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Hi! This is Megan with and I'm going to show you how to make these bead woven and bugle and seed bead earrings and they have brick stitch at the top and some pretty dangly fringe hanging down. This is a really classic native american design but if you change up the colors and the patterns you can make them look really pretty contemporary so you can see here there's these two different color palettes have a very different finished look to them so if you play around with them you can make them look kind of whatever style you want to what you're gonna need for this is I'm using bugle beads and two different colors of seed beads, so these are all tohos and this is a size 11/0 these are the largest size, the longest size bugles that we have here at you need some nylon beading thread. Now usually for bead weaving I suggest using a braided thread but whenever you're going to have dangle beads it's better to use an nylon thread like KO or Nymo because it's going to be more fluid and they're gonna hang straight then you're going to need a four milliliter jump ring and an earring hook and then I'm also using a size twelve beading needle and you're going to need two pliers and scissors so the first thing to do is take as long as a length of beading thread as you're comfortable working with if you can get it long enough you probably don't need to tie off and add any thread if you're only comfortable working with a shorter amount at a time then you may need to do that and we do have a video showing you how to tie off and add new thread if you're not familiar with it start with this foundation row of bugle beads you can see here on both earrings here and this is just going to be ladder stitch and we do also have a ladder stitch on how to do that. I'll show you how to it but you are confused about it then you can check out the video first go ahead and put two bugle beads on your needle and pull it down to a few inches from the end of your thread. Leave yourself about a six inch tail and then you're going to go back through your first bugle bead the same direction that you went through before pull that so they go parallel to each other, be careful when you're working with these bugle beads that you don't pull super tight because the edges on them can actually cut through your thread pull it snug but I don't really yank on it too hard and you're going to come back through the next bugle bead, you should have the tail of your thread next to where your new thread is coming out the next bead over going to pick up another bugle bead separate so you can see better take your thread with your bugle bead bring your needle back up the same direction through the last bugle bead on your foundation row and then down through the new one you just added and pick up another bead down through the last bead the same way as you did before and then up through the new bead pick up a bead go up through the last one and down through the new bead your earrings are going to be as wide as this foundation row so you can make it narrower or wider that's going to be the width of your earring so earrings that I'm making have nine bugle beads in the foundation row if you want to have an angled symmetrical design like I have here you wanna make sure you use a odd number so that your point has a center point one more this is going to be your foundation row nine beads across, now you're going to do the top of the earring and I'm using these crystal clear seed beads and these pretty galvanized silver color beads and I'm using the crystal always right next to the black you can see I have everywhere right here I have crystal next to blacks the first row I'm gonna do up hereI'm going to use the crystal to make that space between there so the top part of this is going to be brick stitch. If you're not familiar with brick stitch you can watch a video on how to do that I will also give you a quick refresher here pick up two beads and then you're going to skip the first thread bridge you're going to bring your needle through underneath the second thread bridge bring your needle back up through the last seed bead for the first stitches here you going to need to level it out and make it nice and straight, you can go back through the end bead and then back up that next bead there and you can see when you pull that tight it straighten it out makes them sit flat continue to stitch across. You need to pick up one bead go underneath the thread bridge bring your needle down back up through the beads pull that down pick up a bead go in the the next thread bridge go back up through the bead and continue across in that same way you're going to go all the way across and put a bead on top of each one of thread bridges there and brick stitch naturally decreases by one bead every row so we're just going to go ahead and go with that, we're not going to do anything to change and we're gonna get this natural point so the rest of the tip I'm going to do it in silver and again when you do your first stitch in the row, you need to pick up two beads skip the first thread bridge come up through that bead On this first stitch go down through the bead next to it and again back up through the bead and from there you'll just do one bead continue that all the way up until you finish your last row which has two beads in it so once you have the last row done two beads you grab one more bead go back down through that next seed bead back up and we want this one to sit side ways instead of up and down we're going to use that to attach the jump ring go ahead and reinforce it just go through those three beads one more time pull that nice and tight go through the top bead then go down the whole side through this edge around here go ahead and go down through that end bugle beads we're ready to do our fringe the way we're going to do this we're gonna go ahead and just string each piece of fringe you go back skip the last bead go back up through the bugle and back down to get this nice chevron pattern here what I've done is every first section of silver beads I increased one as I went down, so it starts with one on the end and the middle one has five go ahead and grab a crystal bead and then for this row just one silver bead and a crystal and then we're going to put in a bugle bead and I'm getting all this shape from just changing the top section here these sections are all five beads in the middle one crystal bead and five silver beads and then another crystal bead and then another bugle bead one more set at the bottom one crystal bead five silver beads and another crystal bead so that's going to be that little piece of fringe here skip the last crystal bead and go back up through all the rest of these beads make sure you don't miss one make sure your needle is really going through each beads you're going to go ahead and go through all the beads in that extra piece of fringe we just added there you're going to hold the bottom of these beads and go ahead and pull that so that there's no slack so you don't see any thread here that you don't want to pull it too tight because it's going to be stiff and not going to move nicely take your needle go back up through that bugle bead and then right back down through the next one so this time as we move across pick up one crystal bead and two silver beads and another crystal bead a bugle bead then one crystal five silver a crystal bead and other crystal bead another set at the bottom so one crystal five silver crystal bead skip the last bead go back up through the rest making sure you get your needle through every bead you're not usually going to come all the way back up through all of them at one go so go ahead and go through as far as you can and then go back in you wanna make sure that you don't get the thread all tangled up in there and on the other side pieces of fringe pull on the end or hold on to the end and pull the top until the slack is gone back up through that bugle bead right back down the next one continue all the way across add one more silver bead in this top row here into the center one you'll have five silver beads starting after in the sixth one here you're going to decrease each one each time so that it comes to a nice gradual point go ahead and do the same thing all the way across every time you'll string your beads, skip the last one, go back up just like that so once you've added in all of your tassels you're gonna come straight back up out through that top bugle bead tie off and weave in both of your thread. Once you have all your ends all tied in attach your earring hook so go ahead and use a jump ring. Open up the hook. So if it's open a little bit go ahead and close it up open your jump ring and you will usually have a front and a back. You see which side had all of your threads looping around at the top when you are doing your fringe use the front side that doesn't have all that on it whichever side looks neater you're going to put the jump ring right through that top bead then you're going to take your earring hook close up your jump ring and you're all done. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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