How to Color Lucite Flowers and Leaves with Gilders Paste

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, see how to quickly and easily color lucite flowers and lucite leaves using Gilders Paste. You can create a wide range of colors and add depth to the Lucite objects. If you start with a frosted white or clear Lucite flower, it will become the color of the paste. If you start with a colored Lucite flower, an entirely new color will emerge. The Gilders Paste with some gold or silver tones look particularly fancy and pretty.
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Hi this Julie with I'm going to show you how to color lucite flowers using Gilder's Paste. I have a project here that actually is what inspired this video. I did this necklace. I wanted this particular shape of leaf but the two colors green that they came in this kind of yellow green and this lime green it didn't really match my other colors I was working with. So I really wanted to find a way that I can have this leaf and make it match my color scheme. So what I did is I took a clear lucite leaf and I just applied Gilder's Paste with my fingers to turn it into this great green color which is a lot more harmonious with my design. So I want to show you how to do that. You're going to need a wet paper towel so dry paper towels and these are just for your fingers between applications. You're going to need some lucite flowers and leaves. You're going to need some Gilder's Paste whatever color you're wanting to use and then you also need a product like this. Mod Podge puts this one out. It's a matte clear acrylics spray sealer. You're going to have this to seal the Gilder's Paste when you're done otherwise it will run or wash off if you happen to get you jewelry wet. So all you need to do is you're going to take a lucite flower leaf I'm going to pick a color. I'm going to take an african bronze which is the color used here which to me has a very distinctive green look to it. Rub your finger into the Gilder's Paste and then just apply it to the lucite flowers. I'm just going to rub it on and then you're going to rub it on the other side as well. And it really is this easy. So there we go. That is now colored. You see what we started with the white and then here I actually what to show you what's going to happen if you say want to color a flower or leaf that's not white. It's going to create an entirely new color. This takes about fifteen minutes to dry usually less than that. Err on the side of caution and give yourself fifteen minutes. Then apply your first coat of spray sealant. Let that dry. Then apply a second coat. Then let that dry and then apply a third coat and let that dry. So you see all the different colors that we're able to make. So I want to show you how with a different color besides this african bronze. You probably want to wash your hands in between applications. If you want where rubber gloves as well. I want to use a purple. I've got a violet color I'm going to use a different finger. I'm going to just apply it to the edge the tips of this flower. We've got a pretty variation. I'm only doing half of it. You can see the contrast. I also want apply this to a little pink flower. You can see the before and the after. So it just changed it to a light violet color. Let me do this to a clear. You can do it just on one side if you want to keep it a little bit more frosted. You can apply it to both sides. Then I think I'm going to show you one more example and then you can be off on your own and have fun doing this yourself. I got an antique gold. Let's say doing a project for fall you want to add a little shimmer. Say you might be using these red leaves this is going to tone down the brightness of the red it's also going to add a little shine and a sparkle. If you want to take off some of the Gilder's Paste use a little damp towel or you can use a dry towel and then it's going to stay within the creases. You'll get it off of the surface area but I want an overall look. I'm going to apply it like that. there you go. That is all there is to it for applying Gilder's Paste for Lucite flowers and leaves to change the color. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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