How to Make the Serendipity Stretch Bracelet Kits by Beadaholique

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner

In this video, learn how to make the Serendipity Stretch Bracelet kits by Beadaholique. These kits come complete with everything you need to make 12 bracelets. In the video learn how to measure your wrist, use a big eye needle, bead your bracelets, and secure your bracelets with strong knots and added security of glue. You can follow the patterns featured in the video exactly or have fun making your own patterns with the beads provided. This is a great kit for any skill level.

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hi this is julie with and in this video i'm going to teach you how to make the serendipity bracelet kits now these are stretch bracelets and you can see there's some different colors for them and each bracelet kit actually allows you to make 12 stretch bracelets and so if you see this one here you can see that we've got some with these fun cube shaped beads and we've got seed beads and we have some rounds and some other really fun beads so it's really like a bead party and you get to mix and match in this video i'm going to show you one option for how to make your bracelets but definitely feel free to do whatever you would like so let me just show you the different colors i'm going to pick each one up and then i'll show you what you actually get in each kit i love this turquoise one it's so fresh you see it's got that nice shine to it and finally this pink one as well so we have a pink a coral we have a turquoise and a purple so those are the sets now the one i'm going to make in the video is the coral so i'm going to pull this one back and i'm going to show you what you actually get in each kit so each kit is going to come with everything you see here so we've got opal on now this is going to be the base of our bracelet is a stretch fiber and you're going to get the whole spool right here you're going to get what's called a big eye needle now i'm going to hold this up and show you what a big eye needle does so a big eye needle is exactly what it sounds like and sometimes you're a little tricky to get that open but if you see we can actually open up the needle and we have a nice big loop now we're going to also get some e6000 to secure our knots and then you're going to get all of these different beads of course in the color way that you choose and then in terms of the tools that you're going to need we do provide the needle for you but what you'll need to provide is a really basic pair of scissors and then you're also going to need something to put on the end of your stretch cord i'm going to use a bead stopper that i have for other beading projects but a piece of tape would work as well if you don't have that okay so we're going to make this coral one and what we're going to start with let me just first pull this apart for you so you can see all the different bracelets okay so let's put this right up here so we're going to need to figure out how long we need each bracelet to be so to do that i actually have a measuring tape so i like a measuring tape for this because it goes around my wrist so what you can do is you can take it you can put it around your wrist and do it kind of loose kind of get that number that you would like to be able to pull on and off now stretch is uh stretch bracelets are stretchy of course you just pull them on and off but you want it to feel kind of nice and loose especially when you're going to be putting multiples together and stacking them so i like seven and a half inches for me so what i actually did because i don't want to have to measure it each time i made myself a little cheat i just took a piece of paper and i measured out seven and a half inches on it and i cut it so now i have a little guide so i'm going to use that guide each time i make a bracelet so first off let's start with our stretch cord now if you have a seven and a half inch bracelet you're obviously going to need more stretch cord than that so what i find works is just do double so i'm going to take my stretch cord i'm going to line it up and then i'm going to do it one more time and then i'm going to cut it i just find that easier i don't have to measure each time i'm going to take my little bead stopper and again if you just have tape that will work as well and i'm going to place it maybe three inches from the end of the cord okay so now i need to put my needle on the other cord so again we just open it up like so and now we're going to slip the end through and now it's caught it which is really nice so what bracelet do you start with so let's look at this again we've got 12 bracelets that we can make so what i like to start with is if you notice here let's take out the ones with some of the bigger beads and let's just look at the strictly seed bead ones okay so for this kit the way i've done it and again you can do whatever you want to do i have some stretch bracelets well one that's just pure of like the metallic bead so i don't have to worry about that one i'll do that one in a little bit but i have a couple that are solid color because if you look here when you get all of these beads in the main color that's going to form the foundation of your bracelet set you have a mix so there are a couple different colors in here and they're all really pretty but what you can do is you can actually take out and do solid color bracelets and then i did a solid color for two and then i did color blocking where i did two different colors and then i just did mixes so what i would recommend doing is starting with whatever solid color ones you want to do first because every bracelet kit is going to get an assortment of colors and the color the actual number of beads per color will vary because just an assortment and that's how that works so if there if you want like this pretty kind of darker color or this really nice matte lighter coral make your solid color bracelets first so the way you're going to do this take this is you are going to pick your color now i'm going to do the matte one again and you're just going to literally pick up a bead put it on the tip of your needle and slide it down so it just stops at your bead stop or your piece of tape and so you're just going to keep doing that you're just going to pick up and i don't do one at a time i just did one time to show you how it was going to slide down but basically you just keep picking it up bead after bead after bead and i'm doing a solid color here okay so if you look this is what i've got now got all these beads on my needle and then i'm just going to take them and slide them all down so they rest right on the end right there and i'm just going to keep doing that until i have beaded seven and a half inches as you can see we've gone ahead and we've beaded the seven and a half inches and we know that because it's the length of our guide now what we need to do is we need to secure this into