How to Bead Weave a Bracelet with SuperDuos and 2-Hole Square Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Intermediate
Learn how to bead weave a bracelet with SuperDuo beads and CzechMates 2-Hole Square Beads. The design has a pretty ruffled edge effect and looks complicated but is simple to create.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with with a petite little magnetic clasp which is a think a nice way of finishing it off let me show you how it looks on and I've actually put together two color combos already you see this one with these pretty white modeled Picasso beads in the middle and some bronzy bees along the side and then on this one we reversed it we did the metallic in the center and the color on the outside and for the video here I'm going to do these green ones with these rosy luster beads but I did want to show you there are a lot of different checkmates square beads to choose from and super duos I just pulled a few just to play with color combos to show you that you have a lot of choice when it comes to these it's really fun to pick out your colors but for the project itself what you're going to need is you're going to need the two whole checkmates square beads and you're going to need one tube of super duos and then this little magnetic clasp and some beading thread I'm using fireline point zero zero six and I've already threaded 80 inches onto my needle and then you'll need a pair of scissors and you'll notice up here I have an alternative clasp option I'll talk to you about that at the end of the video so let's go ahead and begin and I love between weaving projects that require so few ingredients because it's really fun to just be able to have a few products that you put together and it turns out really cool so what I've done to begin with is I've taken just a random seed bead that I had on my desk and I've threaded it onto my needle and I'm pulling it down towards my tail now I'm going to go back through the seed bead in the opposite direction that my thread is exiting and this is my stopper bead and what I want to do is I want to leave a tail of a good 12 inches because that is going to be what I use to finish off this end of the bracelet when I'm all done now we are ready to begin the actual bracelet to begin with you're going to place one of the two whole square beads onto your needle and then you're going to pick up three of the super duos doesn't matter which hole and pull all of those down to your stopper bead now go ahead and go through the other hole in your square bead you're going to create a nice little arch with those super duas pick up three more super duos again does not matter which hole I'm going to flip your piece around now don't worry about your stopper bead just pretend it's not there and go down through that second hole exit it but also go up through that first super duo I'll lay it down so you can see what's happening and when you pull your thread tight you can try to pull that stopper bead a little bit away from your super toes you pull this nice and tight what you have is your very first cluster so you've got the square bead and then you've got a nice little archway of three super duos on each side so we are coming up through what was the first super duo that we strung on we're going to follow our exact same thread path so we're not worrying about these top outer holes and if you notice in the examples we never worry about them that's something that we don't have to pay attention to okay so now we're going through the second super duo now we're going back through that third super duo all the way down through the square bead again and through that same hole of the super duo on the other side and pull and now we're ready to create our second cluster and do pull your thread tight as you go because you want these to be nice and tight up against the square bead so to jump over now to our second cluster we're going to go through the second hole of that super duel along the edge we're going to pick up another square bead and we're going to go up through that second hole of the super duel up top and pull and now because this is actually our first unit of well I should say our first super duo of our second unit and we want three again but we already have one so we only have to pick up two so one two and that will create our three units and go down through the square bead and pull and again we already have one here so we only need two okay so now go all the way through that's super duo the square bead and the super duo up top it feels like a lot of thread to begin with but you use it up quite quickly because you are doing these loops around and around so now what we have to do is we have to work our thread so that we end up back here to go to our next unit and so to do that you're just going to go back through your super duos again through the super duo through the square bead and through that other end super duo and time to jump over again to create the next unit okay so now we need a square bead and up through the super duo to anchor it and we're ready to start our next unit so again we already have one need two more try to do this on the table so it might be even easier to see there we go again I'll try to do this unit on the table as well so hopefully with the nice smoke colored fire line I'll be hopefully a little easier to really get what I'm doing here so we're going through that super duo we're going through the square bead all the way out to the top like so and now we just have to work our thread back to this point so we can start our next unit so again just work your needle back through your super duos and come out exiting here at the bottom so you jump over and when I say jump over I just mean you're going out one hole of the super duo making a little thread bridge across the center of it and exiting the other side okay I'm going to do one more unit and then I'm going to do a few more off-camera we'll actually get more than a few I'll finish the actual super duo length off-camera and then I'll come back on and show you how to do this here attaching the clasp and then show you how to attach the clasp on the other side as well and for the bracelet I'm making the video I'm making it 24 units long so I'm going to use 24 of the square beads let me do one more on camera and then I'll do the rest off-camera they're really liking this color combination it's fun to see the beads when they actually are worked up together okay so two more and once you get the hang of it it goes really quickly just work on your attention make sure you pull that thread tight so that the super Jew is stand up nicely and are tight against the square beads okay