How to Make a Ring Using Lilly Pilly Aluminum Blanks

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Designer: Julie Bean
Make a fun and easy ring using using Lillypilly Aluminum blanks and a glue-on ring finding. With so many different designs available for Lillypilly, you can make tons of these fun rings for yourself or as a gift.
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Hi, this is Julie from and today I want to show you how to make this fun ring using LillyPilly aluminum and a glue on ring finding. So this is going to be really easy to do. What you're going to need for supplies are some some colored sharpie markers because we're gonna color the LillyPilly aluminum blanks. You're going to need some E6000 to glue your pieces together some polishing pads. You can see I've used these quite a bit. A dapping set and a rubber mallet. I'm going to take my ring off while I work. I work best without jewelry on. My first step is going to be to color my aluminum blank here. I think I want these two to match up. You'll see I've got a top and a bottom piece. So I'm going to take this color here and I'm going to color this blank and all you have to do if you just go ahead color your marker onto the LillyPilly. Go over the entire surface and I were going to wipe it off with the pad. Take your pad and wipe off the top. You can see the excess came off and what is left is permanent. After you've done with that you're going to want to dap it because this is going to be my top part. You can see we've got a nice round dome shape. I'm going to put my blank face down now. The one that's gonna fit best into is actually this one here but I want to give it a little bit extra work. I want to make it a little bit easier so I'm going to start one size up placing my dowel on top of it You can see that helped to give it just a little bit of a rounded shape and now it fits a little bit better into the whole it belongs in. I'm going to do a swirling motion here as I'm hammering. You won't be able to hear me but you'll see what I'm doing Take your piece out as you go. Look at it. Put it back in if it needs any more dapping. And you're all done Take it out. Wipe it off. I'd prefer to use it in the wood dapping set rather than the metal just because I don't want the design to get scratched at all and the wood is a little bit more gentle. So to put the ring together I'm going to glue this one directly on top of the bottom one. You do that just by putting a glob, a real technical term here, of E6000 in the base. Make sure that some of it went to the side. Do a little bit more. There we go. Center it. Lay it directly down. If any squishes out at this point take your fingernail and smooth it out. Now we've got a nice top and bottom. To glue the ring onto the ring finding I'm just going to a little bit of glue onto the flat glue-on tab. Center it on the back side of the flat LillyPilly and there we go. Now I'm gonna let it dry overnight. and then it'll be ready to wear. You'll end up with a ring that looks just like this but in different color. That is all there is to it to making a fun and easy ring using LillyPilly aluminum blanks and a ring finding. The project featured in this video is the Decadent Swirls Ring and the written instructions and ingredients list is available at in the free projects section. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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