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you Hi, this is Kat with now here's an example of an embellishment over a paracord bracelet that looks like this now this is the regular Cobra and on top of it we've just done an extra layer and I'm going to show you that today I just want to show you a couple examples and show you also how thick it it really makes the paracord so that when you're doing this technique remember that you're going to want to measure the inner diameter that you want because it is so thick so you're going to want to go up a little bit in your sizing for this project you'll have your paracord Cobra bracelet ready to go you'll also need a lighter you'll need paracord and a pair of scissors so you can go ahead and set your lighter and scissors the side and what you're going to do is you're going to take your paracord and you're going to find the center fold you'll have to keep in mind which way your bracelet is going so which curvature so this is the back side here so you're going to place your paracord right in the notch there and all you're going to do is do the same technique as the Cobra paracord and we have a video showing you how to complete this portion it's the same knotting technique I'm going to show that to you now so you're just going to do your square knot and the first one here is a little finicky just because you have to get it settled up in that notch there so you're going to go over and behind and pull through and then you're just going to tighten and wiggle it up towards the top there and you're going to do the other half of your square knot here fold that over and behind pull through and again swear this is the only part where it's really tricky and you're just going to tighten it up there so you see how it's the same stitch the square knot there and on the back you'll have just a little let's see if I can get it scooch it up there and tighten it there we go you'll have just a little crossover so this is why you want this side to be the back side so this side looks nice and clean for you so I'm just going to continue over and behind pull through and tighten that up nice and tight and the other side and you're just going to continue to do this the entire length of your bracelet just continue to do your square knots and it gives it a really neat look you make sure your knotting stays nice and even and just continue and as you get close to the bottom here you'll have to start judging how many more nuts you want to do to cover it probably do at least one more let's see I'll do one more again the beginning and the end or the most finicky parts but there we go I think that's a nice nice length so that is how you do the embellishment and I'll just show you really quick how to finish off your cords you're going to go ahead and cut really close to the bracelet okay on the back side and set your extra cord aside and on the front side as well some of those paracord is hard to cut through there you go okay so now being very very careful I'm going to take your lighter and we're going to burn the ends of this just to seal it so go ahead and take your lighter and you'll notice it burns and then you take the side of your lighter and just bend it in and there's still some phrase we'll just burn it again and it kind of turns into a little piece of hard plastic and you'll be able to feel that when it's burned so you just repeat it on the back side here being very careful with your lighter don't want any burnt fingers and there you go so now it's all sealed up and if you want you can kind of move around your knots you know get them where you want them to be either pretty mobile but again just remember that when you're working with the embellishment on the paracord to definitely leave a little extra space because you're going to have a thicker bracelet but it's a really fun technique especially if you've mastered the basic Cobra so now you can do an embellishment on your basic Cobra paracord bracelets you

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