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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make the sway with me earrings so to make this pair of earrings what you're going to need is you're going to need some long head pins and today i have some 3 inch 21 gauge head pins and i'm using the ball head pins here i also have some beadable frames that i'm going to be using as a geometric element i have my choice of earring hook here and then i also have some eight millimeter gemstone beads now you can use eight millimeter pearls you can also use larger beads for this or smaller beads so you can really adapt this design to suit your style okay so for tools we're going to need a pair of nylon jaw pliers a pair of flush cutters a pair of round nose pliers and a pair of chain nose pliers so if you have everything ready to go let's go ahead and get started so the first thing i want to teach you here in this tutorial is how to straighten the head pins so you can see over here i have a couple of head pins that have seen a little they're a little worse for wear so what i want to show you is how to straighten those out because for this we're going to want really really really straight and strong head pins so go ahead and pick up your head pin here if it's got a little wobble to it you're going to take your chain nose pliers and place them as close as you can to the very tip of the head pin now i'm using a ball head pin but this will work if you have a regular head pin as well now take your nylon jaw pliers bring them over to and just right on top of your chain nose pliers there so you're almost creating a little little vise there so now what we're going to do is we're going to pull them apart and i'm just going to run my nylon jaw pliers slowly up oh and there we go so you kind of it works over some of the kinks and you're going to do this a couple of times just to really get that as straight as you possibly can and you can see that it's already straightening out a little bit you can also come at it from different angles you'll see it start to kind of just naturally bend to one way or another and that will just straighten it out now you're doing two things with this you're not only straightening your head pin look at how beautiful that looks now you are work hardening it because we want some really nice stiff head pins here so this is a 21 gauge and this will work with other gauges as well i'm working with the 21 today because i'm doing a simple wire loop and you're going to see that here in a minute but i wanted to make sure that this is going to be nice and strong all right and you got to use those nylon jaw pliers to make sure that you're not stripping any of that metal so you can see sort of an example of what we started with there and what we ended with so i'm happy with that i'm going to kind of set my other guy aside i think i have enough head pins here to work with okay so let's go ahead and actually construct this pair of earrings so i'm going to do both at the same time and you're going to see why here in a second all right so go ahead and take your bead and string it onto your head pin now the idea with this is that we want to create a tiered effect so what's going to happen is we're going to decide what length we want our longest ones to be now i want i want a nice pair of long earrings i think that'll look really really lovely so i'm going to come in and i'm going to basically choose the choose the height for yourself you can use a ruler if you want but i'm going to show you how to match everything up here so i i like that i think that's going to be a nice nice long length there so i'm going to come in i'm going to choose where on my round nose pliers to be i'm going to just bend my wire backwards so i have a little bit of a little l there i'm going to wrap that wire up and over the top move my pliers just kind of rotate them and bring that wire across creating that nice little simple wire loop there see all right so now we can remove our pliers and come in and just trim off that wire and now we have one of our components ready to go now i'm going to adjust my loop there it kind of got away from me for a second so i'm just going to take my pliers there and just really create that little loop that i want it to be there we go and this is another little tip you can come in and sort of flatten your little loop there okay so that's going to be my longest piece that i want onto my earring now in order to do the second one and to have them be even we're going to match it to that one so we're going to go kind of one for one on each side here so i'll show you how or the easiest way to do this really all right so go ahead and get your bead on and then kind of just eyeball it but we're not going to do anything yet and what i want to do is just kind of come in here and line them up there we go that is about right i'm going to move mine up just a smidge because what i'm lining up here if you can see visually is you see the tip that's kind of touching that end there because this is where we're going to bend it backwards so i want to make sure that i'm a little higher there there we go okay that actually looks pretty good all right so now i'm just going to put that other side down i'm going to bend this up and over i'm going to move my pliers a little further in i want to make a little bit of a bigger loop there bring that across and come in there set my scrap aside there we go and again i'm just going to kind of i was a lot happier with that loop that looks that makes that makes me a little happier all right so now i can come in and i can see that i did pretty good maybe a little bit a little bit off just just a hair but i think it's going to be okay all right so now i have one and one so now we need to decide where our second tier is going to be so you take the same thing and this is where it's like it's more um guesswork in determining where you want that to be now i could make my tear really really close i could make it a little further i can you know and just to