How to Make the Boho Gemstone Necklace - An Exclusive Beadaholique Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video see how to make the Boho Gemstone Necklace, an exclusive kit by Beadaholique. These strung necklaces feature gemstone nugget beads, wood beads, cube beads, and seed beads all combined into a lovely strung necklace. With the kit you will get all the supplies you need to make one of these pretty necklaces.
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(acoustic guitar plucking) - [Julie] Hi, this is Julie with Beadaholique, and in this video I'm gonna teach you how to make the Boho Gemstone Necklace, which is an exclusive kit by Beadaholique. There's three different ones, there's the rose quartz one, the crystal quartz, and the amethyst. All these have a combination of gemstones with wood beads, some pretty cube beads, and some seed beads to make the length of it. When you get a kit from Beadaholique, you get everything you need to make this particular project, or the project that you're buying the kit for. In this case, I pulled the kit ingredients for the rose quartz necklace, so this is the finished piece. What you're going to get are, five pretty gemstones, they're rose quartz, you're going to get the round wood beads, these cube beads, a tube of seed beads, a clasp, a jump ring to be the second part of your clasp, some crimp beads, crimp bead covers, and a length of beading wire. All you're going to need to do is supply the tools, and they're pretty basic beading tools, a pair of crimping pliers, I have the pocket crimpers here, 'cause I really like 'em, but any crimping plier will work, a pair of cutters, a pair of chain nose pliers, and then a ruler for this particular project as well. What's nice about these necklaces is you can make them as long or as short as you want, so here we have an example that's 30 inches long, so really a nice length to hang kind of on the chest or right below it, but you can make it shorter by just adding fewer seed beads up here. You can even make this a 16 inch necklace or an 18 inch necklace if you want. Now, I'm gonna teach you how to make it. It's really simple. This is a great beginner beading project, or fast one if you just wanna make something pretty in just a short amount of time. You'll see that this video's gonna go pretty quickly. Or, if you want to get someone else into beading, you can give these as a gift. It's a great starter project. What I'm going to do to begin with, is uncoil my length of beading wire. Just carefully uncoil it, and you see that it's nice and long. We're going to start by attaching the lobster clasp to one half of it. To do that, we're just going to take a crimp bead, put it on our beading wire, loop it through the lobster, come back down through the crimp bead, so we just made a loop, pull it a little tighter. That's a nice loop right there, so it's not too tight, but it's not too loose, and we're gonna go ahead and crimp it. On your crimping pliers, you've got two notches, one is like a crescent moon shape, and one that's more of an oval. The crescent moon shape, which is closest to your handle is what you're gonna use first, so you're gonna go ahead and set your crimp bead down into that notch, and squeeze. Let me show you what happens when you squeeze. It made the actual crimp bead into that shape. Now, we're gonna go ahead, stand it up in the oval shape, and get the clasp out of the way so you can see a little bit better, and squeeze again, and that folds the crimp bead over onto itself, so it's really nice and secure. I'm gonna go ahead at this time and apply a crimp bead cover since I have really easy access to it. To apply a crimp bead cover, you're gonna grab the cover between the two noses of my chain nose plier with the opening out. Now, I'm just going to slip that over my crimped crimp bead. So you see it's sitting right in there now, and now I'm gonna go back and just squeeze. Now it just looks like a bead instead of a crimp bead. Go to the other end of my wire, now we're gonna string some seed beads. For this particular design, we want nine inches of seed beads. I'm just gonna start stringing some. You don't need a needle, the beading wire itself is thick enough that it's just going to go ahead and pick them up, and you're going to slide them down. You notice that I did not cut my tail off of my beading wire. I actually like to leave a little bit of tail verses cutting it really close there, just for added security. I'm gonna go ahead and slip my beads over that tail. There we are, so now I'm just gonna continue beading so I have about nine inches of seed beads. We've got our nine inches of seed beads, so we're ready to add some of our other pretty focal beads, and we're gonna start with these cube beads. I really like how they have a nice metallic sheen to them. We're gonna do 10 of 'em, so one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and 10. There's something very soothing about doing a strong project. Now I'm gonna add six of my wood beads. Alright, so we got six wood beads, and now I'm gonna add another cube bead, followed by a gemstone bead. These are gemstone beads, so they are all going to vary a little bit, so what I like to do is I like to kind of see which is the biggest one, and I'm gonna put that one at the center. I'm gonna lay these out here with the smaller ones on the outside, and they all will vary a little bit, because they're natural. I'm just gonna put a cube bead between every gemstone. My five gemstones, and now I'm gonna do one more cube bead before adding my remaining six wood beads. And another 10 cubes. And now we're ready for some more seed beads. What's really nice when you purchase a kit is you really do get just what you need to make the project. You will have a couple left over beads here and there, but we've gone ahead and we've broken it down so you don't have to buy an entire lot of bead covers, or an entire 100 crimp beads. You really get just what you need, which is a great value. I'm gonna add the other nine inches of seed beads. I do like these gold ones. Alright, that looks good. Now we're ready to add our crimp bead to this end. We're gonna go ahead and do that by just picking up that crimp bead like it was another bead, and the second part of our clasp in the closed jump ring. We're gonna go through the closed jump ring, loop back around, go through the crimp bead as well as several adjacent beads, and then you're gonna pull that tail to cinch up that loop. This is an important part of the design process. You wanna, one, make sure, 'cause you have this laying on a table, that all your beads are down to the other end, that you don't have a big gap of beading wire that the beads become kinda loose as you've been stringing. That can happen, so just pull your beads down. You also wanna make sure they're not too tight, because if they're too tight, this isn't gonna just move and flow as you're wearing, it's gonna be stiff. To do that, after you make sure that they're down at the end, just kind of work with them a little. Make sure that they've got a little bit of gap here and there, and that it can actually move and flow, so that's another key component. It sometimes helps to kind of even kink up your necklace a little bit. Now we're ready to crimp our crimp bead. Remember to do that we're gonna go ahead, a little tricky, we're just gonna put that crimp bead in that bottom notch. You see that loop got a little bigger than I would have liked, so I'm just gonna pull. I'm actually pulling the tail with my hand just to cinch up that loop. We're gonna crimp that crimp bead, and we've gone ahead and we've made it into that crescent shape, and now we're gonna go into that top notch, and squeeze to fold it over onto itself. Now we're going to add our crimp bead cover. Remember, have the opening out, and you want to slide it over your crimped crimp bead, and then squeeze. Now we're gonna trim our tail, and we are done. We just made a pretty, strong necklace. For the clasp, we're gonna open the lobster clasp, and slip it on to the jump ring to secure it. Again, these are the Boho Gemstone Necklaces, which are exclusive kits by Beadaholique.

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