How to Make the Loom Bracelet Kits by Beadaholique

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make the Exclusive Beadaholique Loom Bracelet Kits from start to finish. You will see how to set up your loom, read your loom pattern, add the beads and finish off your bracelet. An adjustable chain clasp makes this a great gift and with our refill kits there is no added bulk of an additional loom and glue; just the thread, beads, clasp, and pattern so you can make all your favorite styles.
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hi this is kat with i could so you can only get by shopping at so what I have here today is I have the four different varieties that we have so we have two gold and two silver so whichever one you choose you'll get the coordinated pattern and colors so let's talk about what you're gonna get with your kit so like I said you'll get your three colors of your 11 OC beads you'll get your name o size D thread and you'll also get your tube clasp which already has a nice little lobster and a chain extender attached now if you need to purchase the loom you can purchase the full kit and that will give you the loom and the glue so your loom will come with your loom here and I'll show you how to set it up it will also come with a needle and then you'll also get an e 6000 as well because we're gonna need that glue to help tie off and secured our weaving alright so what you won't get with your kit just a couple of basic tools is you'll need a pair of snips or scissors and then you'll need a pair of chain nose pliers and then if you find that you need some additional needles we recommend the beadalon Jewel loom needles and you'll get a nice pack of 6 this does not come with the kit the kit does come with a single needle but if you need some extras this is what we recommend and then you'll also get your color coordinated pattern and I'll talk to you about that in just a moment here but let me bring your attention back over here because I just want to point out one of the things that we offer here at and purchase a refill kit you'll get your clasp your thread and your beads and of course you'll get that beautiful pattern and the written instructions as well but what you can do is you can purchase one full and then the others as refills that way you don't need to purchase additional looms and it's more cost effective so one thing I want to point out to you is that we have given you the same number of beads to do each of the patterns so let's say you wanted to do this particular pattern this pink one here in these colors you can absolutely do that you just need to purchase both and then you can kind of mix and match your colors so that's a great little tip if you wanted to sort of purchase the additional ones and then you can also use that pattern to create your own so very fun all right so let's go ahead and dive in and get started setting up our loom so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our loom here and mine is already a little bit bowed because I've used it quite quite a lot but what's gonna happen is it's gonna come flat G like this and this is a little tension right here so when you're looking at your blue loom like this there's a front and a back so the back side has these little knobs and that's gonna help us secure our thread so if you flip it to the front side here what we're gonna do is we're just gonna take our little rod here and put it into one hole and then we're just gonna bend it so we can get it into that second hole so that's gonna keep that tension nice and secure for us or our beadwork is going to lay on top there so that's easy so we have our loom set up so now let's go ahead and start utilizing our thread here so I'm just gonna take some of that off there alright and you can go ahead and leave it on the spool for this next part go ahead and flip your loom over and on to the back here what we're gonna do is we're just gonna make a little knot so I'm making just a little loop with just a little overhand knot there we go and what I want to do is I just want to tie that onto that little knob in the back so I'm actually gonna do a little double knot just to secure it because this is gonna be where we're gonna anchor all of our threads all right so now I'm just flipping it over so you see how at the top there they had all these little notches so our piece is going to be 17 beads wide which means we need 18 of our warp threads so you can just start a few in there you can see this is going to be about centered so we could just go and we have excuse me we have one thread in one notch and then I just come down here and just kind of eyeball it and line it up you can count if you'd like but it'll be it'll be the same alright so then we come to the back and then we're just going to wrap that around going around and then I'm gonna go around one more time there just to secure that first one and then come back up and now we're coming around from that second notch there and going all the way back down to the side and down there and then coming to the back now this one I'm just gonna rap that once just to secure it and that up and over and we're gonna do this for all 18 so you can just start to just move it across and just making sure it cuz what's nice about these little notches is it's gonna help separate all those threads for you alright alright so I'm gonna do all 18 and then I'm gonna come back and I'm going to show you how we're going to tie this off in the back there so this is my 18th and setting it in the notch and I'm gonna flip my work around so you should be at the starting point where we had that little tail actually let me show you guys this way there you go and so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna give myself a little tail here and just snip that off and what I want to do is I want to come in and just kind of wind it around that little knob there and just going around and around and around and then take that little tail and what I'm gonna do is take the beginning tail and just tie a little knot just to secure this we're gonna end up tying and cutting all this off in the end so just do as many knots as you feel to make it secure alright and then I'm just gonna trim my little tail so they don't get in my way all right so this is our loom we have it set up you should have some good little tension it should kind of look like a little bow so we have that all set up for us and ready to go alright so the next part here and I'm actually gonna move some of these bracelets out of the way go alright so we're gonna take our needle and we're gonna