How to Make the Gemstone Lotus Bracelet Kits by Beadaholique

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make the Gemstone Lotus Bracelet Kit from start to finish. This strung design features beautiful gemstones combined with metal beads and a charm. Using basic tools, this design comes together quickly and easily.
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hi this is kat with now we have four varieties and we have a beautiful silver and amethyst we have a amazonite and gold a silver and rose quartz and the one I'm gonna do today here in the video is the tiger's eye and gold so you're gonna get everything you need to complete your kit and for this kit that includes your gemstone beads your wood beads your metal beads and then you're also going to get a metal bail along with two jump rings you're gonna get one open jump ring and one closed jump ring a lobster clasp some wire protectors some crimp covers some crimp tubes and a nice little Lotus charm at the end there and the other thing that you're going to receive is you're going to receive your wire which is perfectly coordinated to work with this design what you won't receive but we do recommend is we have some tools here so I have a bead stopper and if you don't have a bead stopper I'm going to show you how to do the design without it so don't worry I have a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of flush cutters and I have these two different pairs of crimping pliers and I'm going to show you the subtle difference between the two of them the only other thing that I recommend you have on hand is a ruler because we're gonna be doing a little bit of sizing and actually that's where I'm gonna start here today so let me pull my ruler into frame and because we're gonna do our tiger's eye here let me start by unhinging that and showing you exactly how long this design is so from tip to tip we're looking at just over seven and a half inches now that's for this layout here in the stringing so I'm going to show you how you can adjust that as we go alright so the first thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna open up our wire here and just kind of uncoil that you'll get about a foot of wire so take your bead stopper and place it about two inches or so from one and now our beads aren't gonna fall off that end all right so first we're gonna string on one of our metal beads one of our wood beads one metal bead and now three of our gemstone beads one and two and three one metal bead one wood bead one metal bead one wood bead and once more one metal bead oops here we go slide that all the way down and let me just double-check my pattern so here's what I'm gonna say so this is one of the first opportunities you have to adjust if seven-and- a-half is too long for you you can adjust by only doing one of the wood beads here so you can leave that second wood bead off so you just want to make sure that you would end with a metal bead so pretending that's not there so that's one of the little adjustments you can make and then we're gonna do three more of our gemstone beads here two and three and then we're gonna slip on our bail don't worry we'll attach our charm later and then we have three more of our gemstone beads two and three there we go just double-checking everything and now we're gonna go back and just kind of do a little reversal here so we're gonna add one metal bead one wood bead one metal bead one wood bead and one metal bead there I'm going to add our last three gemstone beads two and three we're gonna add one more metal bead one more wood bead and one more metal bead so that completes the pattern that we recommend to get that seven inch bracelet and you'll notice that I have two wood beads and two metal beads left over now what you could do is you could add another wood bead and another metal bead to each side respectively to lengthen it if you wanted to now if this is gonna be too long for you you can like I said you can take out one of those wood beads and metal beads here you can also eliminate it from the ends it just depends on what size you want to go with which is why we recommend using the bead stopper because then you can decide and actually if I wanted if I got this far and I decided that I didn't even want that would beat on the end I just wanted as many gemstones as I could I can just remove this bead stopper and take off that bead without having to unstring the entire thing so once you've gotten to this point though and you're happy with your setup and your design we're gonna do the finishing technique so we're going to take a crimp tube and go ahead and string that right on to our wire and now we're gonna use those little wire protectors let me kind of show you what this looks like it looks like a little tiny horseshoe and it's got two little holes there so what we're gonna do is we're gonna string through one side go up and over and string back down through the other side so on this side what I'm gonna do is string up and over but before I take my wire and go back through my crimp tube there I'm going to take the closed jump ring and sort of string that on there so that sits there because this is gonna be our class now and now because we're on this beginning side and I have a little more room what I'm gonna do is just kind of string it up there because we want to get our crimp tube nice and close and just sort of adjusting it to get it as close as we possibly can with leaving a little bit of space you can see it's just like it that way so we can see that a little bit of space that's happening between that wire protector and my crimp tube because we're gonna be adding a crimp cover to