How to Add Vintaj Patina and Glaze to the Nunn Design Hammered Ring

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to apply Vintaj Patina to the Nunn Design Hammered Ring for an abstract splash of color. Finish off the patina with a coat of Vintaj Glaze to help protect the patina.
Audio Transcript
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this is kat with 'red rings now this technique can be seen in the neko rings done by our designer Karlin she did two here one with the jet and one with the turquoise very beautiful and these are actually what they look like when they come blank these are the Nunn design hammered rings and these are actually sized we carry size six seven and eight for this project you're going to need some vintage patina I have some here in the verda gray you're also going to need the vintage glazed metal sealer and patina extender and we're going to be using a vintaj relief block and then you're going to need two separate paint brushes some paper towel and if you choose a pair of latex gloves so let's get started so once you have your latex gloves on we're gonna go ahead and do our patina first so go ahead and shake up the bottle and pour a little bit onto your paper towel here and we're going to take the ring and just go ahead and put it on your finger there take your first paintbrush get a little bit and now all we're gonna do is just sort of sporadically make some dab marks all around the outside of the ring and you want it to look kind of sloppy you know just sort of make it look really nice and aged like it was just you know you found it at the bottom of an ocean okay so now I have that done I'm going to quickly take a paper towel and just kind of rub some of it off and just really give it that fun aged look so now I have the patina on my ring and before it dries completely I'm going to just use my vintaj relief block and just kind of buff a little bit to just get some of that shine out of there and it'll be really nice and kind of give it that beautiful marred look there we go so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to let this dry for just a few minutes the patina dries very quickly it's actually almost dry it but I'm going to let it dry for a few minutes before I come back and add the vintage glaze so now I'm ready to add my vintage glaze and just shake that up a little bit and I'm just going to pour a little bit on my paper towel here and now for this step you are going to want to use a fresh paintbrush and so just go ahead and dip the tip in your glaze there and you're just going to lightly dab it on there you don't want to mess up your patina and this is just going to help you just seal in that beautiful color you just sort of rotate and just work your way all the way around the ring and this will actually also give it just a very nice shine and just sort of complete the look happy with that now carefully going to remove it and set it down so that can fully dry so now you see I have my completed ring and it has a nice Sheen to it and I think it looks really cool it's very fun it's very aged and by putting it on your finger you'll keep the patina from the inside but if you wanted that look you can see that here on Carlin's rings and again these are the Neko rings featuring the Nunn design hammered rings they come in size six seven and eight and I just use the vintage patina and the Vidhan tosh blaise to give it that really fun aged look and all of these supplies can be purchased at you

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