How to Cut Lilly Pilly Aluminum Sheets and Blanks

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will see how easy it is to cut and alter Lilly Pilly aluminum sheets and blanks. A simple pair of inexpensive metal shears is used and little strength is needed. Make custom jewelry and let your imagination run wild with this technique.
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Hi these is Julie from and today I want to show you how to cut LillyPilly aluminum blanks and sheets. This is what they are. You can also cut the blanks with the same technique. So these are nice pretty substantial heavy aluminum sheets with wonderful patterns on them and there's the solid color on the back. So you can just let your imagination flow on how do to use these. You're probably going to not use the entire sheet you're going to want to cut them down if your making jewelry. So the way you do that is very very easy. First you don some safety glasses because you are cutting metal. So you want to make sure you take every precaution necessary. What you're going to want to use is a metal sheer. I have this one here. It locks in place when your storing it like so. To unlock it just go like that you see it opens up. This particular set of shears will cut up to twenty gauge metal. The blanks that were using and the sheets are going to be twenty two gauge. So they're gonna cut with no problem. I'm going to show you exactly how easy this is. Just line up your basically scissors where you want them to be but you're going to using these which are for metal and just cut. I'm not using much pressure here. It just cuts through just like that. There you go. Now you might have a little bit of curling on the end when you do that. You'll see it's not quite flat you can just take rubber mallet and a bench block and hammer that down so it's flat again. You also might want to take a diamond file and file down any rough edges. Now I brought over a sharpie marker here because I want to show you what else you can do/ So if you have a specific size you want to cut you can go ahead draw it on the back of your sheet. Cut out your shape. If you don't want that line to show on the back of all these aluminum sheets there's a protective little backing and you can just peel that off so you won't have that marker line. You can also cut the LillyPilly aluminum blanks the same way. You see how easy it is to cut them. That is all there is to cutting LillyPilly aluminum sheets aluminum and blanks. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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