use some thread now for this go ahead and I like to use kind of an arm's length I'll say you will end up cutting off and tying off thread and adding new thread there's no way to do this with one full length I think you'll just end up getting frustrated so I am going to show you how to tie off an add new thread but go ahead and thread your needle all right there we go all right so I have my needle thread and I've doubled it back maybe about a quarter or so all right so the first thing we're gonna do and let me bring out my pattern here and I just want to show you on all four patterns everything is color coordinated to your specific pattern and we've tried to make them nice and contrast so that they're easy to read so the pattern I'm gonna do here this is gonna be our Jackson Hole version so you can see on our bracelet here we've split it up into two parts to make it a little bit easier to read so we're gonna start at the top and work our way down and then go to the B pattern and work our way down so we kind of have our nice little starting and ending points there so before we begin one thing I want to talk to you about is sizing because this is gonna matter on how everything begins so let me show you on a ruler here so the patterns that we've created our finite patterns meaning they have a nice central point and they work out so they're doubled kind of if you fold it in half it'll be the same so pattern end to pattern end you're looking at only about five and three-quarters inches but when you take into account the lobster clasp and the chain extender you're gonna get a good eight and three-quarter inch bracelet at most so here's what I'll say to that if you would like a shorter bracelet what we've done and you can see this here at the very top we've done some solid rows of colors so you can just eliminate those rows if you want it to be shorter just make sure you're doing that on both sides but if you want it to be longer you can just continue that so let's say you wanted to do the cream the pumpkin and the cream barri and then you can just do cream pumpkin cranberry cream pumpkin cranberry because what you're not seeing in there and let me again just bring in the pattern is we have that row of the pumpkin there and that is actually underneath this tube clasp so as you're kind of looking at this you're saying oh well there's four rows there but that's how you can easily extend the size let's say you wanted a nine inch bracelet you can just add a couple of rows on each side so with all of that said let me set that up there and bring my loom back in here now I'm gonna follow my pattern exactly so what that means I'm gonna start with that one row of the full pumpkin and I'm gonna show you what I'm gonna do here so let's add so it's gonna be like we said it there's 17 beads wide so we're gonna add 17 of our pumpkin beads so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 and 17 okay so what you want to do with the loom is you want to keep all the beads on your needle that's why we give you the nice long loom needle so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come in and I'm going underneath all those threads and I'm gonna start maybe about two inches from the top here so now I'm just gonna kind of use my finger to sort of place them all in between the little left excuse me the warp threads there so the ones that go top to bottom these are your warp and the ones that go side to side those are your weft threads so what we're gonna do is I'm just gonna pull my needle through and we're pulling it through all along the bottom there and here's what I recommend if this is gonna be your first row and you're not quite sure how long you want your bracelet to be you might want to add some length go ahead and leave an extra long tail because you can use this to add in later so you don't have to add a whole extra piece of thread so if you're unsure if you're gonna want to add a couple rows at the end oops and come on this first row is always tricky especially when you do something silly like that yeah you can just see that I'm just placing I'm just making sure if there we go okay so before I go any further I'm gonna go over the top and go back through all of those beads and just make sure that you're catching all of the beads and like I said this first row is gonna be really slow just take your time and pull that all the way through all right so now let's take a moment to just sort of adjust and this is where you can use your needle because it's a nice straight edge just to get it right up there perfect all right so now we're gonna do the same thing with our other colors so we're gonna go in for this sort of wine cranberry and we're gonna do another row of 17 so I'm gonna do the first couple of rows and then I'm going to show you guys how to really read the pattern all right one two three four five six so same thing we're just gonna come underneath here and sort of press it up you'll see that it starts to take shape and what I like to do is just kind of separate some of those beads make sure those warp threads get down in there because we don't want to drop a bead alright so we're gonna pull that and don't worry that they're not touching just yet we're gonna fix that and go ahead and carefully sneak your needle through right over the top of all those warp threads and pull back through all right and again we're just gonna kind of scooch everything up and give it a little little tension a little tug we want to make sure that they're gonna start to fit nice and nice and tightly there all right so let's continue all right so I'm going to do a row of the pumpkin and then a row of the cream and then I'll I'm going to show you guys how we're going to kind of read the pattern and work down through the pattern all right so I will be right back in just a moment so now I have the first four rows here so I have that row of pumpkin it's gonna disappear inside of our clasp and then those three colorful rows so let's go over here to the colorful pattern so I can kind of show you guys how this is gonna work so what we're gonna do is we're gonna kind of follow along with our next row here we're just gonna work our way across and then we're gonna work our way down so you just follow along with that next row so it's going to be one of the wine three of the cream and then nine of the pumpkin three of the cream and then one of the wine so sometimes when I'm working on a loom pattern I'll just take a little pen and I'll just do a little tick mark just so I always remember where I am I'll just do a little tick off to the side that's