a bracelet so we're going to go ahead and take off our bead stop or a piece of tape whatever you're using and you're also going to take off your big eye needle and we're going to tie a knot so with stretch cord it's stretchy obviously so you don't want to stretch it out at this point you want it to be nice and loose and just feeling like a normal fiber cord now you're going to go ahead and make a crisscross and loop it under so you're going to be tying a knot so you're going to pull that knot down so that your beads come together in a nice loop but you're not going to pull tight okay and then we're going to criss cross over again pull it through and then over under again so we have that nice knot and now what we're going to do is we're just going to pull it down you can see right here we have that knot and i'm going to pull it a little bit tight but not that tight i still want a lot of it to kind of feel loose and like soft and a little bit not i guess soft is the right word i want it to feel like it's going to just drape on your hand okay so now that we've got that we have that knot in the middle and we have the two ends i want you to go ahead and you're gonna take your big eye needle again you're gonna open it up you're gonna re-thread one of the ends on and now you're going to go back through two beads next to the knot okay you're going to pull it through okay you're going to take that needle off of that end and now you're going to go to the other end and you're going to do the same thing and what we're doing is we're securing our knot and in the last step of the process we're going to go and add some glue to the knot and we're going to pull the knot a little bit tighter but we're not going to do that right now we're going to do that at the end okay so go ahead again two beads on the other side and pull through okay so now what you have is you have that knot in the middle you got the knot in the middle and you've got the thread going through two beads on each side and you're going to do this for every bracelet so that is how you make a solid color stretch bracelet and we know that's not finished yet that is an end step and then what you're going to do is you're going to make other ones in the same fashion so for color blocking let me pull out the color block one so what i did is you i just picked a number of beads and tried to do an even amount so if you look here i've got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15. so i did 15 beads of each color and then when i got to the end maybe i need to add a few more beads to make it seven and a half inches or take away a few beads and everybody's bracelet size is going to vary a little bit but it was the same process so i did my solid color ones first so i have two that are a solid color then i did my color blocking just to make sure i had enough beads and then after that i just did my randoms so that takes care of six of your 12 bracelets for this kit and actually you have enough beads you can probably make even more than 12. i just thought 12 was a really nice number so let me put these back and then it was the same process that you saw for making this solid one so you get these really pretty beads that have a metallic center as either gold or silver depending upon which kit you're choosing and so i just did a solid color one just because so nice and shiny and then for putting these on your wrist they just slide over so you can just see that they slide over very easily which actually makes these a really great gift as well so i'm going to put that back in my finished pile as well so these are the bracelets here that are something a little bit more than just the seed beads so let's look at what we have so on this one here actually let me do this one here there are these really pretty cube beads and you can see that we just did a solid round of them so there's no other beads mixed in and for that you would just do the same thing where you get your cord and then you go ahead and string on seven and a half inches and then you tie your knots now i'm going to do this one here in the video as well to show you another example so this one has a mix of the seed beads and it's got these really pretty rondelles and then it has these really pretty rounds so let's go ahead and make this one together as well so we're going to take back our little guide and we're going to take our stretch cord and again we're just going to do one length two length and that's gonna be enough we're gonna cut it take our little stopper like so put it on the end like about three inches from the end open up our big eye needle slide on our cord and pull it down in a couple inches and now for this one if we look at it you see that pattern so let's count the seed beads in between and you'll get written instructions with this as well says 1 2 3 4 5 6 seven eight nine ten so and it's a solid color you can choose whatever solid color you want i did that matte again because i really like it i like the matte coral so one two three four five six seven eight nine ten so i've got 10 on my needle remember that bead stop or if you have tape is on the bottom already okay so i slid those down now i'm going to pick up one rondelle one round one rondelle so i've got that on my needle as well slide it on down so they're just sitting there together now and now i'm going to pick up ten more of the mat so there's 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 okay slide it on down and you're seeing we're really just building this bracelet and then another rondelle another round and another rondelle and you're just going to do that on repeat until you've done your seven and a half inches now that i've beaded the full seven and a half inches of this bracelet design i'm ready to do the same way of finishing it as the last one and each bracelet you do have 12 of them you're going to make you're going to finish the exact same way so what i'm going to do is i've got all my beads on there i'm going to kind of scoot them down a little bit take my cords or my cord i should say because there's just one go ahead tie a little overhand knot and then do a double so i went through once and i'm going through again and i'm just gonna pull down and pull it so that it's got a nice knot on there but it's not so tight that is pulling the elastic too much and then we're going to go back and do the same thing again we're going to take our needle open it up for that nice convenient big eye i love big eye needles we're going to string that on go through now with this case if it's a big bead i do like to just go through one bead so i'm just going to go through one bead and then since seed beads are on the other side i will go through two so i put that back on that needle back on and i'm gonna go through that second one so now again this is what we have we have that knot it's not terribly tight right now so you can see it just in there and then it's coming out the beads next to it and that just gives a