How To Make Earrings Using Soft Flex Beading Wire

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, learn how to make a pair of earrings using Soft Flex Company's beading wire, Swarovski Crystal bicones and bicone pendants, and seed beads. Very easy to make, light weight, and sturdy, you will love taking this technique and creating your own designs with it.
Audio Transcript
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Hi. This is Julie for Today I want to show you how to make a really quick easy and very pretty earring using Soft Flex companies beading wire and some Swarovski crystals. What you're going to need to use is just a simple earring hook. You're going to need seed beads. I have some eight millimeter bicone pendants from Swarovski. I have some four millimeter bicone beads. I have a crimp tube. I have some soft flex beading wire, a bead stopper, crimping pliers, chain nose pliers, and a pair of flush cutters. So to begin what you're going i want to do is go ahead and cut yourself a length approximately twelve inches long of your beading wire. Onto one end place the bead stopper. You just go ahead and you just squeeze the two ends together and make sure you leave yourself a little bit of a tail. We're going to string onto our beading a bicone bead, a seed bead, a bicone, a seed bead, another bicone, another seed bead, another bicone, another seed bicone another bicone, another seed bead and finally one more bicone. For this particular pair of earrings I wanted to have six bicones and have little seed beads between each. Now I'm going to take a one of my eight millimeter bicone pendents. So the difference between having a bicone pendant and a bicone bead is a bicone bead is gonna have the whole going from top to bottom and a bicone pendant is going to have a side hole. So go ahead string that onto your beading wire. Now we're going to duplicate the first half that we did on the other side. So a bicone, a seed bead, a bicone, a seed bead a bicone, seed bead, bicone, seed bead. count how many we have. We've got four, so we need two more. Bicone, seed bead, and a bicone. Once both of the sides match what you're going to want to do is string on another eight millimeter bicone pendant and you're going to want to remove your bead stopper. Take the tail from the other end without the pendant and pass it through the pendant going in the opposite direction of the other tail. So basically you're making a loop. You're going to pull it down. Then you're going to take each tail and go through the bicone bead next to the bicone pendant. Pull tight. This guy's going to look like he's bouncing on top, like he's moving upwards but he's gonna go ahead flatten down in just a minute. You can kind of help him a little too. So that is half of your earring. I'm going to make the other half. What you're going to do is you're going to string both tails. You're no longer putting your bead stopper back on. You're going to want to go one seed bead, one bicone, one seed bead, a bicone, seed bead, bicone, and one more seed bead. Now you can if you want you can put your bead stopper back on there so your beads don't fall off. We're going to duplicate that pattern on the other side. Just double check to see if you did that right. See if they match up. Now onto this end we're going to put one crimp tube. We're going to remove our bead stopper on the other end. See what we've got so far. Just like how we crossed over with the bicone pendant, we're going to do the same with the crimp bead. Go ahead slide that end through. You've got it looking like this. Go ahead if you can pass your beading wire through the seed bead and the bicone on each side. Just going to give your beading wire just a little bit more reinforcement. Don't worry if you have a gap like this, It's going to just tighten up in just a minute. It makes it a lot easier to get the beading wire through the adjacent beads. Pull tight. Make sure everything's tight. Now hold your beading wire with your thumb and index finger. So one tail of this and then using your other fingers grab the other tail so that's tight. Take your crimping pliers. I have a little pocket crimper right here. Crimp the first part part one of your crimping make crimp like that. Go ahead finish your crimping. Now what you're going to see is this is not going anywhere. Those are secure. I'm pulling actually pretty tight and that's not coming out at all. Go ahead, take your flush cutters off your excess wire. There you have the main body of your earring. To attach your earring hook, just open the loop at the bottom the same way you would open a jump ring. Place into that loop the area with the crimp tube. Close the loop back up. There you have a very simple but very elegant pair of earrings using Soft Flex beading wire. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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