this so we want to make sure that there's enough room there all right so on this side I'm going to use the mighty crimpers now when you look at this you'll notice that there is a little sort of bee shape that is closest to the main point of my plier and then there's the other shape there this is a little more like an oval and that's closest to the tip so what you're gonna do is place your crimp into that first notch that is closest to your plier there let me just make sure you get it nice and centered so I can show you and what we're gonna do is just crimp it and it's gonna turn it into that little little beam shape there and then release it from your pliers rotate it about 90 degrees placing it in that second one and that's gonna crimp it together just give it a nice little squeeze there so now we have our crimp all done so we can set our pliers aside and now go ahead and bring in your chain nose pliers there and what we're going to do is we're gonna cover that with a crimp cover and the reason I wanted to use a nice big one here is so that it's gonna look like a little metal bead so you just get those jaws right around there and then you can come over over top here and just squeeze that around making it look like a round little bead and then just kind of work it with your pliers to just sort of smush that down and really make it look like a nice little round bead you might need to just kind of do some adjustments there all right I'm just gonna give that one last little squeeze to bring those sides together I know my hands in the way hold on I'll show you the finished thing here in just a second but you just want it to look like a nice little metal bead all right so now I have a little bit of that extra wire so I'm going to string it down through a couple of those adjacent beads there just because I don't want to clip it so close but now I can come in with my flush cutters and snip off that extra little bit of wire so I'm gonna set that aside so now I can sort of scooch all my beads down to this side and I'm gonna flip it over so I can just repeat on the other side now if you do not have a bead stopper you can start by doing that first that clasp step first so that you can create your little crimp and your crimp tube and have that all ready to go so then this becomes your bead stopper I do recommend using the beads if you're not quite sure of the size it just tends to help when you go to figure out your design all right so I'm going to do the site a little bit faster it's gonna be very very much the same thing and I'm gonna thread on my wire protector up and over and before I string it all the way down through I'm gonna string on the loop of that lobster clasp there and make sure that gets caught up in that wire protector now the tricky part here is on this side you're gonna want to really make sure that you do that little last step that I showed you first because you're gonna want to make sure that you can get that wire nice and close so one of the things that I like to do is when I'm doing my second side and this is just helps with all stringing projects is sort of bring that all together and I can already feel that that might be a little too tight so I'm going to kind of loosen that up a little bit and bring that together so that when I'm doing this it's already sort of coiled so I know that I'm not going to end up with pulling it really taut and then it's not going to be able to bend like a nice bracelet so I have it where I want it to be and now I'm going to use the other type of pliers here these are the surround foreign ones and these have that same thing the only difference is that it's going to give you a little bit more of a diamond more of a rather triangle-shaped knotch there at the beginning and then you have options with three different sizes also this becomes an extra pair of chain nose pliers and we're going to use that in a second all right so very much the same thing I'm just going to slip it in there and I lost a little tension there so I'm just gonna adjust that back up give it a little squeeze that I want it to and rotate it to the side and give it that nice little pinch and now before I add the crimp cover I'm going to go ahead and trim off that wire there set that aside and now I can come in with my crimp cover have it cover up that little crimp tube and I can just use these pliers because like I said they work like chain nose pliers which makes them really really great great designer tool and I'm just you can see a little bit easier on this one because I have a little more to grip you can see I'm just sort of closing that up it kind of looks like a little Pac Man so we just want to make sure that that seam is nice and close and I know you're probably all freaking out because my hands are really tight in there but I've no fear with my pliers there we go so you can see how that seam closes up there so it looks like a metal bead so you can see it a little bit easier on this side all right so there is our bracelet and the last thing that we want to do is attach our little charm there to the bottom so all I'm gonna need to do is open up my little jump ring slip on my charm and slip it on to that bail and just give that a nice little closure there we go making sure it has a nice nice seamless closure and then you are all set so that is how to make the Lotus gemstone bracelet kit by beadaholique you can get all four varieties by heading over to we do sell these tools as well so you'll be able to find that in the description below and if you're new here be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from beadaholique

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