How to Make the Beaded Hoop Earrings - An Exclusive Beadaholique Kit

SKU VID-1101
Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video you will see how to make the Beaded Hoop Earrings Exclusive Beadaholique Kits from start to finish. You will learn how to make wire wrapped dangles and how to add them to a hoop earring.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and the way we do our kits here is that you'll get all of the supplies needed to make your pair of earrings in this case so I have all six color variations laid out here for you we have three in the gold and three in the silver and we have a beautiful blue red and purple and these are using the Tweedy beads so they have a really nice sort of marbled effect and then down here I have this garnet and then a black and gold Tweedy and then a green so I just want to show you exactly what you'll get with your kit you'll get 24 head pins you'll get six of the drop beads you'll get 26 fire polished beads you'll get to beading hoops and you'll also get six jump rings so I have here I've set aside for one earring and then for another just to help you sort of visualize what you'll get now to complete this project you will need some tools and these are sold separately you'll need just a pair of flush cutters a pair of chain nose pliers and I have a pair of round nose pliers and I also have a pair of wire looping pliers now you can do this project just by using the these two pliers and the round nose pliers but I am going to show you an alternative technique if you want to use wire looping pliers for this so if you have everything ready let's go ahead and get started okay so to begin we're gonna start by making our dangles and I'm gonna take one of my teardrop beads and one of my head pins and just sliding it down there and just make sure that you slide down that big end first and then I'm gonna show you the first technique so go ahead and take your round nose pliers and you're gonna go a little bit less than about a quarter of an inch from where the top of that bead is on your wire and all you're gonna do is bend the wire to the side wrap that wire up and over that plier move your pliers and you're just going to wrap it around so you have this happening you have one loop and you have your wire wrapper or I'm sorry your round nose pliers sort of holding that together for you now you're just gonna wrap all the way around once and then twice and then one more time for a nice sort of triple wire wrap there and then what you're going to do is you're going to take your flush cutters and you're just gonna cut cut your wire right there yeah you want to get it nice and close and then you can just use your chain nose pliers to just sort of tuck that wire in there we go nice and snug so you'll repeat that process for the other dangles and you can do all of your wire wrapping in one but I do want to show you how to sort of use the other wire wrapping pliers that we have if that is your preference so again same technique I'll show you this time with the four millimeter bead and again you're just going to take your wire looping pliers now I have a piece of painters tape here and I just noticed that that helps with marring the wires but that is just a designer choice that's up to you so again you're just going to take your pliers and you're gonna place them just a little bit of about an eighth of an inch if you're using the wire looping pliers and now all you have to do is squeeze and it'll wrap that wire around for me I'm going to move my pliers bring it across same as before and just wrap three times two and three and now I'm just gonna remove my pliers same thing go ahead and get your flush cutters in there and get that nice and close oops you do want to make sure that you get that there we go again nice and close because you don't want to have too much of that wire sticking out and then again I'm just going to take my chain nose pliers and just sort of squeeze that together so here are the two versions and it's just completely your preference whichever you'd like to use you can do the wire looping pliers or use your round nose pliers but the next step is for you to complete all the wire wrapping so again you'll have five more of the teardrops and then for each earring you'll have twelve and twelve of the fire polished beads so you'll have four of the beads for each earring that you will not be wire wrapping so make sure to leave four separate for each earring because you'll see how they kind of fit in between there so go ahead and finish your wire wrapping again you'll have twelve and twelve of the fire polish and then three and three of your teardrops so go ahead and complete that and I'll be here to show you the next step so I've gone ahead and laid out everything in a really easy visual for you to see what you're going to need for the earrings so this is for one earring here I have three of the fire polish and then one of the teardrop beads and then one jump ring and I have that repeated three times so just to go to the next step I'm going to take one of those jump rings and hold it in my chain nose plier and you if you have another pair of chain nose pliers you can use that or you can go ahead and use your round nose pliers just going to twist to open that jump ring and now you're going to string on one of the little dangles one of the teardrops and two more dangles and then you're just going to take your pliers and just close that jump ring up so it's nice and flush so this is one of your little dangles and the dangles will move around and that's okay it's sort of part of the fun of these so that's one I'm going to repeat that for the other five and I'll be back to show you the next step okay so I'm just finishing up my last one here here we go and again you're just gonna wanna make sure all those jump rings are nice and tightly closed okay so now I have my six dangles and now I'm finally ready to make the earring so what you're gonna do is you're gonna take one of the fire polish beads and go ahead and slide that down so it just kind of dangles right there in the middle and then you're gonna take one of those jump rings and slide that down another fire polished bead another one of the dangles and make sure you're hooking that jump ring and not any one of the wire wraps another fire polish again and that last dangle there and one more fire polish so you have four on the hoop there and then all of your dangles hanging down below the last step is just to take your chain nose pliers and you're going to put it about a quarter of an inch down or so and all you're gonna do is bend that back just like so so you have a nice little hoop now this is the part that goes through the front of your ear and you loop it through your earlobe and then you just hook it on the back and push it through and this will be the front of the earring okay now I'm just going to show you real quick one more time slide on one of those czech fire polish one of my little dangles again making sure to get that jump ring one more fire polish another dangle another fire polish and one more dangle and one more fire polish and very easily you just take your chain nose pliers and go ahead and bend that tip up and close your and you're all done so there you have the beaded hoop earrings and these again are exclusive and you can find tons of free tutorial videos there as well you

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