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Hi! This is Megan with and I want to show you how to make a half hitch knot and a half hitch knot is a very basic knot and it's used for quite a few different applications in jewelry making commonly used if you're doing a friendship bracelet knotting it's all half hitch knots to do a basic one like that but you can also see it in a lot of other applications, it's done in this necklace here to attach a ribbon around the beads so it's a good staple to have and in a half hitch knot you have your base cord and then you have a cord you're going to tie around it start with these knotted together. You don't have to, I'm just going to do it for the interest of holding it in place so I'm going to have my pink cord be my base cord and the black cord be the cord I'm knotting around it so to do the half hitch knot you're going to take you're knotting cord go over the cord and make like a number four then you're going to go through the loop you created and pull that's your basic half hitch knot and if you did this over and over and over again it's going to loop around the cord now there is one thing to consider and that is you can see here you have this knot going over and the loops off to that side, this knot going under the loops off to that side, this one going over the loop off to that side so it does make a difference in your knot whether you go with your knotting cord over the core and through or if you go under the core and through so those are both half hitch knots but usually in your project it will make a difference You usually want to keep them all going to one direction to keep it a nice consistent look to your finished piece that's how you do a half hitch knot.

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