How to Make the Cellini Spiral Bracelet Kits by Beadaholique

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Advanced
In this video, you will see how to see from start to finish how to make the Cellini Spiral Bracelet using 2-hole MiniDuo beads - an exclusive kit by Beadaholique. You will learn how to weave tubular peyote stitch using graduated sizes of beads, as well as how to finish off the bracelet using the seamless join technique. This bracelet is made without a clasp to roll over the hand and fit as a bangle.
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique to make our exclusive shalini spiral bracelet kit so when you buy the kit from badali you'll receive everything you need to make this bracelet including some 15o seed beads two colors of 11 OC beads some two whole Czech glass mini duo's beading needles fireline thread and double the tool you'll need is either a pair of household scissors or bead snips and also be getting some printed instructions with nice illustrations and we have four beautiful color variations we've got the Arizona Knights Sedona Rose SantaFe sunset and in this video we'll be putting together the northern orchid variation so to begin I have about three feet of fireline thread on my Desai's 12 needle and I'm gonna take on four of my white 15 ocbs is it hard to see the white on white but as soon as we get the design going they'll be quite visible I'm taking two purple 11 O's - silver 11 O's four of these two whole beads and then I'm gonna work in the inverse and take two more silver 11:02 more purple 11 o I bring all these beads down and leave myself just a bit of a tail maybe four or six inches up to eight inches if you want and I'm gonna tie my beats in a ring first using a surgeon's knot I find if I wrap around twice that gives me a little more stability and leverage for getting my thread tucked where I want it without slipping so let me come around again here with my overhand knot to secure that I want my not snug enough so the beads aren't rattling around but I want just enough give so that my needle will be able to fit between the beads as I weave so here's our starting point I'll be working clockwise and first bring my needle through two of my white 15 o beads whatever color I'm coming out of that's the one I add so I'm going to add another 15 no bead and I skip over one of the white 50 nodes and come through that last one there coming through a white so I'm going to add a white skipping my first purple and coming through the second coming through a purple I'm going to add a purple skipping my first silver and coming through a second now this is a slight variation on traditional Chile nice spiral so at this point what I'm going to do is take my first two whole bead and fold it downward so that I know then I'm gonna add my next silver and skip that first two hoby to come through a second hole of this one here and again I'm gonna take my next to whole bead and fold it down coming through my first two whole bead I'm gonna add one on and that will tug nicely between the two of those like so there's I need to add on one more chûjô bead I'm gonna skip that first silver and come through the second my tail out of the way there continue the process I'm coming through his Silver's I'm gonna pick up a silver skip that purple and come through the second purple so I've completed my first row of weaving and I'm still looking rather flat it will start to become clearer the more rows we add so this is the stepping up that we're gonna do here what I'm gonna do is skip the first 15 no bead you can see I have two lined up together and what happens at this stage if I come between these two white beads I need to separate that just a little to get my needle through all right let's make sure all right looking nice and slow to make sure we get all of our order right before I do that I want to add a purple because I've come through a purple so correcting myself now is when I'm ready to come through between those two it's probably one of the trickier parts of the bracelet there we go all right coming up stepping up into my third row of weaving it's just when it will start to pull itself into a cone and I'm coming through a white out of white and come through this one here again coming through a white I'm gonna add a white skipping over a purple coming through the purple I mean out of the purple man add one skipping over the silver coming through the silver let's start to pull the tension a little bit to get my beads curving so you can see they're starting to do that a little bit coming through a silver I'm going to add a silver jump up into my second hole of my two hole bead I'm ready to add another two hole bead in between the two check my tension get it a little tighter continue to create that tube I had my second two hole bead I'm skipping over the silver coming through the silver and now it's starting to come together it's easier to hold once we've got shape to our piece alright coming out of the silver I'm adding a silver into my purple coming out of a purple I'm gonna add a purple and here's where we skip that first white and step up through the two that's gonna happen on every row coming through a white I'm going to add a white now we're really in our rhythm of the pattern it's a lot easier to see what you're doing and keep track of the order I mean through a white I'm adding another white skipping over one purple tucking into the next coming out of it purple adding a purple skipping one silver and coming through the next heading on a silver up through the two whole bead adding on a two-hole bead through the whole of the next one another to whole bead skipping the silver coming through the silver I will continue to quietly make another couple of rows just so we reinforce the process here get a clear idea of how to do this stepping up with the 15s here we skip a skip of white come through the next to me those stuff there there we go and another white MIT flu there we go and another white so we're basically adding two of the 50 nose and two of the two whole beads but each of the other colors gets one again whatever color were coming out of that's the one that we add skipping over the adjacent bead and coming through the next one and what really sets this design apart from traditional chili new Spiro is the featuring of these two whole beads in the center skipping over coming through all right so I'm going to continue and meet back up with you when I'm ready to add more thread to my piece and you'll notice as you work that this piece takes quite a bit of fire line quite a bit of patience but it's just a really really beautiful piece couldn't you to come through this second bead here and continue so here I've worked up about an inch of weaving and this is what you'll get from three feet of fire line and I left enough play at the end of my thread so that I'll have room to work to tie this off and then add more thread so that's what we're doing here