How to Make 5 Pairs of Bridesmaids' Earrings for Under $20

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Designer: Julie Bean
Planning a wedding can be very expensive but the jewelry for the bride and bridesmaids does not need to be. In this video, using Austrian crystal faux pearls and silver filled findings, Julie from Beadaholique makes 5 pairs of elegant earrings for under $20 in less then 10 minutes. Check out for other wedding jewelry ideas and inspiration.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and ER pearl that would perhaps match some lavender bridesmaids dresses and I'm going to make multiples of this earring so the goal is to make 5 pairs of earrings hopefully in about 5 minutes for under $20 so they'll each end up at $4 a pair of earrings actually less than that so I've used Swarovski faux pearls a 10 millimeter size silver filled earring hooks and two inch 22 gauge head pins and these are silver filled as well and then some sterling silver bead caps so some really nice quality ingredients to go for your special day and to go for the bridesmaid jewelry the tools I'm going to use are a pair of wire looping pliers these are great because they've got one round nose and one concave nose are going to speed up my time quite a bit and really help my loops look precise a pair of chain nose pliers and a pair of flush cutters so not a lot of ingredients here in terms of the actual supplies or the tools and like I said you can do all of these earrings for under $20 when you purchase the supplies at beadaholique to time myself because I thought it'd be fun to see just how quickly I can do these so I've got my cellphone here it's 1110 my son Finnegan right there and I'm going to start to make these other nine earrings so I'll end up with five pairs so you're going to take a head pin you're going to put a bead cap on it followed by one of your pearls and another bead cap let that slide down to the base we're going to take our wire looping pliers and we're just going to position them right above that bead cap and we are going to squeeze and because the wire looping pliers do some of the work for us half of our loop is already made in there you can see there we're just going to bend that wire down rotate your pliers to the top and pull your loop to close it pull that wire around and now I'm going to do a wrapped wire loop so while I'm still grasping the top of the loop and just wrapping that wire around just to make it extra secure now I'm just going to trim the tail and then take my chain nose to really press that tail in so as a nice smooth surface so we've created a very pretty little drop now with your earring hook there's a loop at the base and you're going to open that just the same way you would open a jump ring and slip the loop from top of your earring dangle onto it and close and so just like that we made an earring so I have one complete set now I'm going to do this a little bit more assembly-line for the remaining four pairs so I'm just going to take that bead cap put it on followed by the pearl another bead cap whoops actually I got two bead caps on there okay my wire looping pliers and around rotate up twist and trim close now instead of putting that earring hook on I'm going to do that for all of them at the end I'm just going to make a bunch of these little dangles and I'm going to do it pretty quick feel free to fast-forward through this if you don't want to watch how to do all these multiples it's just the exact same technique but I thought it'd be fun to show in a video really how quickly and easily you can make these you okay all my pearls are set now I'm just going to add the earring hooks and they are going to be done so I'm just going to open up theirs earring hooks slide on the dangle close them back up just going to repeat for all of them all right we're done I'm going to check the time and then I'll arrange them all nice so it is now 1116 and we started at 11:10 so six minutes to mate well we can add a minute for that one that was done ahead of time so seven minutes to make five really pretty pairs of Swarovski and silver filled earrings for your wedding day and under $20 and what's really nice about the Swarovski pearls is they come in a lot of colors so you can match them to your rides maids dresses or your flowers or whatever you might want to match them to you can find all the supplies for this project as well as other ideas for your special day at you

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