How to Make a Beaded Hemp Bracelet with Macrame Square Knots

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video you will learn how to make a macrame hemp bracelet using the 2/0 Matubo seed beads. You will see a demonstration of macrame square knots and some helpful sizing tips when creating this design.
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make a beaded hemp bracelet with macrame square knots now today i'm going to be using the 2o matubo beads and this is what our finished product is going to look like here you can see i've done it in this beautiful sunny yellow and today i brought out a really neat thing this is the hemp cord that we have and you can see this is the cord that i used to create my yellow one here but i'm going to go ahead and use this natural color here to create with my blue beads so this is a great little thing so you can choose your different colors especially because we have so many colorful colors of the matubo 20 beads now today i'm going to be using my mini macrame board and the other tools that you'll need is just a pair of scissors and a ruler so the first thing i'm going to do is i'm actually going to set my board to the side because we are going to get everything ready to go and i'm actually going to move my sample just a little bit out of the frame there okay so let's come and let's find the end of our piece here of our hemp cord and make sure i'm finding the right one there we go all right so we are going to be doing a very simple bracelet that's about six inches but i'm going to give you enough length that you can do probably a good seven inches with this so again you'll just sort of judge the length that you need here but go ahead and use my measurements as a guide so we need one piece that is three feet long so we have one two and three and you can see i'm being very generous with my measurements there because why not all right so i have that piece set aside and now for another piece we're gonna do about five feet so let's get some more off of there there we go and one two three four there was four all right and five all right beautiful i'm just cutting this off camera here but same thing just snip that off all right now we can set our ruler aside so go ahead and take the two ends of your five foot cord bring those down and we're going to find the loop end on this side so go ahead and leave that where it is and we're going to do the same with our three foot cord here go ahead and find that loop there and bring it down here perfect so now i can pick up both of these loops and i'm just going to make a overhand knot by just bringing it around and bringing those two loops through the loop that's there now when you're pulling this through make sure your loops are nice and even take your time kind of you can wiggle your finger in there and i like to just use the tip of my finger there because what we're going to do is we're going to add a little knot on the other side so this is what you want to achieve here because we are going to have our little knot loop on the other side so you can see where we're going there okay so now that we have this all set up and ready to go make sure that's nice and tight it's the way we want we can get everything else out of our way here okay and let's go ahead and bring in our macrame board now if you haven't worked with the macrame board before it's actually really fun it's this nice little sort of thin um actually it's not styrofoam it's it's kind of like a foam board though uh so what you can do is you can either if your loop was bigger you could loop it over one of these but i'm just going to set mine into one of the notches here so just kind of pulling it down and just set it in there so it doesn't go anywhere so now you can see it's not going to go anywhere let me just show you the back there so we have just my little piece sticking out of the back okay but we're not going to be doing too much tugging on this so this is going to be perfect now what i want to do is i want to separate my cords so that the two smaller cords are in the center and the two longer cords are out to the side okay so i have my two shorter cords in the center here two longer cords out to the side okay so now we are all set up and ready to go let's go ahead and do our macrame square knot so this is how you do a one single macrame square knot so we're going to take this side and bring it over bring this over the top and we're going to bring it down around the back and pull it through this loop on the other side here so if you can just sort of see we've gone over and then around and through and now we're just going to pull this up here right to the tippy top we want to get it as close to the knot as possible and then we're going to go the other way so we're going to create a loop that's this way and then we're going to take the one that's in our left hand bring it down behind those two center cords and bring it out to the other side so that is one complete square knot they're each called a half hitch knot so if you wanted to do them and if you wanted to do it all the same way you would end up with a little spiral but we are just going to do our square knots for this one now go ahead and bring both of those cords together at the bottom and now what we're going to do is we're going to pick up one of our matubo beads and we're going to slide it onto both of our cords there all right and then we're just going to slide it all the way up to the very tippy top and you guessed it now we're ready to do another square knot so what's going to happen is those cords are just going to come on the outside of that bead so we're going to go the same way so always working to the left first so i work with the cord on my right hand to bring it to the left that's how i kind of set that up for myself and now i'm working with the left cord and bringing it to the right and that's our one square knot there now we're just going to repeat that entire process and just keep adding on your little beads here now i will say this while these beads are nice and big and they have a nice big hole what can happen is your ends could start to fray a little bit which is why i i recommend kind of always having a little extra length because that way you have the ability to trim it in case they do get a little too frayed you can still continue with your work so i know sometimes people are like oh no it's wasteful it's like well but if you get caught you know i would rather have the safety net of i can still continue as opposed to my last hours worth of work is no good so it's up to you i will let you make that call but that is just my personal little kind of decision there that i like to do all right so i'm going to continue to do this for the length of my bracelet and i will be back here to show you how we are going to finish and tie it off okay so i am just doing the last square knot here and just pulling that nice and tight and you can see and one of the great things about this is you can see how long it is here but feel free to take it off of the board at any point and just kind of pinch this side over here and wrap it around your wrist see if you're getting to the right size that you want you know and mine's actually just about perfect there so this is going to give you about a six and a half to seven inch bracelet but again if you're not happy just go ahead and set that back in there and your cords are kind of pre-separated for you which is nice and just keep adding beads so this is a really easy one to size i you know i kind of love that about it but you can also see how much cord extra i have kind of laid out here for you and this is to ensure that if you want to add a few more beads or you want to you know make it extra long you can do that so use that as a guide all right so i'm going to set my board aside and the last piece here is i'm just going to gather all four of those cords together and we're just going to do one big overhand knot and go ahead and pull that through and go ahead and kind of you can see that i'm just scooching my knot down close as i can i do want to leave a little bit of a gap because that is where our loop is going to sit so just go ahead and pull that and what i'm going to do is i'm going to do another overhand knot just kind of bringing that around through and what this is going to do is just kind of give us a little little something extra here now you do have the option to let's say you have a big gemstone bead or a wood bead you can add a wood bead there on the end and that will be what will fit through your hoop but if you do that you're going to need to know beforehand because you're going to need to adjust your hoop so now what we can do is we can just make sure that that's all gonna sit nicely through and obviously we're pulling all of our big long tails through but that is in essence what you have there so the final step is we come in with our scissors and i like to leave about an inch this stuff does tend to fray so by leaving a little inch you're giving it that natural fray on the end that you can wear on your hemp bracelet but this is a really fun little design you can choose your favorite color of your hemp and your favorite seed beads i think it's just so wonderful to use with those beautiful 2o matubo seed beads i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to and if you're new to our youtube channel here be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from you

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