How to Make Tassels for Jewelry

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video shows how to quickly and easily make petite tassels to add to your jewelry designs. These tassels are made out of pearl cotton and require just 3 ingredients: pearl cotton, a jump ring, and a pair of scissors. These are very easy and fun to make.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this Julie with and I'll show you how to really quickly and easily make a tassel that you can use in your jewelry designs Here's a bracelet that Karlin did and she just made a nice little tassel to give that extra little bit of pop, go for that Boho chic look. It's really popular right now. I want make tassels of course so what you're going to need for this project is some pearl cotton, a pair of scissors. You don't have to use this type. This is scissor, whatever type of sharp scissor you have at home or work is fine and a jump ring. I'm using close jump ring. So what you're going to do is take your pearl cotton. You just unwind some of it now if you wanted to you could carefully measure out about four inches and do about twenty different lengths of four inches if you wanted to but I actually think it's way easier to just to do is wrap the pearl cotton around your hand and we're gonna just to do a loose measurement that way and then we're going to trim our tails. Either way works fine I just wanted to find a way that I could do these really quickly and easily you can use your hand, you can use an object, you can use a cell phone, wrap it around whatever you like so I'll do about 12 wraps. First hold that one tail so then we've got 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6, 7 8, 9, 10 11, 12 You can do more if you want I'm actually think I'll make this a little thicker so I'll go up to 15 13, 14, 15 I'm just going to now trim off my tail and before I go any further. I'm going to just grab a piece that's about 14 inches or so long, up to 14 inches of pearl cotton and now I'm going to carefully this get this off my fingers. I'm going to pinch the end and this is why I like to do it wrapped around an object because now I can just put that folded end through my jump ring. It's a bit easier to catch all the threads instead of trying to put 25 strands through it pull that down to the midway point don't worry about your little loose strands like that, they're fine now fold it in half, so about 50 percent each on each end. Again don't worry about being too precise Of course you want to make a longer tassel just wrap it around a little bit of a longer object. Now pinch my strands and then take that extra piece I already cut and I'm just going to wrap it around the top I'm just gonna wrap number of times, when I'm happy with the number of wrappings I'm going to just tie a knot with my two tails I'm going to tie another knot just so it's secure, why not even another knot and now I'm not going to trim my tails. I'm just gonna let them become extra strands in my tassel and at this point I'm going to trim off some of these bigger ones. Cut the loops These are thread snips that I'm using. I just really like them so I use them for a lot of different things but I can't cut a big thick amount at a time with them. After all the loops are cut I'm going to go ahead straighten out my ends and now trim them so they're nice and even This is why I wasn't too worried about measuring to begin with because I knew my last step was going to be trimming my ends see how that works It's like when you get a haircut, you always find that there always a couple strands that need a little extra training there we go There I have a tassel. See how it looks on a piece of jewelry and here's another tassel. Really quick and easy to make and what's great is pearl cotton comes in a bunch of different colors you'll have a lot of options and it's not going to fray and if it does frail little bit you can see her edges right here, it just creates a really lovely tassel look I highly recommend pearl cotton for this. It's very quick and easy and affordable. I think you'd end up with a really pretty tassel on the end. You can find all the supplies to make these tassel as well as a lot of project ideas and other tutorials at Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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