there we go so we've done for like I mentioned before I'm going to do 24 and then I'll show you how to finish off the bracelet I have done the entire length of the bracelet so now I'm ready to attach the clasp so we're going to be using the magnetic clasp here I'm going to separate it you'll notice it has a nice loop on the end is completely soldered so we can pretend that that's a closed jump ring and we can just go ahead and sew it on to our actual piece and stitch it in so to do that we are exiting the same spot we exited for all the other clusters and all the other little units and we're going to pick up two more of the two whole beads and we're just going to go across to that last two whole bead on the end again I'm going to try to do this on the white so you can see it a little bit more clearly so that's what we've got now we're going to jump up to the top hole of this two hole bead pull our needle through that and we do create a little bridge and then we're just going to put our needle through the loop the base of the magnet and then through that top hole of that other two whole bead that's in the center pull that down and then again we're going to create a little thread bridge and go through this lower two hole bead and all the way through your two holes so you're going through for two whole beads and you're coming back around and that's nice and tight now I want you to go through that whole sequence again because the magnetic clasp when you do have it on your wrist and you're separating it is going to endure a little bit of wear so I want to make sure that's really nice and secure so we're going to go through through that all the way so it has two full passes and pull it tight make sure that is really good and tight so now we're going to go back through our two whole bead are super doula I guess I should be calling a super Dhoom my apologies these are super duos they are two whole beads so it's accurate but super duos so now you want to start working your thread back into your bead work so here I've just you see my needle coming out and at this point we've pulled pretty tight so it can be hard sometimes to go through all the beads you want to go through it once you see we just exited the square bead but I actually want to go up through the super duel as well so I'm just going to take my needle work it in there and make it come out where I want it to come out I'm going to go back through my bead work and then I'm going to start to tie some knots there's just a simple overhand knot now I want to do a surgeon's knot which is going through it twice a little bit more secure and pull it down and pull it really nice and tight go back through your bead work you and I would recommend for this bracelet making a total of at least three different knots so here i've exited out the square bead if I want to really discreet not I can just tie a knot right on top of that square bead before I go through my super duel again now just go through my super deal and continue along and do that one more time and again I'm one of those people who kind of cautious not err I guess you would say find it better to add a few extra knots versus wondering if just one will do better safe than sorry okay so up work by needle in again and at this point I feel like I can trim my thread I'm just going to cut it off and that side is complete now for the other side I'm going to do the exact same thing but I first need to remove my stopper bead and because of how we tied it initially it's really easy to just slide off and go ahead rethread my needle and we want to make sure we are exiting the proper location so we want to get to its really the inside of that where the next square bead would go we're going to pick up two more super duos stretch all the way across to that and super duo again let me try to do this on the white step up create a little thread bridge and now the other half of our clasp and go through this magnetic and sticking to my needle that happens there we go so it's nice and trapped in there and we're going to go all the way through again pull tight and again all the way through just because we are really wanting to make sure that is secure okay now time to weave our thread in again and tie some knots they do like tying them right above the square beads because the knots end up hidden okay last knot now we're just going to work that thread in a little bit more and then we'll be done and then I'll talk to you about just how long this bracelet is and what to do if you want to make it longer okay so let's trim our thread and see what we ended up with so here is our bracelet complete I'll show you it on so that's what it looks like on so I like this bracelet because it uses so few ingredients but looks really cool I like this really just two different types of beads and a clasp and then of course your thread and needle so if I bring out the ruler mm those magnetic clasps stick to everything we're looking at about a 7 inch bracelet the way I did it now you do have some leftover super duos and you can get comfortably a seven and a half inch bracelet maybe just a wee bit more out of one tube of super doiis so if you want it to be longer than this you're going to have plenty of these checkmates square beads to make it longer but you might want to pick up a second tube of the super duos if you want to make it longer or so I want to show you this alternative clasp option now instead of using the little bag netic clasp you could do this exact same pattern make it this long and just stitch in the little closed jump ring right here on one side and the lobster clasp on the other side so exact same technique nothing would change and then to the closed jump ring you would add this little necklace extender and these are actually open links so you'd open them just like a jump ring and attach it to that jump ring and then suddenly you would gain an extra two inches so your seven inch bracelet or seven and a half if you wanted to use a full tube of super duos will become nine inches or nine and a half which could be a really good option if you're planning on making this as a gift so that's another idea it's also a good option to you might have a little lobster clasp and a closed jump ring lying around be able to use those and then you just pick up these little necklace extenders so just have a fun thing to kind of keep in mind but you can find those little magnets are so funny they're strong which is good you can find all the supplies for this project here you can find the checkmate square beads the super duos and a lot of other two whole beads and two whole bead projects at you

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