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Hi this Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to bead weave this sleek little beaded toggle bar and attach it to a peyote bracelet as you can see it's just beaded right into there, it's actually attached but it looks like it's just all one piece and it gives it a really super clean and modern look so I got a strip of peyote stitch it's even count flat peyote and I did not of course make this big enough to be a whole bracelet, it's much too small I just make a piece to show you kind of what you want on each end so go ahead and if you don't already know how to do flat even count peyote then watch the video that we have on that first on go ahead and make the bulk of your bracelet first and you're going to want to create a long piece for your bracelet that you have almost as long as you want, so basically what we're gonna do is gonna add about half-inch, so if you want your bracelet to fit really tight just wrap it around and leave yourself a half an inch otherwise measure how long you want it and stop when you're half an inch shy I'm going to show you how do this, this piece is twenty four beads wide you can adjust it to a narrower or wider piece but I'll give you the numbers that I'm using for this size which is the same size of this one so when you finish your strip of peyote for your bracelet don't cut the thread off first add a little piece that you'll use to attach your toggle bar to if you're doing a pattern make sure that you keep following the pattern and you can use a bead graph paper you can find those online if you just do an internet search and you can plan it out so that it all still follows the pattern what you're gonna do it is starting my needle already coming out you're going to weave back over to the middle I want to make my little ladder piece for beads wide which means what I need to get over to the right spot on there I just need to use the four middle beads for that and so we're just going to weave right through the top row if you're doing twenty four then you would just subtract four and know that you need to divide that by two for each side and skip ten beads before you start weaving so if you use a different width you can go ahead and just figure it out that way so I skip my ten beads now I'm going to do the four beads wide strip of even count peyote and I'll do this six rows long I'm just using a different color here so that you can see where I'm adding it on and all of this you can change the width if you want something more delicate you just don't wanna make it too wide so that you can't move the bar a little bit to get into the loop that you have on the other side you could even make them dainty and add two onto a wider beadwork, you can play with the numbers I'm just giving you the numbers that I'm using. I'm also using 10/0 delicas you could use a different size and use the same numbers, it would just change the scale your whole piece would be smaller, not larger I've added six rows, four beads wide, that's going to be the piece that I attach my toggle bar to so to make your toggle bar you need to do ten rows of flat even count peyote and I've made my bar eighteen beads wide and you can again, you can change that just a little bit up or down just if you wanna make it easier you want to use an even number of rows so that you don't have to do it in the odd count peyote so once you've made your little rectangle ten rows wide all you're gonna do is fold it in half you could see I've already tied off and trimmed that first part here, the tail make it easier to deal with so fold in half and then you're gonna take your threads on the top, you're gonna go straight into the bead on the bottom it's going to do what's called zipping it up which is a common term when you're working with peyote stitch so just every other bead will be side to side you're going to use that last row sticking up zip it up just like a zipper when you get to the end don't forget you also need to go back down into that next bead to create a thread bridge across the top and keep it closed all the way and then just weave that through a couple of the beads tie off and weave in your ends if you need to know how to tie even your ends we do have a video on I'm not gonna show it now then go back to your little ladder piece here that's going to attach to that toggle line up the toggle and the piece here so that the top of this part fit into a depression in the beads so you're going to put it in a spot where it fits right into the bead work like that keep your eye on which bead will be right next to where the threads are coming out of which is going to be this one stitch through that bead you're going to come through the next bead on the bead the base row you can do this loose and then tighten it up afterwards makes it a little bit easier to get your needle where need to and then you're going to go through the next bead on the toggle bar and the next bead on the base pull that tight you're going to go through one more bead on the base in that same line and you just tie off and weave in the end of that row as well you can see that once you tight that up you have that nice cohesive beaded look. Looks like all one piece and that's a really nice and clean toggle bar, you could make a loop just a beaded loop to string beads to fit around it and put it on this end or you can make this enclosed rectangular opening so I'm gonna show you how to make this opening if you want to you could also just a simple loop so we're going to go to the other end In order to make the hole in the peyote stitch this needs to be done in two pieces so you're going to have this top part is an additional piece that you stitch and the side pieces here, one of them will be stitched onto this base and the other are stitched onto the top go ahead and do a piece of even count peyote the same width of the bracelet so this one in twenty four beads wide and I did ten rows then you're going to continue at the end of your ten rows with a brand new row and you're only going to make it six beads wide I finished that up before here so I have five rows that only six beads wide and that's going to give you the side of the opening here so I did that in a different color so you can see it and then now we're gonna go ahead and attached that to the end of the bracelet you're going to line that right up and zip that closed so just line up the beads so they fit together and stitched through them and don't forget to go back into the base to secure that last bead together now what we're gonna do is weaves through until we get over to this side and we're gonna add five rows six beads wide onto this part here too go head and just weave through that original the last couple of rows there and the way I determined six beads wide for this was I actually did some an experiment but what I found is that for the eighteen bead wide toggle bar a twelve bead wide opening worked really well so about six beads less but you might have to fiddle with that if you're adjusting the length a lot if you just adjusting it a couple of beads I would try making your opening about six beads shorter once you get right next to the sixth bead in go ahead and do five rows along there and when you have you're side piece built up you'll see that top part will just fit right in, so once again sew those up by just going through each bead on each side and just right into that next bead on the top row that's all there is to it all you do now is just tie off and weave in the ends and you have would an actual bracelet but that's the basics for how you make that toggle clasp you can see that it's a really nice cohesive look. 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