How to Bead Weave a Twin Bead Bracelet Using a Circular Stitch

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, learn how to create a beaded bead by weaving together Preciosa Twin beads. The result is a very pretty flower patterned bead that can be used in stringing or as an embellishment.
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Hi this Megan with today I'm going to show you how to bead weave a twin bead bracelet using a circular stitch. What we're gonna need for this project is two tubes of twin beads into two different colors and one tube of seed beads in size 11/0 in another color you'll also going to use beading thread. I'm using wildfire and the .006 inch size and then you'll just need a clasp for your bracelet and I'm also going to use a pair of scissors a thread zap and a size twelve beading needle To begin I'm going to thread my beading needle with as long of the piece of wildfire as you're comfortable working with. I like to work with about six feet at a time you can experiment and see want length that works for you and what you're comfortable with you are gonna end up needing to tie off and add thread several times during this project and we do have another instructional video on how to do that so if you need instruction on that we can go ahead and watch the video "How to Tie Off and Add New Thread in Bead Weaving" before you begin so that you don't have to stop first thing you need to do is picked up one tube bead then go through one of the holes in your twin bead and you're going to hang a seed bead between each twin bead and first grab two of your color A and make sure you get the seed bead between each twin bead and then grab one of your color B then two more of the color A and another of the color B keep going in the same pattern until you have four sets of the two color A beads and add one more of the color B beads than you should have eight of the color A and four of the color B with a seed bead between each one you want to have one seed bead at the beginning and not one at the end and pull those down making sure that you leave yourself about a six inch tail at least at the end then you're going to take your needle you're going to go back through the first few beads and go ahead and come out after the first of the silver lined twin bead color bead and hold onto the tail end and pull that tight so you should have a little circle and then you're tail of thread at the end when you're working with the twin beads you'll need to go back and forth between the two holes and all you do is when you come out of that bottom hole go right through back on the same side through the top hole and just put it tight and it will leave that little bump of thread it's not that noticeable in the final project It might be helpful to lay it flat and move the beads and see the way it will go. You're gonna move your color B beads into the ring and your color A beads out of the ring This is not necessary but I'm just gonna do it to show you how it will lay working with it going in that pattern what we're gonna do now that we're on the inside ring we're gonna add two seed beads between each twin beads go ahead and pick up two seed beads and then go through the inside hole on the next twin bead just make sure that your threads aren't getting tangled that it will lay flat and pick up too more seed beads and go through the next silver twin bead and two more seed beads and go through the next silver twin bead we're gonna pick up two more seed beads and go back through that original seed bead in the inside hole then you pull both of these tight and up this little two circle pattern and this is going to be the base for the bracelet and you just build these off of each other what we need to do now is get back out to the outside row to keep working so I wanna build my next rows. I'm actually even going to take the thread all the way around the inside row another time go right back through one of the reasons why we need to use a smaller beading needle to allow you to comfortably make multiple passes through the beads when you get back through that first twin bead Take your needle and go through the outer hole in that twin bead and now to connect this circle to the next one we're going to build you need to come out of one of your color A twin bead go through that next one and then go back through the other hole then you're going to start to build the second circle and since we already have these two beads in place I'm going to pick up just three more sets of the pink color A twin beads don't forget on the outside ring to always put the seed beads between twin beads So since you have your two pink twin beads we're gonna start with the silver one than the next set of two pink ones and then just one more set of pink ones and last the silver one and then because you're gonna make the circle around these two you're going to go back through this next twin bead the hole in that one and go ahead and pull it tight and then we only need one more seed bead between these two twin beads to complete that circle don't forget to put that in and then to get into the inside circle you just continue onto and come out of the first silver twin bead and then you can go back through that other hole in that twin bead and then we're going to go ahead and bring the silver twin beads in with the two seed beads between each one just like before make sure that you skip the pink ones So that they don't get turned to the inside and just go through the silver ones So this is going to be the width of of your bracelet. I'm going to work across adding two new circles for each row So I want to start buy building a circle around these two pink twin beads which means I need to go through this middle circle until I go through one silver twin bead past where I want to be so that I can loop back around to go through the other side and get back to where I want to be. So when you're coming to the outside row always go one twin bead past where