How to Use a Disc Cutter to Cut Sheet Metal

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Designer: Julie Bean
Using a 1lb brass hammer, see how to easily cut up to 14 gauge sheet metal using a disc cutter. With many sizes of circles to choose from, you can now make all the circles you need for your various jewelry and craft projects. Featured in the video is a sheet of Lilly Pilly Aluminum.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I want to show you how to use a disc cutter to create perfect circles out of sheet metal every time. We offer a couple different sizes at I just wanted to show you. Here's a large one and a small one. I left a large one in its original packaging just to let you see that does come oil quenched and then once you pull it out you're gonna probably wanna have a paper towel handy just for your fingers and to make a little bit easier to work with. I'm going to put the large one aside and focus on the smaller one right now. You can see this one features seven different size circles ranging from a quarter of an inch all the way up to five eights of an inch. These little cutters/dies come right out. You can see you can easily remove them and now there's a flat side and this is going to be the side that goes down. It's actually going todo the cutting and that one with the beveled edge is is going to be up top. So if you're going to cut what you're going to want to do is remove all the ones that you're not going to be using. Just easily take them out. Now I'm going to go ahead and do the five eighths one. So I'm going to use that one. I pulled some cutting lube and it's going to help to make a nice clean cut that also makes it a bit little easier to remove. So with this product you just push it up from the bottom. It's a thick balm. It's a waxy balm.It's not liquidy. Just going to put some on the edge. It doesn't take too much. What I'm going to do is I'm going to slide your sheet metal right into this little slot right here. If you're doing something with a pattern you can actually look through the hole to see where the pattern is. We're gonna put our cutter/die into the hole. I've got a one pound brass mallet and I'm going to do one clean strong strike and push this cutter all the way through. Then you can see we have our perfect little circle now at the base and this has gone all the way through. If it has some oil on it you might want to use a paper towel to help remove this. Now if you're having a hard time retrieving the cutter after you've hammered it what I find works well is to carefully give it another tap let it come through the bottom and sometimes it's a lot easier to remove that. You can see our sheet here, we've got perfect holes which have been cut and it's very easy to do. For storage I would just go ahead put your pieces back in place and then it'll be all ready for you the next you want to use it. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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