also really helpful if you are going to put this down for a moment and then come back to it so let's go ahead and add that row so we can start to see that pattern develop so we're going to do one of the wine three of the cream nine of the pumpkin two three four five six seven eight and nine three of the cream one two and three and one of the wine alright so I have it on my needle just like we've been doing I'm gonna come in here and just sort of set that up into the top there and you can start to see that it's a little bit easier to get it into those notches there we go and I'm gonna pull it across and now that we've got a little bit more of a structure here what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna kind of take my nail and just sort of push them up just gently and you can see that I'm keeping my finger behind there just to kind of make sure that they pop up through and I'm just gonna tighten that thread there don't pull too tight if you pull too tight it'll kind of squish it all together so you want to give it a little bit of room just to breathe but we want everything to be snug but just not too too taut all right so now I'm gonna take my needle sneak it back over the top and that is the first row of our pattern so I'm gonna do a little bit more weaving and then I'll be right back to show you guys how to tie off an add new thread because you'll probably won't get too far on the that you have you might be able to get about a halfway or a third of the way so keep on weaving and then wherever you are wherever you run out of thread it's the same technique to tie off and add thread so I'll be right back to show you how to do that okay so if you've gotten to a point where you're ready to tie off your thread I say don't wait till you have only a few inches I'd say at least eight inches I obviously have a little bit more here today for my demonstration but don't wait too long to tie off and add new thread so what we're gonna do here is I'm just gonna take my needle and I'm gonna go back through the row previous to it I'm gonna go back through only a couple of beads and you see how I have my needle kind of coming up out of those first three beads so it's just coming up out of there and I'm gonna pull that through and your thread should kind of disappear and then what I want to do is I want to take my needle and I'm gonna sneak it down in there and I'm gonna catch that warp thread so I've caught that third little warp thread there or technically it's the fourth it's after the third bead and I'm gonna pull that through and I'm just gonna leave a little loop and I'm gonna stick my needle through there and this is gonna create a little knot so I'm just gonna bring it up and that knot should disappear right into the Loom work so then I'm just gonna continue and I'm gonna weave across getting my needle into that next little B there there we go and going across a few more beads and I'm just gonna repeat that whole process just twice you really don't need to worry too much about adding several knots just two should be enough so again same thing going up through that little loop and tying that little knot and now just kind of take your needle and go through a couple of beads there and I'm just gonna pull that through sorry I'm trying to turn it around so you guys can see there we go there we go little not should disappear right there and I'm just gonna kind of scooch all my beadwork up just make sure everything is nice and secure and then you can come in with your snips or your scissors and just get really nice and close and snip that off I don't recommend snipping it off at the end sometimes you'll get the little pokey ends that'll come right back through all right so to add on a new piece of thread it's pretty much the same situation so let's go ahead and add a new thread to our needle there we go all right so now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to do kind of the same same thing so I'm going to go through a couple of beads there and I can leave a much shorter tail here because I won't be adding on more beads so this will just be clipped off later and just woven in so I can just leave that short and I'm gonna go down catch a little thread bridge and go back through my little loop and for this one I'm going to finish and go all the way through that whole row get all that thread in the way here we go all the way out to the outside alright so now what I need to do is I'm gonna go back through the row beneath there and just run it all the way across just as though we were finishing that row from before so now I'm ready because I'm coming out on top and I'm ready to add another row and go down through the bottom just like before all right so the last thing is once you're done you'll have some little tails here and let me go ahead and remove this needle here so all I want to do is just kind of run it back through so that we don't have to cut it off at the edge like I was saying you can if you want you don't have to do this extra step it's just my little thing that I like to do so I'm just gonna go back through a few beads at the top do a little tiny knot go back through a beat or two and this will make your thread work really secure because we really don't want you guys to lose any beads I know it's a lot of little knots in there but it will help your beadwork look nice and secure come in snip that off and then we have our brand-new lengths of thread it ready to go so I'm just going to rethread my needle continue my pattern so at this point you guys are free to continue the whole pattern until we get to the end and then I'm going to show you our little technique for tying off and adding that clasp so go ahead and finish up your pattern and I'll be back to show you how to finish it in just a moment so if you've done your full weave this is what you should have now I've gone ahead and tied off and woven in all of my threads so once you get to this point we're ready to take it off the loom so we're gonna go ahead and flip that over so we can expose the back there and then just take your scissors or snips and just gently come in and start cutting off those little cords there we go and that side should come off and then we can move to the other side here and you can just clip all those cords off and go ahead and set your loom aside alright so this is what we have now so what we're gonna do is we're gonna use our little post-it notes here our little sticky notes and we're going to use those to kind of separate the threads because you can see that they kind of get all a little a little bit tangled here so