How to Make the Braided Cork Bangle - An Exclusive Kit by Beadaholique

SKU VID-0713
Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make the assemble the Braided Cork Bangle Kit, which is available exclusively at This kit comes is in a variety of colors. The tools you will need to complete this kit are round nose pliers and chain nose pliers. A small scrap of wire or toothpick is also required. These easy bangles come together very quickly.
Audio Transcript
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you Hi, this is Kat with and l an exclusive kit by beadaholique you can purchase all of these supplies in a kit form at so let's go ahead and begin and i will start by showing you the pink bangle here now this comes in several different colors but I've chosen to show you the pink one here I think it's just really sweet and we have a Swarovski Rivoli in a crystal a B and it shimmers very beautifully in this beautiful rivoli setting and today to complete the kit we're going to use a round nose plier a chain nose plier and just a little scrap of wire and that's all you'll need that you won't get inside of the kit but when you do receive your box what will be included is you'll get a tube of e6000 glue you'll get seven inches of the braided cord you'll get to cord ends two jump rings a Swarovski crystal rivoli and a rivoli setting so let's begin the first thing I want to do is I'm going to open my e6000 and you'll notice I have just a little piece of paper here just because I don't want it to get on my work surface go ahead and open your East 6000 and squeeze a little bit out and now I'm going to take my scrap wire get a good amount there and I'm going to take my rivoli setting and I'm going to place the glue in the center and sort of smoosh it around just a little bit so I can kind of get good coverage in there and now take your rivoli and set it in and just give it just a little little smush okay and we're going to set this aside to dry and while that's drying move on to the next step I'm going to need a bit more glue so another little dab of e6000 and now you can go ahead and close your cap and what we're going to do now is we're going to take one of the cord ends get a little bit of glue and what you're going to do is you're just going to place it into the well and sort of get it all in the base there because this is going to be what it's going to hold your bracelet together you use a little bit extra glue for these guys because you don't want my bracelet to come apart and now before it dries you're just going to take one of the cords and place it into the cord end just like that and make sure it goes all the way down and then you just set that side aside and we're just going to repeat for the other side so take your second cord end and again give it good amount of glue and make sure it gets nice and coated in there take my second end and go ahead and place that inside making sure all the cork is in there and slide all the way down give it a nice good press and when you do this you're going to want to make sure that your cord ends match up just like so so that you'll be able to put your jump rings on so now that my rivoli has dried i'm going to add it using high to jump rings and my chain nose and round nose pliers so with your chain nose plier go ahead and grab that jump ring and you're just going to pry it open by applying very easy pressure loop the jump ring through one cord end add on the rivoli and still holding with your pliers go ahead and close that jump ring up and moving to the other side going to open this jump ring hook it on to the cord end and now I'm going to just hold that with my finger and attach them look so go ahead and grab that and now we're just going to close the jump ring just like them make sure you have a nice good seal on that jump ring and now i have my project all finished so it's just a few easy steps to create the braided cork bangle and again like i said we have this in many different colors and this is an exclusive beadaholique it can be found at you

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