How to Make the Temecula Tila Bracelet

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make the Temecula Tila Bracelet using Miyuki 2-Hole Square Tila Beads and Round Seed Beads as well as Cymbal Bead Endings, Side Beads and Connectors. You will see how to weave this bracelet and how to size it for a perfect fit.
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hi this is kat with now i have a finished example here on my table and this one i did a beautiful gold black and blue version so we are going to be using those two whole square Miyuki Tila beads and those are going to be the blue and the black beads here and then we're also going to be using some symbols now the symbols are metal elements and this is a bead connector right here we're also going to be using the bead endings to help us with a really nice finished clasp look and then we're also going to be using the side beads which are those little components that we're gonna use on the side there with some Miyuki round seed beads so this is the design we're going to be doing I did the gold version here so I'm gonna do a silver version so again we have those bead endings I have that connector I have my side beads here and then we have two different colors of the Miyuki Tila beads now these are a little square beads you can kind of see them on their side there and they have two little holes there so I have a little pink and a gunmetal here and then I have some silver now this is a really nice little brushed sterling silver and I think it's gonna work really nice just sort of brighten up the overall design it's a little brighter than the antique silver and I think that's gonna look really really nice so these are 1100 key rounds and then the only other components that we're going to need is we're gonna need some fire line here and today I'm using the black six pound fire line because I want to give a little structure to this cuz this is gonna be heavy with all that metal going on so I'm not gonna use the four I'm gonna use the six for that purpose and I'm gonna use a size twelve beading needle I have my threads up here ready to go and then I have two pairs of chain nose pliers that are just gonna help me with those jump rings once we get to the end all right see if you have everything ready let's go ahead and dive in and get started alright so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna take one of our beading needles and we are going to string on about five feet or so of our thread so we're gonna do this in two parts so we're gonna do the first part and then you're going to tie off that thread and then do the second part so I have my little ruler here so I'm gonna get a generous he always err on the side of safety with this stuff I think you'll be a lot happier that way you won't have to tie off and add any thread as you work all right so I'm just lighting up my little threads up there and zapping off that edge set that aside all right so now let's go ahead and thread our needle all right so I'm gonna bring that down so we are going to start on one side with our bead ending here and then we're gonna string on two of our little Tila beads now these are gonna fit really nicely in those little notches there so you can kind of place them just sew and this will make it a little easier to thread so now we're just gonna take our needle and kind of go through and try to catch all of that in one fell swoop it went all the way up to the top there perfect and now we're just gonna take our thread and we're gonna leave a tail I'd say about six to eight inches or so just enough to tie that off at the end all right now the next step is that we're going to be sort of picking up one of our little side beads now the side beads when we flip flip it around here so it has a little V notch so this little flat side is what is gonna face down towards our bracelet so we're gonna go up through one of those little sides there and then we're gonna pick up three of our seed beads let me kind of string this down okay so you can see what's happening there and now we're going to go through the other side going down through that side bead and sort of bring that together just like so alright so now we're gonna pick up another one of our gun metal and we're gonna go into that gun metal bead right there and because this is a side that's gonna have that pink line that's gonna go all the way through it we're gonna pick up one of our pink teyla's and go through that next Tila bead there and go ahead and bring that down and same thing we're gonna pick up another one of those gunmetal beads and string that down here to the end all right so now the last little piece here is we're gonna pick up another one of those side beads and again make sure it's facing the right way so you want to kind of pick it up on one side there so it's still facing away pick up three of those little seed beads slide that down and now I'll just flip that over there we go and now you're gonna pick up the other edge of that side bead and go through it so this should be your first little loop of all that bead weaving there yeah I'm just gonna kind of bring that down and close together so you see how there we go so you see how that's our first little loop there that's gonna happen and let me flip that guy there we go alright so you should have beadwork that looks like this now we have our two little tails here so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna tie a little overhand knot to bring all of that bead work together to make sure that it is nice and snug because this is the clasp portion so you want to make sure that this