How To Use Beadsmith Cordless Micro Engraver

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Designer: Andrea Morici
Andrea demonstrates how to use the Beadsmith Micro Metal Engraver. It's ideal for engraving metal, glass, wood, ceramics, and more. It has a compact pen-like design so you would hold the micro engraver as you would a pencil to personalize your jewelry. Micro Engraver tool comes with two diamond tip bits, one allen key and takes two AAA batteries - NOT included.
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Hello. Today I'm going to show you how to use the Micro Engraver by Beadsmith. And this is a very very very neat tool. You can use it on not only metal but you can also use it on glass, wood, ceramics and more as it says on the packaging. Now it comes with two different bits. The one that's already in here is a fine tip bit for fine lines. It also comes with a larger round one for a larger areas and shading. And you switch between the two using this alan wrench and that little chuck right there. Very easy. And it takes two AAA batteries that you load in the back and they're already in there. You can use this to engrave your initials on the back of a piece of jewelry that you made or you can use it for decorative purposes like we have here. Use it just like you would a pencil or a pen and it has a little button there that starts the spinning mechanism. And today I'm just gonna practice on a piece of Vintaj brass. I'm just going to practice by writing letters and the first mistake that most people make is putting too much pressure on the thing. So really it just takes a light touch and an even stroke. So I'm going to put slow and steady pressure and i will write my name. I've practiced a little and it's still a little messy. So it's good to buy a larger sheet like this to practice on before you start on your finished pieces. And that is that. Have fun practicing and playing with this. This is the Beadsmith Micro Engraver from Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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