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Hi this is Megan with I want to show you a smart phone cell phone charn audio jack adapter plug which is a very long name for this little thing right here. These are really cool. We just got these in. What they are is if you have ever used a cell phone charm on your old phones or any of your none smartphones that had the little holes with the little loop that goes through. You could these these in and hang them off. If you're total girlie girl like me and you love to have cute things hanging on your phone but these days the smartphones they don't have that spot on them. But most of them have TRS audio jack this 3.5mm audio jack that you can use for headphones or wireless earpieces. This handy little piece here fits in the audio jack and gives you something to hang your cell phone charm off of. So all you have to do is hang this off the loop the way you used to hang it off of the old loop on your phone. Just put the loop through the ring and then bring the charms through and pull it tight and then insert it into the audio jack. It's actually pretty stable. And that's that. You can have cute personalized little decorations on your phone once again. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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