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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to use a Pin Vise to twist square wire. You can use this to achieve this really cool twisted wire kind of a look and one so there is no go ahead and put your wire. What you're going to do is put you're wire into in this case with this headband it's already going to be wrapped into a bundle on the headband. Then you're gonna twist the wire out of the foundation that it's in. So for the purposes of the video I'm just going to pull the other end in place with a pair of chain pliers. It's super simple. You want to start with a nice square wire and some square wire is sort of square and some square wire is really nice and square with nice sharp edges. So to get a better twisty look you want to make sure that you have nice sharp edges to your square wire. It shouldn't be a rounded square. It should be square with definite corners. The pin vice has different sizes and if you unscrew the tip all the way you can actually flip it over. It gives you four different sizes. You want to pick a size that will accommodate your wire that you're working with. What you're going to do is put the end of your wire in. Not too much but enough to hold it. Maybe a quarter of an inch or less. Tighten up your pin vise. It will be attached to whatever foundation you have it attached to. In this case I'm just going to hold onto it firmly with pliers. Then all you do is decide if you want your twists to go clockwise or counter clockwise. And you just twist the pin vise. And you can do fewer twists to have it gently spiraled kind of a look or you can twist it more to get a little more intricate looking. Then you just twist the pin vise. And that's how you twist wire with a pin vise. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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