here's what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna take my one little note here and I'm going to separate only the first two pieces and I'm just gonna set that down on my work surface so it just kind of gets the other ones out of the way so I can do this really easily so now I'm gonna take the two cords here and I'm just gonna tie a little overhand knot just very simple basic knot and bring that all the way down so it sits right on top of that little bead right there and then I'm just going to repeat that one more time and make another little knot so I have two overhand knots right there so now this is an another opportunity to use our little sticky note I'm going to separate these two aside now I'm going to do the same working down with the next two and just separate those make a little overhand knot bringing it down another little overhand knot bring that one down and now here's what I'm gonna do so I have a set of four here so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna separate that first one and I'm gonna separate that second knot that I have there so you can see that I kind of have one from each side of the knots together so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take these and do that same thing and work with them as one cord so I'm going to tie all four of these together and make a little knot that's gonna sit just above there there you go all right so now we're gonna set that aside and we're gonna work our way down so we have 18 of these so we're just going to do that for the next several and then when you get to the end you'll notice that you only have two left so what I recommend doing is just taking those those last little two and tying four overhand knots so I'm going to continue to do that and then I will meet you back here and we will add some glue to that okay so we have our sets of our doubles here so we have four sets of the doubles and then that little knot on the end so that's four of those little knots so this is nice and secure now so the next step to just add a little bit of extra security to our knots is we're going to use some e6000 glue so go ahead and open up your glue and if you're using a fresh glue you just puncture the end by using that little tab on the back of the cap and then we're just gonna put some on to my little post-it note another great use for it and then a toothpick works great so we're just gonna get a little bit of e6000 on our toothpick here and then I'm just going to kind of dab it on to each of those little nuts now don't be worried about being too light with the glue this will all be covered by the clasp so just make sure that those glue knots are really nice and saturated we're gonna cut all of this off later anyway we're gonna cut off at the base there so once you're getting some of that glue in there we just want to make sure that you really get the glue into those knots cuz this is gonna secure your whole bracelet and we really don't want you to lose any beads alright so there we go so now you're gonna repeat this entire process on the other side of the bracelet and then once you're done with that I'll show you how easy it is to add on that tube clasp I've let my loom dry for a little over an hour so now it's ready to start moving on to the next step so I'm going to remove my post-it notes here and just kind of bring out my bracelet so now I have the glue and it's all along those little nuts there so I'm just gonna come in and you can take your scissors or your snips and what you're gonna do is you're gonna cut just above all those little nuts go slow you don't want to cut your knots but don't worry if you have a little extra thread that's all gonna kind of disappear in this next step there so there's one side and then flip it over and do the second side all right there we go okay so now we have our loomed piece so what we're gonna do is we're going to attach our tube clasp or our slide end clasp here so this has a nice little well in it that goes all the way across so all we're gonna do is just kind of slide it on to our loom but for a little added security we're gonna add a little bit of e6000 into that clasp so I'm gonna go ahead and put a little bit more on my paper there and then kind of dragging the toothpick through there so it gets on the toothpick a little bit further up because what we're gonna do now is I'm just gonna kind of slide it in there and just sort of circle it around just so it hits the walls of that tube clasp just for a little added security there and I'm just kind of twisting and wiping my toothpick off there so not a lot just a little bit alright so now what we're gonna do is we're going to slide that tube clasp right over that first row of beads and I'm just kind of you might just have to kind of wiggle it yeah and go slow you just need one bead at a time there we go and to get our last bead in there all the way up to the top and then finally you're gonna take your little chain nose pliers and go ahead and give that a little bit of a bend just enough and then here's our great little tip so that you don't sort of scratch this is just use your work surface and just kind of press and it'll set into place so let me show you that whole process and one more time we'll do it on the other side here a little bit of glue again kind of dragging your toothpick through there you don't need too much you can see how little I'm using and then we're just gonna set it inside and just kind of bounce back and forth hitting all the walls kind of twisting it making sure it gets all in there and bringing that out and then we're repeating the same thing on this side go ahead and slide your tube clasp over that last row of beads they're going just one at a time I just slide over nice and easy there we go couple more and last one there alright and again coming in with our chain nose pliers giving it a little tiny Bend and then using our work surface to press that down and you are all finished so that is the loom bracelet kits by beadaholique and here we recommend letting it dry for at least 24 hours before you wear it we just want to make sure that that glue has enough time to fully bond before you start putting any tension on your bracelet but that isn't it so let me draw your eyes up here so you can see all four color varieties that we have and you can choose your favorites and again we have the refill kits and the full kits for you to choose from by heading over to and if you're new to our YouTube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from beadaholique

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