little extra measure of safety so looking at the remaining bracelets and i'm going to review all of them at the end of the video but we have another one that's got these fun cube beads and then some rounds and then we have this one which has the nice little metallic seed beads with some rondelles between it and then we have this one which is a cube seed bead combo so i'm going to do one more bracelet for you here on camera and that will be three of the twelve but i'm gonna again recap for you all of them here at the end of the video okay here we go i did double the length so since my bracelet is 7.5 inches total beaded i cut off 15 inches of cord put my little stopper at the bottom again you can just use tape okay i'm putting on my big eye needle okay and in this case here's our little model we're gonna be doing eight cubes and then three rounds so eight cubes and then three rounds and these cubes in this particular selection um are a little bit assorted too and to me i just am putting them on randomly so there's four five six seven and then one more i'll make eight put those down at the bottom again three of your rounds then eight more one two three where's three three four five six seven eight and you can see this one comes together really quickly three rounds and then one two three four five six seven eight put that down three more rounds okay put that down and here's another eight and definitely mix and match have fun with this don't worry about following what i did these give you a good guideline um but it's really about having fun with the beads and playing with patterns so you can really do whatever you want so there's three more rounds and then let's see with our little guide how we're doing on sizing oh that looks good it might be actually a little bit big so if you look here we seem to be going a little bit further than our size an easy way to fix that is to just take off a bead on the end i wouldn't take off one of your pretty big beads i would just take off one of the little cubes and you're going to be doing that with all your bracelets so you might have a bracelet that's seven inches of beadeds or you might have one that's eight so just adjust accordingly you do have plenty of beads so again crisscross go over make that little knot well it's the start of a knock knot and then we're gonna do a double one go through again two and pull down and because you have big beads on both sides what we're going to do is just go through one bead so whenever is a big bead just go through one okay go through okay and pull it off and do the other one okay go and you'll be opening up that big eye needle a lot and just putting it back on so now you've got it coming out the ends so there we go so we've done three here in this video so we've done this one here this one here and this one here so i'm going to show you now the final step of the process to finishing your bracelets and then like i said i do want to review each bracelet in the set so you'll know exactly how you have one option of making them so what we want to do is we've tied our knots and they are nice they're they're good and secure but we want to do a little added measure of security here and to do that i just have a little scrap piece of paper and i have a toothpick you can use a piece of wire if you would prefer and we have our e6000 glue so e6000 glue is great because it has a little point on the interior of the outside of the cap and you see it's sealed so you just go ahead and flip the cap over and you puncture that seal and it opens it up and we're going to put a little bit of glue down on our scrap piece of paper and we're going to take our toothpick and we're going to take this and i like to hold it like this so you see how i'm holding this i'm holding the two strands and i'm pulling them out and i'm exposing my little knot i'm just going to put a little bit of glue on that knot and i like to also put a little bit of glue right on the ends here all right so we've done that and now what i do and remember i said don't pull your knot too tight and i still i'm not going to pull it too tight but what i am going to do is i'm going to give it a good tug there we go and what that does is it helps to get that glue to really seep into the knot and even the beads right next to it and that's going to help secure your opal on and again i have not pulled this bracelet so tight that is rigid or cranking at all or crinkling i should say all right so there's one and sometimes that little knot can slip into the beads which is great and sometimes it doesn't it's more important you have a secure nice knot even if you see it a little bit so on this one remember that knot was between the two big beads right here so we're just going to expose that and it's a little trickier with the big beads so i am going to just go ahead put it right on there all right and on this one i'm not going to worry about putting it on the ends because i put enough right there that is going to seep into it so go ahead pull and there you go that's number two and let's just go ahead and do number three so you see that one more time okay so on this one i'm going to hold it between my fingers and i am going to put that glue on there some glue right there and it does dry quickly so you don't want to put too much glue at once i would probably not do any more than three bracelets with the same pile of glue okay so here we are go ahead and pull it just like that you see you do see a little knot that's okay don't worry about it i really want these to be secure and have that knot there even if you can see it just a little you won't see when all the bracelets are together so what you would do is you let those dry i would actually recommend letting them dry overnight let that get a good dry um out of it so just so that you know it's secure i'm not going to do that for this video i'm going to show you quickly how to trim the tails i'm only going to do it on one of them because i do want the other two to dry but i want to show you the complete process so let's go ahead and trim the tail of this one and i'm going to put these guys aside right now i've cleared a little space and now i want to show you how to trim your tail so this is the final step of the process so you've got that bracelet right here and you've got the tail sticking out the beads now it's nice that the tails are sticking out the beads because then you don't ever have to trim too close to your knot so you're just going to put your scissor right here next to the bead and trim and then you're going to go the other side you're going to pull that cord out just a little bit so you see it and you're going to trim and that is how you'll trim all your different tails and then you've got your bracelet and you see it's got nice stretch to it and just make sure you do let that glue dry first for a while i would say 24 hours it will give you a much more secure bracelet you

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