How to Make a Shambhala Bracelet, Part II: Macrame Knot Finishing

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this follow-up video to How to Make a Shambhala Bracelet, Part I: Macrame Square Knots, learn how to finish off macrame knotting in a clean and secure way. Next: How to Make a Shambhala Bracelet, Part III: Sliding Knot Clasp
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Hi. This Megan with Today I'm going to show you how to finish off macrame knotting. What you'll need to finish off your macrame knotting are either scissors or in this case I'm going to use flush cutters because my waxed cord has a little plastic cord. It's a little hard to cut through. They'll also let you get aright up next to the knot. You can also use scissors if you prefer or if using a softer cord and then you'll need a little bit of glue, I like to use E6000 and that is going to keep your knot from coming undone. So what you'll do when you're done knotting your cord as far as you want. You're gonna flip the piece over to the back side and then you're going to tie a square knot. Just a regular knot with just the two outside strands of cord and not onto the inside cord. You want to tie your knot in the way that lays flat. So as far as which side of the strand goes under and which side goes over. Just try both to see which ones is going to lay nice and flat. So go ahead and tie the knot tight to make sure it's gonna lay flat and then what you're going to do is put a little bit of E6000 onto a post-it note or scratch paper or something you could throw away later. Then you can use any kind of toothpick for an applicator and I'm going to use a little piece of wire that's just a scrap. You're going to go ahead and loosen the knot just slightly and try to get a gap in the cords between the two pieces of the knot and you take just a dab of E6000 on your applicator and try to work it right into the cords of the knot. Then you tighten up your knot. You should be able to see the glue in the middle of the knot. You can go ahead and spread it out a little bit just make sure that it's really on the cords that are knotted. You're going to want to let this dry for at least an hour before you move on and then ultimately give it a good final drying period of about twenty four hours before you wear it. So once your E6000 is dry, at least partially dry, so go ahead and let it dry for about an hour before you move on you're going to want to trim the ends of the knot off and like I said flush cutters are really good because you can get right up the edge of the knot without cutting the rest of the knot work or you could use scissors if like. What you're going to do is try to cut the end as close as possible to the knot work being very careful not to cut the rest of the knot work. If you're using a cord that will unravel or fray you might want to go ahead and use the applicator to dab a little bit of the E6000 on the ends as well so that they don't come undone. Otherwise you're ready to let this dry at least twenty four hours and go ahead and wear it. You can see that from the front side it looks nice and clean and finished. From the back side it's just a little discrete knot. That's how you finish off you're macrame knotting both for that body of the work and for if you do a macrame sliding knot clasp which you can see how to do that in another video as well. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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