know where you're going to end so if it helps you you can create that third one sooner and then find the middle ground i'm just going to sort of build mine up so i don't want mine to i want mine to kind of all sit a little bit close together here so what i'm going to do is i'm going to kind of lay mine down and then i'm going to find where i want to grab it i think there's good all right so here we go this isn't an exact science if you want i can give you guys the exact measurements of what mine is but this is where it's kind of fun to you know make it really your own truly um but you can match it up as you go so that's sort of one thing to to think about all right so there we go there's one and i'm gonna move on to the second side here so now i'm gonna try to match it up to this guy so we're gonna kind of we're going to play the same game so i'm just going to pull them together there and match them up as close as i can there we go all right up and over and rotate and you're gonna have plenty of uh head pins to work with so if you find that oh shoot this didn't actually end up being as close as i had wanted it to because you are kind of eyeballing it but nope that actually looks pretty good okay so now we have our second tiers on each side there just like so and now the third part now this is what i think is probably one of the trickier parts because you've created a spatial gap between these two so you wouldn't want to like put your third one up here you want to find a way to continue the same space that you've created to create that tier that third tier that makes makes it look like it belongs basically okay so i'm going to set this down and kind of again you're going to want to eyeball it and get those as close as you can and i think i think that should do it for mine okay all right so let's see if i let's see if i did this correctly all right up and over bring it across flush cutters okay now set that down i'm actually pretty happy with that i think i think that's pretty good i think i did pretty good there all right so now let's do one more here and we're gonna match it up slide that on now if you have a head pin that is particularly wonky that you couldn't straighten out let's say on one side you this is a perfect opportunity because we're gonna be using less and less of the wire as you go up so make sure that you're using your absolutely straightest ones for those long tiers there okay now let's bring this guy over here let's see if i can match this up nicely okay and then i do want to make sure that it's going to fit over here as well just to make sure that i'm being as accurate as possible all right i think i did pretty good there all right now i'm just moving it in so i can get a little bit of a bigger loop you can do tinier loops if you want if you're using a different bead link uh over here but you just want to make sure that that loop is large enough to accommodate that so don't so make sure it's not too small okay we are ready now oops i'm sorry i bumped my camera i apologize about that all right we are ready now to assemble our earring together okay so you've obviously made little loops but what i want to tell you is to make sure that when you put this all together that your loops are facing they're all going to be sort of facing the back so here's what i mean so here is my bead link let's take one of our little guys here and i'm just going to open this loop just by bending it back ever so slightly only large enough to slip on my little bead link so you can see that i'm going a certain direction there with my loop and now i'm just going to close that up and again you can kind of come in and just give it a little pinch make sure it's nice and closed so now i want to keep on that train and i'm going to open up this loop here and i want it to be facing the same direction so i'm going to be adding it on the same side so that when you look at it from the front all of those little seams of these loops are in the back of the earring so you won't see them so it gives it a nice sort of polished look okay so there's one and two and now we're coming in with number three and same thing making sure we are facing the back closing that up and this guy needs a little pinch there just to make sure we are good okay so we have our little pendant here now the last thing that we need to do is add on our earring hook now this particular earring hook will have that loop sort of facing the front so keep that in mind as well because here's where you can really decide the front and the back alright so we're just going to slide that in and close it up okay now when we move on to our second earring you have to make a choice here do you want to put your uh tears opposite so you get a nice fall effect and then you what you the the other decision you can make is whether you want to wear them uh and how you want to do that so all right i'm gonna do this big guy first here so here we go open it up slide that on and close it up there we go okay so for my purposes this guy is now going to be on the outside so i'm going to now take and do the second one here sort of next to it close it up give that a little pinch there all right and now i want to make sure that he falls on this side right because last but not least for our tears i'm going to open this guy up and make sure that i slide him onto this side all right so there we go on that one and finally let's add on our earring hook and now you can decide how you want to wear them you can wear them i personally like the longer one towards my face so i would wear them like this but it is entirely up to you but that's it it's just some simple wire loops some really really straight head pins and your favorite beads now you could also change these out for any other beads of your choice you can also make them multi-colored i think that could be really fun doing some mixed gemstones as well all right i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and everything you've seen here over at

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