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Hi! I'm Megan with and today I'm going to show you How to Make a Dagger Bead Daisy cocktail ring It's going to be just like this one but I'm using different colors I'm using these little bitty dagger beads. It's best to use an opaque color because the glue pad of the ring blank is larger than the very center of the flowers so it does show through just a little bit but not nearly as much as much as it would if you have a transparent dagger bead unless that's a look you're going for just be aware the opaque it's going to hide the glue pad better, so I have these I believe that there a three by ten something in that range three by eight or eleven glass dagger beads you can look in the video description for the length of the exact size then I have these little four millimeter czech glass beads in a color for the center I have a glue on ring and E6000, a beading needle and some Wildfire beading thread. Two feet of thread. It's going to be more than you need so first we're going to make the daisy and it is actually strung together so the first thing is to string ten of the dagger beads and you could try making these in different sizes you want to adjust the center bead size accordingly if you put more beads in your flower you'll get a bigger flower but the center also needs to be a larger bead and do use an even number go ahead and bring your beads down to within a few inches of the end we're gonna tie a knot nice and tight again pull it really tight so that you get a nice round flower shape take your needle and then go through the next one or two beads in the loop you're going to pick it up your center bead you're going to go across straight down the middle so you'll have five dagger beads to either side and then go in it came out towards a clockwise direction or counterclockwise direction, you're going to now go in and go clockwise so back across the other way and bring your needle through those five beads til you get to the place where your bead is anchored again and pull nice and snug make sure it sits straight, you can go back up through you're going to change direction again and go back down the other side into those five beads go ahead and tie that off, just come back up catch the thread tie a knot and then weave it in go through a few beads and the glue is really gonna help hold this in place the thread is to keep it put while your working mostly you want to just weave in your tail end through a few of the beads head in the other direction trim off the ends of the thread using a thread zapper the thread zapper is really good for getting right into there really close and not having extra thread you do wanna make sure you don't burn the rest of your threads so if you flip that over, you can see now we have our daisy we're just gonna glue it down onto the ring glue pads so take E6000 and put a descent amount over the whole ring pad like I said before the center of the daisy isn't as big as this but what's going to do having one that is a little bit bigger is going to also angered not just the very center but also the ends of the petals it's gonna make it a little stronger a little bit more sturdy since it's a ring it's gonna get banged around a lot you want it to be sturdy so don't put a huge glob on here but put a thin amount on the whole base and then gently position it. Don't plop it down put that right down onto the ring base and then get it centered and adjust your petals so that they're nice and even make sure it's pressed down here that's all there is to it. Once that's dry you want to go ahead and let it dry really thoroughly because otherwise it's going to move around and loose the shape of your daisy so let it dry prop it up between couple of books or something that are back-to-back so that it doesn't get flat on the side you lay it down then you're good to go. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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