tray! The textured surface design of the tray uses friction to flip your stones just like magic (or science)! They'll turn flat side down ready to be put into place, saving you time and aggravation. The Magical Tray is designed for use with your favorite flat back stones up to size SS12.
Audio Transcript
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Hi. This is the Andrea from and today I'm going to talk about two tools used in tandem and they're mostly used for placing Swarovski flatback on surfaces. First tool I'm going to talk about is called the Magical Tray. Now anyone who's ever tried to glue on multiple tiny little flat backs rhinestones onto a surface knows that it can be kind of the tedious task. So this tool will make it a lot easier for you. Generally when you pour out your flatbacks on to your work surface or into a beading tray a lot of them are flipped with the wrong side up. To make the job easier for you, you really want them all facing the same way with the colored side up so you can just pick them up and place them on your surface. This tray does the work for you. It's really cool. What you do is you put a small amount of your rhinestones in the center of the tray and as you can see I've done this and most of them are upside down. After I put them in the tray I'm simply going to shake the tray in a circular motion. And you can see right away almost all of them have flipped right side up except for one. And I can deal with that. The second tool I'm going to talk about is the magical pick. Now this comes with the clear protective tube that you take off. What it is protecting is this little resin end and the resin has a slight tackiness to it. All you do with this tool is you use it, gently touch the top of the rhinestone to pick it up and add your adhesive or whatever you need to do. Place it wherever you want your rhinestones to go and it's there in place. You can use the opposite end to clean up any excess adhesive or to help place the rhinestone. If this tip gets dirty you can simply clean it. It comes with a cleaning kit and you can reuse it many many times. You always want to put the clear plastic tube on top of the resin tip when you're done using it. So those are the two nifty little tools I wanted to show you today. The Magical Pick and the Magical Tray from Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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