is really where you want to reinforce so I'm just going to tie another little overhand knot and tie that down there alright so we should be all set to go there so now this is our tail here and this is where we have our needle attached so all I need to do is go back through so I'm just sneaking my needle through and doing that very first thread pass that we did so go all the way up to the top there and bring your thread through there we go and go up through and we're just retracing our path again this is gonna be just that reinforcement for really just the first time through just because it's going to be our clasp so go ahead and sneak your needle through a little seed beads it should be kind of tight now which is what you want so just be patient don't crack any beads just go through one beat at a time if you can't go through more than that there's no reason to rush and then go down through and you're gonna go down through all those beads there and you're gonna want to come out that Tila bead there a little help from my pliers there we go all right now we are ready to continue weaving so this is what you should have so far so what we're gonna do now is we're gonna simply turn around our thread go back through that first gunmetal bead there and we're gonna pick up another and we're gonna go through that pink bead and we're gonna pick up another gunmetal and go through that little gunmetal bead at the top there we go so now we're gonna pick up one of our little side beads and again I'll kind of do this so you can see just pick one up bring that down and we're gonna add on three of our little seed beads go down through the other side of that side bead and I scooch that in there we go and now pick up another gun metal bead and continue continue moving on down so one of the gunmetal beads give it a nice little tug make sure everybody is nice and tight and happy and then we're gonna pick up another pink and go down through now of course if you're doing the reverse side of this which we'll get to later you'll just be doing the pink beads at the top and keeping that center line as the gunmetal alright so now we're gonna string on here and now because we don't have our connecting piece here we need to put one of those little side beads down here at the bottom so we're just gonna do what we've been doing and just slide that on down pick up our three little beads slide those guys down go through the second side of that side bead and go back through the second hole of that last bead that we strung the very first gunmetal bead so now I'm just gonna go up and through and around now you can if you want thread bridge across here but I like to still go back up and over at the top and this will give that nice little reinforcement now if you do want to you can go through you know three times or however you want with especially with that clasp portion but just keep doing this loop and if you get lost you'll know exactly where you're going to land and how to continue so then go all the way back down through and now you're ready to start your next next row so you just continue in that manner adding your little side beads and working your way towards the center now in terms of sizing let me bring in my finished piece here so you can see and I'm gonna bring in my ruler here so from the very tip of the lobster clasp to the other tip it's going to be about six and three-quarters inches now if you want to weave more feel free to do so if you don't want to weave more you can add a couple extra jump rings to lengthen the length but just be aware that you're going to want to keep both sides the same so adding length to one you're gonna want to add it to the other one so if you look from end to Center you're looking at about two two and a half and two and three quarters I'd say you're kind of getting to that point there so that's about what you're working with on one side now that you can see there is a little bit of flex here so feel free to kind of play around with that and this is very very this is a really tight weave so keep that in mind as you're going through and doing your rounds you can if you want create thread bridges and I'm going to show you how to do that now in case you don't want to double back like the method I just showed you so there's a couple different ways to do this so I'm gonna do one more round here so you can see what what I mean by that alright so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna turn our thread there go up through pick up a gun metal bead go back through that pink one pick up another one and go up through the top alright so now again we're gonna pick up our little side bead pick up our three seed beads slide that down turn it around there we go alright so this should look very similar to what I just showed you so now we're picking up another gray bead and another pink bead another gray bead and as you can see we have to add that little extra side bead down there to connect so go through one side pick up your three seed beads turn it around and go through the other side alright let's get everything nice and tight there okay so here's the other option you're coming out of this Tila bead here you can go up through just one Tila bead that gray one there come out with your needle and here's where you're gonna create that thread bridge you're gonna turn your thread around and you're gonna go down through this Tila bead here and through the next one so down through those two bottom gunmetal beads in this case make sure everything is nice and tight and now turn your thread around to go back through this way so then you can continue