How to Make a Vintage-Inspired Ring using Crystal Clay, Bead Caps, and Chatons

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this tutorial see how to make a mixed media ring using Crystal Clay, bead caps, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal chatons. The base is a glue-on adjustable ring finding and the result is a vintage looking cluster ring. This project can be found on the Beadaholique website and is titled the 'Doris Day' ring.
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm going to show you how to make this ring. It uses crystal clay, Swarovski chatons, ring finding and some bead caps and to me looks very vintage. I called it the Doris Day ring I'll show you how to make it in silver so what you're going to need are some bead caps. I've chosen these spikey palm ones you can actually choose whichever ones you like but these ones will give you a really nice kind of fun vintage look I have some chatons in pink and then I have some white crystal clay crystal clay is a two part epoxy. Crystal clay itself is self hardening. You don't need to bead it or fire it it's going to cure overnight. It's very sticky. You insert items into the clay and they're going to be grabbed and hold and stay without needing adhesive so what you do is I've made a lot of projects out of the pack. It was a pack of twenty five grams to begin with I'm slowly working my way down so I have part B and part A. A is the color. B is the hardener I'm going to take equal amounts of both. I want to end up with a large pea or a small gum ball size amount take my part A and I'm going to round it, roll it into an approximate ball take part B pinch off what I think is about the same amount roll it into a ball as well the actual curing process doesn't start until the two clays are mixed together so you have plenty of time looks like I have a little bit more hardener than I do of my color you want equal amounts so that looks good to me put away my extra clay take my two balls and squish them together now you might want to use gloves when you do this because it is something you don't want to have really get on your hands too much I'm not doing an huge amount of this and I'm going to wash my hands after I'm done so I'm going is my fingers for the video purposes it's a lot easier to see what I'm doing when I don't have gloves on but you do you wanna take precautions, use gloves, wash your hands so I'm just kneading the clay and you can see we have some modeling happening, the goal is to get rid of all the striations so it is one solid color it's going to take a couple minutes and happy about that. It's all mixed together For this particular project I'm going to pinch off about a third of it and I'm going to put that aside right now roll my my remaining third into a ball you have about two hours of work time with crystal clay what I do you find is that it does start to dry out, it'll start to cure as you get further along in the drying process so I'd like to try to all my work within the first twenty minutes or so twenty minutes to half an hour, so you don't have to rush but don't put this down and come back to it later so I've put the ball on top of the glue on pad on the ring finding I'm going to squish it down I want to create a nice dome Once that's secure on there, I'm going to pick up a bead cap and I'm going to insert it into the clay starting on the bottom outside edge, the narrow tapered part being inserted into the clay, so the actual the palm fronds stick out just like so you wanna make sure that there's enough being inserted into that clay ball to really grab it and I'm just gonna go along the edge pushing one in after another give them all a good push actually that's quite pretty the way it is but I do want to add some more. I'm going to start putting them on the top with this particular size ring I found I can get four on the top I couldn't get one in the center there if your bead caps are a bit different size you might be able to get more on the top but I could fit comfortably four remember to squish them in there, you want to have a bit of that surface of the taper part of the bead cap inserted into the clay we have our base, our foundation. It looks a lot like a star burst go back to that other ball of clay that I pinched off and I'm going to pinch off just a little about the size of a sewing needle like those yellow sewing needle heads about that size. I'm going to make little balls and make enough fit into each of my bead caps think I used twelve bead caps on my other ring, so I'm going to make twelve little balls I will have to double check that It still doesn't have to be perfect. They don't have to be totally even. They don't have to be the same size what we're going to do is put these in the center in the bead cap and then we're going to put the chatons into the clay to hold it there. Make sure that you're using enough clay. This going to be a good bed for that chaton I think I got plenty there just go ahead, take a ball of clay put it into the center and it will grab and then take a chaton I'm going going to pick them up because the ones I'm using are size 32pp so they are pretty big press it into the clay just like that and go around and do that with every bead cap If you want to have a tool I have a head pin here something to help you push it in place. You can do that as an final step inspect your ring go ahead make sure that the clay hasn't become loop sided as you've been setting these and I would recommend going back just pressing on the stones a little bit more to make sure that there're fully in there even if you wanted to, if you're using these bead caps do squish very easily with your hands you want to try and put another one in that center I won't be able to put a crystal on it you could probably fit one in there let's try for a crystal see if we can make this work so have fun with it. Experiment let the project lead you and that is how you make a very vintage style looking ring using crystal clay Swarovski chatons and bead caps. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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