How to Make a Quick and Easy Stacked European Style, Large Hole Bead Necklace

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, see how to make a pretty necklace using Pandora style beads and a charm or pendant. The ingredients you use will change the look of your piece dramatically, so it's very customizable.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to make a quick and easy stacked pandora style bead pendant necklace. So I have one here that I made with all swarovski elements components. I have these really pretty BeCharmed Pandora style beads and this really pretty new victory pendant here and the basic idea for this type of necklace is that the pandora style beads are stacked together on both lengths of chain and the necklace they hang like that at the bottom it's super quick and easy to make it's a really interesting look I'm going to make another one and I'm going to make this one using a fun blown glass Pandora style bead and then just some enamel beads and I'm going to use this little fancy elephant charm very simple first thing to do is you need a jump ring that's big enough to not fit through the hole on your large hole bead so you can play around with the size yow want. The general formula is it can't fit through the hole the beads do vary a little bit in hole size make sure that you measure or look at the description of the item and make sure that your jump ring that you hang your pendant or charm from is bigger so the next thing is to go ahead and open the jump ring and hang your pendant or your charm then take both ends of the chain together and go ahead and put them through your Pandora style beads I like using three with two on the outside that are the same but you can definitely play around. You could make this on a longer chain. I used a eighteen inch chain but you could make this on a long chain and stack more beads You can do all kinds of things, experiment then all I need to do is attach a clasp so I'm just going to use the jump ring to attach a clasp to one side and attach another jump ring to the other side for the clasp to attach to That is all there is to it As you can see it's a really super quick and easy way to make a really interesting piece of jewelry. You can see the reason that jump ring needs to be bigger than the hole in the bead is to stop it You wanna make sure that's not gonna fall right off but it's really great especially for the holidays for homemade gifts because it's really simple but it's really customizable. So you can see just with these two examples how different the look is. You can make ones that suit the tastes of everyone on your list

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