How to Make The Hamptons Necklace featuring Austrian Crystals - An Exclusive Beadaholique Kit

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to make The Hamptons Necklace, an Exclusive Beadaholique Kit featuring Austrian crystals and Pearls. You will learn how to construct this necklace from start to finish by making simple wire loops and opening jump rings.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

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Hi, this is Kat with now this is an exclusive so I'm going to show you in this video how to construct this necklace from start to finish and before I do I want to show you the six different color varieties that we offer at alright so let's start over here we have three that are silver so you get your choice of three different silver versions and we also have three different gold versions for you to choose from as well so whichever kit you've purchased you'll be able to follow along with these instructions and we're gonna go ahead and get started in making this kit alright so what you'll receive with your kit is you'll receive a foot of your Rolo chain here you'll get your swarovski rivoli you'll get a lobster clasp you'll get Swarovski crystal pearls you'll get two jump rings you'll get a size four millimeter 20 gauge open jump ring and then you'll get ten millimeter 20 gauge closed jump rings you'll also receive your Sourav ski crystals here and then you're also going to get some head pins and eye pins as well and finally you'll get a little Geeta setting and that will come with a popsicle stick that will help you set that now the only thing that you'll need you won't receive in your kit is some very basic tools so we're going to be using a chain nose plier a round nose plier and a pair of flush cutters so let's go ahead and get started so the first thing we're going to do is we're going to start to make all of our little components and then we're going to construct it from one end to the other so let's go ahead and take our foot of Rolo chain and here's a little tip for you I'm gonna take one of my head pins there and slide it on to the last little link because what I want to do is I want to cut this in half so what that's gonna do is that's going to show me the last little link there at the very very bottom and I'm just going to go down and get that last little link and just eyeball it and measure it you can also measure out six inches and six inches if you like but I'm just gonna take my flush cutters and I'm gonna come in and trim off that link there we go and I'm just gonna come in there with my pliers and just sort of remove that little link just kind of by bending it apart because we're just gonna toss that to the side all right so now I have my two lengths of six inches of my chain so that's all set and ready to go next what we're gonna do is I'm gonna do some eye pins and head pins so these are going to be simple wire loops using our eye pins and head pins so let's go ahead and take that head pin and what we're gonna do is we're gonna string on one of our Swarovski pearls and now to make a simple wire loop we're gonna use our round nose pliers come in there at the base go ahead and Bend that back so it has a little bit of an angle going backwards I'm just gonna scoot my pliers in until they're about a quarter of an inch from the tip and I'm going to wrap that wire up and over the top creating that loop I'm gonna rotate my pliers and I'm gonna bring that little wire across creating that little loop remove my pliers and then come in there with my flush cutters and just trim off that excess wire so I can just kind of set that aside so that is one of the simple wire loops so we're gonna do all 24 there and then for our eye pins we're gonna do the same thing so we're gonna take our eye pin and this is where we're gonna string on our crystals now with these we have the loop facing one way so you can see that that wire comes down and is looping around this way so what I want to do is I want to have my wire looping around the other way so again very same process we come in there at the base of that bead and just sort of bend that backwards move it in just a little bit wrap it up and over the top and across to make that simple wire loop and come in with our little flush cutters now here's a little tip when we start constructing the necklace you're gonna want to come in with your chain nose pliers and just kind of grip that and just make sure that it is nice and even all the way across you can see that we have that nice little line going through there that's gonna help your necklace be stable and lay it the right way so just make sure that your little loops are like that so you can just kind of just pinch it right there with your chain nose pliers and it's gonna be perfect all the way all right so what you're gonna do now is you're gonna continue to do all eight of the simple wire loops for your crystals and all 24 of the simple wire loops for your pearls so go ahead and do that and I'll be right back alright so we have all of our little loops here ready to go so the last component that we need to put together is we're going to be putting our Rivoli stone into our little geeta setting and to do that we're gonna use a popsicle stick because this is definitely good to use if you don't want to scratch that crystal because this is a nice little softwood alright so very simply we're just gonna place it into that setting it should fit nice and snug and then I'm just gonna kind of come on top of it and just kind of hold it with my thumb there and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do a little rolling motion with my popsicle