weaving that way so you're not doing the whole loop every time it will save you thread but it will also save you time if you don't want to do that it just depends on how tight and how much structure you want to give your bracelet with this one I did not do that and you can see that it's nice and floppy now personally I like that style because it molds to my wrist a little bit easier but it is entirely up to you so there are two little options there so I'm going to continue weaving this side and then I'm going to show you how to add that connector to the center alright so I will see you back here in just a moment so now we've come to this point here and you're going to want to finish with your thread facing up and two of those little beads there facing to the side because what we're gonna do now is we're going to add in our little connector here so it's going to kind of sit in just like that now same as we did in the beginning we're gonna be adding one of those little side beads just sort of bridge that little gap for us so go ahead and pick up a side beat and three of those seed beads just like we've been doing slide that down go back through that other side of the side bead and now again let's try to do this all in one movement so I'm just slowly taking my needle down through that whole thread path there trying to get all the way down through the bottom so we're just going straight down through that second pull of that Tila bead and the first hole of our connector so let's couldn't bring that together and now we're coming out this side so we're just going to repeat that and again even though this is not the clasp portion I do recommend going through that loop twice just to reinforce it so we're picking up our three seed beads and going back through and again you can try to do this all in one one piece here let me try to pick it up there so we can really make this nice and secure all the way through and just take your time and do a little tug something to do on the other side and just tighten that up there we go so go ahead and follow that thread pass and go through one more time before we tie it off keeping that loop in the front and here we go through again take your time you're working with glass beads so you don't want to crack any it can happen especially when you're putting the glass next to the metal so you just want to take your time and just be very careful like oh I went all the way through that side bead which is nice again just giving you a little tug keeping everything nice and tight going through our last little seed beads there and down through one more time and I'm gonna try to come out that top tea would be there without going into that little symbol because what I want to do now is I'm just gonna sneak my needle behind they're kind of come through and I've made a little loop that I'm gonna catch with my needle and this is gonna help me make a little knot right in between that symbol and that last little Tila right there just kind of pull that tight perfect one little knot so now I'm gonna try to retrace my steps one more time going up through that side bead through my three little seed beads at the top and down through and again just coming from behind going through that little gap there making that little loop and making a little nuts there we go and now I'm just gonna go through just one side of that symbol and through that to the bead and coming out alright so now you can try to sneak your needle through here and reinforce if you need to there's a lot of thread and a lot of passes going on there so I'm gonna call it good and I'm gonna bring in my little thread zap here and I'm just gonna pull my thread to the side bring that in make sure I'm zapping off only the thread I need and we are done and good to go and since I already have my little knot here I can go ahead and zap this side off as well I'm actually gonna flip to the back there we go so easier to see and just get that off perfect alright so now I have one side completed so what I recommend is now we're going to do the second side it's going to work exactly the same so you're just gonna kind of flip it over know if it helps you you can sort of set this part aside and work again starting and then we're just going to do the pink beads at the top the gray in the center and once you're all done with that I'm going to show you how to tie off or excuse me I'm going show you how to add those jump rings to just finish off your bracelet so I'll be right back to show you that all right so we have our fully woven bracelet here so we have the pink and then the gray so of course you can wear this either way you want so now the last little thing that we're going to do is we're going to use a couple of jump rings to add on our clasp so I have two pairs of my chain nose pliers here and we're just gonna take a jump ring and gently twist it to open it slide it on to one end here and then I'm gonna slide on my lobster clasp now it doesn't really matter which side you slide it on to it's entirely up to you and just give that a nice little closure and then we're just gonna attach a jump ring to the other side now these are six millimeter 18 gauge jump rings I wanted to use a nice thick jump ring because like I've been saying this is a very weighty bracelet so we definitely wanted to make sure that our clasp is structurally sound alright so there you go that is the Temecula Tila bracelet featuring the mutti Tila beads seed beads and the symbol bead endings side beads and connectors I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to

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