How To Dap Metal For Jewelry

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Designer: Kathy Mannix
Beadaholique's Kathleen shows us how to use metal and wooden dapping tools to dome metal pieces for jewelry making. Quickly and easily add a new dimension to your metal components, stamping blanks or filigree pieces.
Audio Transcript
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Today we're going to learn how to dap using both the steel dapping block and a wooden dapping block. You can dap brass or copper based metals. As you see I have copper blanks, sterling silver blanks, antique silver filigree, colored filigree and Vintaj filigree. When you first started dap you are going to want to use a wooden dapping block. This way you mar any of the pieces that you're about to dap. Once you get really good at dapping then you can go to a steel block. Whenever you dap with your wooden dapping block, you're gonna want to use a rubber mallet or plastic mallet uh... so it won't mar the wood on the top. When I stamp filigree pieces I will use the wooded dapping block so it won't mar my pieces. You want to keep moving the dapping tool around so that you can get all of the sides. As you can see I've stamped this silver blank with a couple of different decorative steel stamps and the letter 'A', with a little crown. and I'm going to dap this. You always want to place the decorative stamping face down in your dapping block. When you're finished dapping the stamped blank you want to use liver of sulfur to the patina so that it fills in all of the decorative stampings. I have my dapping block on top of my four-by-four rubber block. I use my four-by-four rubber block just so that it will keep it from sliding around and it will help with the noise reduction slightly. You always want use a smaller dapping tool than what your dapping hole is. Otherwise if you tried to have to hammer right now this would mar your tool and it would ruin it. So you always want to use a smaller one. I'm going to dap this small copper blank. Try to keep the blank as centered in the hole as you can. Okay I'm using a one-pound brass hammer. So you can center your dapping tool right on top. You wanna swivel your dapping tool around. So you get a nice curve on the way around. I hope this video has been helpful. Enjoy using your new dapping set. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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