stick and I'm just gonna roll it over the top of that prong it's a nice soft metal so it should hold and just sort of Bend up and over so now if you're looking at your piece I was sort of up here at the one o'clock spot so I want to go down here to that seven o'clock so I'm just gonna kind of rotate it in my finger because I like to kind of work the same way so you always want to work across in that little X formation and we're just gonna roll that in and then same thing I'm just gonna move to one side roll that in and move to the other side and don't worry about fingerprints you can just get those off with a little cloth you'll be fine but this does help to stabilize that I know my thumb might be in the way but all I'm doing is just a little rolling motion and just applying a little bit of pressure alright so there is our little key to setting and that is all set to go now all right so let's can start constructing our so I'm just gonna kind of bring everything out here so you can see what's gonna happen so we're gonna be using these closed jump rings and these are kind of gonna work like little spacers so you can see that we have seven so let's just sort of set this up here so what I want to do first is I'm going to mark my Center one and how I'm gonna do that is I'm gonna go ahead and add that key to finding with one of those little tiny four millimeter open jump rings so I'm just gonna come in with my chain nose pliers and we can use our round nose pliers for this as well so we're just gonna gently give it a little twist just to open that up slip it onto the loop of our key to finding slip it on to that closed jump ring and now we're just gonna close that up you always want to make sure that your jump rings have a nice good closure and your simple wire loops as well we don't want to lose anything all right so that will act as our Center all right so the next thing that we're going to do is we're going to be using those simple wire loops to attach each of the jump rings to one another so to do that again we're just gonna open it very similar to as we do a jump ring but this you can kind of hold that bead so all we're gonna do is loop that on to one jump ring and just give that a nice little closure come to the other side open that up slip on the next jump ring I need to open mine a little bit more close that up alright so what you're gonna do is you're going to repeat to do that for each of these individual ones here and when you get to the end of the chain I'll show you how to attach that so it'll look something like that so let me attach all my little loops and then I'll be right back alright so I've gone ahead and added the chain to one side and to do it for both sides here let me just show you that little technique so we're just gonna continue to open those simple wire loops just like we've been doing slip on the last link in our chain and then come in here and just gently close that up so it's that simple so now we have the base of our necklace ready to go so we're going to start to add our little pearls to the bottom of the jump rings now you can see the reason I said earlier is we really want to make sure that those simple wire loops on our crystals are nice and straight across so that our necklace has a sort of top and a bottom to the jump rings here because we want to make sure that those little pearls are going to sit at the bottom so let's go ahead and we're gonna start adding three so you just take your simple wire loop bend it back and this is the front of the necklace so I always like to loop it going backwards so if you just sort of gently pick it up and just make sure that your loop is going to the back and now just coming across here we're just gonna tuck that and make sure that it is a nice tight little loop there all right so you just repeat that and we're gonna add three to each on the outside and then I'll show you what happens when we get to that center point but go ahead and add three to each of those six jump rings on the outside all right so this is what we should have so far we have three of our little pearls on each of those jump rings and then for the last six pearls I just want to point out with my pliers where they're gonna go so you're gonna get three on this side and then you're gonna get three on this side so it's going to be between that fancy stone setting and the next crystal so we're gonna kind of work on those bottom little halves right here so I'm gonna kind of move this so I can see that so we're gonna be on those sides there so again just do the same thing with those simple wire loops bending them open making sure they're facing the back I'm gonna kind of move mine to the side there there we go and closing those up so I'm going to attach all six of my final pearls and then I'm going to be back to show you how to finish it off with a nice easy clasp and finally we are going to take our small jump rings here and we're gonna do that same motion give them a little twist hook it onto the last link of our chain there we go and we're just gonna close that up and then to the other side we're gonna do that same thing little gentle twist slip it on to our last link and we're gonna add that little lobster clasp there at the end and come in with my pliers and get that a nice good closure there we go and that is how easy it is to make the Hamptons necklace featuring swarovski crystals now again these are exclusive beautifully kits that you can only get by shopping at I hope you enjoyed this video if you're new to our YouTube channel here be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from Idaho League

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