you wanna start your new circle work right back through to one silver bead past the pink beads you're looking to go through and come up out of that other hole and not through the first of those set of twin beads that you're looking for then you're going to build a new circle off of these two just like you did for this one so when you finish the inside circle on the first circle of your second row what we're gonna do now is make another circle using these two twin beads and these two twin beads. We wanna connect them and put one right in that corner So you're gonna continue around the inner circle to the twin bead past the two on the outside circle that you're looking to use and then go through the second hole on that silver twin bead and out through the first of those pink twin beads that you want to build off of and through the other hole there and now this time because we're only trying to fill in that corner we're going to add two sets of pink twin beads because we have two here so just gonna add the one for this side and the one for this side On the same pattern a seed bead and a silver twin bead and then just two sets of the pink ones So just two sets for the outside corners then you're going to go around and come back through this pink twin bead on the other corner and then you need to sit the twin bead between those two there pull that tight we just need to fill in this little gap here which would be another silver twin bead with the seed beads on the sides and then continue right through this other twin bead from the first set here we started with and then just the one seed bead between these two and to get to the inside just through the first silver twin bead and then through the other hole You'll finish that just like the other one picking up two seed beads between each silver twin bead and then you're going to continue to build circles just like these ones you'll build off of this side and then fill in the corner here you're gonna keep going until your bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist it's a little bit of a wide cuff style bracelet so you'll want a relatively snug fit keep in mind that your clasp will add about half an inch a little less a little more but just you can measure or you can just hold up the bracelet as you work. Leave a little bit of a gap between the edges and go ahead and keep working until you have a length that you feel would be a good fit. So once you have woven your bracelet long enough to fit around your wrist with a little bit of room for your tube clasp go ahead and tie off your thread and weave in all of your ends so that it's done and it's nice and clean to work with. Then you're gonna take a new length of thread and thread it on your needle and you're going to start by weaving up through one of the ends start in the middle you'll go back and tie this thread off and weave it in later and the gaol it's to come out of the end So you want to come out of the bottom hole of one of the four pink twin beads on the very end of your bracelet and then you're gonna go back up through the other hole in that twin bead you're gonna make a little strand of seed beads running along the edge here to used to connect to your clasp Put one between the twin beads and then you're gonna put seven seed beads as a little bridge between the next two twin beads then another one seed bead between the next two Then we're going to put two more seed beads on your needle and then we'll take half of the tube clasp and bring your needle through one of the end loops and then you'll take your needle right back down right back through the hole you came out of that twin bead and go through the middle seed bead and the next twin bead, comeback out pull that tight it should pull the clasp tight too grab two more seed beads go down to the next loop in your clasp then go right back in where you came out of now because you have an odd number of seed beads in the middle here that's the number of seed beads you need to hold the work straight but since it's an odd number and you only have one middle loop I'm actually going to go through the middle loop twice and then go through after three seed beads the first time and again you put two seed beads go down through the loop and then when you go back down through that seed bead I'm only gonna go through one seed bead and I'm going to come back out and then I'm going to repeat that with another loop with the seed beads on it through the same loop in my clasp. So two more seed beads and go back through the same loop that'll help keep it center and then you're gonna go back into the beads where you're coming out and go through the next three and come out right next to that twin bead there and pick up two seed beads go through the fourth loop and then back through that twin bead and the middle seed bead and the last twin bead and then on the very end two more seed beads and then you're gonna go back into that go back into that same end hole of the twin bead and then go through the other hole in the twin bead and work your thread through a few of the next beads as well and pull this tight and you wanna pull the tail of the start of your thread tight and and the end of your thread tight and you should have on each loop one seed bead going to either side of your clasp and then go ahead and tighten that and then you'll tight off and weave in your ends on these threads and then you're just gonna repeat that process to attach the other side of your tube clasp to the other side of your bracelet and make sure that the little nail head end is on opposite ends. You don't want them like this. You want them like this so that you can fit them together So when you have both ends of your tube clasp attached go ahead and tie off and weave in all the rest of thread ends and then that just attaches by putting the narrow end into the wide end and that's that. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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