and the trick is to remember where you have last exited your your piece and so I know that I am at this purple bead here and that's where I'm going to resume my weaving once I have added more thread so let's create just a basic overhand knot by weaving underneath a thread bridge making a loop and tying between the beads do that again and then I'm gonna thread through a few more beads you know just for security I'm gonna add another knot in between these here then I'm gonna tie in weave in my thread rather so it gets nice and snug between some more beads and that will definitely hide whatever not I have created and clip that off now I'll take more fire line I'm pretty good at estimating three feet here one two three and again and you can use whatever lengths you're comfortable with I tend to like to use more thread and just double it over the needle you have to tie off fewer times that way so let me through this on and since I know that this is the betta exited I'm going to back up from that a little bit and come in between previous beads tie an overhand knot and then follow the thread path through a couple more beads find a nice secure spot my tail it okay I'll clip that tail once I get my knots tied I never make another knot here being overly cautious because you'll notice this is a bracelet that doesn't have a clasp it's a bangle that rolls over the wrist so you want to make sure that all your connections are very secure and we'll be doing that at the end as well when we're completing the seamless join of the piece so let me go ahead and get this tail out of the way yeah did I have one more bead to pass through and also that purple bead and I'll be ready to resume from where I left off you can see once I've created a couple of spirals of this design how much easier it is to hold on and see where you're where you're headed with your order of things so in continuing I'm gonna skip over that first white and come up through the two in that stepping up just do a couple more rows here to reiterate the process adding on a white coming through with a white got another white just skipping a purple and coming through a purple I had one arm skipping a silver coming through a silver ad went on skipping a two hole bead and coming through it to hole bead and you'll notice that the more you work that it starts to get to be a little bit of a tight fit at this point where you're adding your second chew hole bead this is actually that the bead that I'm skipping is this silver down below and so it's the second silver that I'm coming up through and as I do that you'll notice that my other tail got stuck in there you'll notice that the bead is sort of mm sticking off at an angle and that's okay because as we weave our rows it'll sink itself together it's just all part of the process so we'll just keep going and now I bet it on a purple I'm skipping that first white and stepping up through the next two white I'm gonna continue for probably about 10 or 11 inches the thing about the length of these is you want to be sure to add a couple of extra inches for whatever size wrist you have so I will meet up with you once I have almost finished my piece and then demonstrate how to close it okay so I've completed the length of weave that I want and I've created about ten and a half two and a half inches which I know will fit comfortably over the width of my hand and now I'm ready to create the seamless join for the piece so for that first I'll get this tail out of the way bring the two sides of my bracelet together and I want to show you where I'm exiting here the last bead I've come through is this silver bead just after my last two hole bead now to continue I'm going to take up one more silver bead I'm gonna match up the two sides of my bracelet as best I can by lining up the two whole beads to where they are going to come together like little teeth and with my dexterity here I'm gonna grip two sides and begin zipping them up now I have my extra silver bead here and I'm coming through the adjacent silver bead on the opposite side of my piece pulling those together now I'm gonna work back up through the adjacent purple bead the opposite side of my bracelet so I'll be stringing through every other bead on each side pivoting as I need to from here I see that I'm skipping a silver and coming through the next purple bead the opposite side from there I'm skipping the first little white bead and coming through the adjacent white bead on the opposite side I'm gonna go just like this all the way around zipping up the beads and the written instructions that come with your kit will offer bead by bead steps like this as well in an illustrated form so hopefully that will be helpful gonna pivot I also want to show you here that it's a forgiving process you can actually pull pull the two sides away gently and see your thread path to double-check your work you can work your needle back through the beads and ree-ree so if you need to you can take a little practice sometimes right now I'm to the point where I'm ready to so in my first two whole bead the opposite side you can kind of tuck into themselves so I just need to make sure I get in where I need to coming through the second hole of that opposite side and once again here pulls those together the last bead I'll be coming through is the adjacent silver bead right before the one that we added on which is right here and I'm gonna double through that one as well and start the process of tying off my thread so for security I'm gonna continue to double back through just a bit more of this row really tie it in tight and then I'll find a thread bridge between a couple of my beads tuck my needle underneath loop back through and create that overhand knot do that again and for a bit measured continued through a few more beads because this bracelet fits over like a bangle without a clasp we just want to make sure your connections are go ahead and secure and that's why we left the tail on as well so that we could tie that back in for some added strength all right so I'm satisfied with my knots I'm gonna go ahead and weave in the rest of my thread and clip my tail on this side I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side bring my thread snips you know borrow my needle jerry string onto this end a rather short tail here I recommend probably between six and eight inches I may have clipped it for ease of weaving here so tuck this in through a couple beads tie my knot and get into that thread bridge no that one's not working let me continue through one more beam and find my good spot I mean now I'll weave in my tail and clip it well Jeremy at the northern orchid Chile nice spiral bracelet yeah rolls nicely over the wrists it's just beautifully I hope you found this video helpful for creating our exclusive Chile neat spiral bracelet kit please also subscribe to our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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