Beadaholique Live Class: Statement Earrings

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In this Live Class Event, join designers Kat Silvia and Julie Bean as they make several pairs of statement earrings that are perfect for summer. They show you tips for how to design with memory wire, patinas, and more!
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hi everyone it is Kent Silvia and I'm back with Julie beam and we are here today to talk all about statement earrings and it's just in time for summer so we have a very colorful table here is we're gonna be designing stuff and showing you guys all of our tips and tricks for wearing this great trend yeah and it's so fun to wear yeah yeah I've had these on since I think I got here at 6 okay so I've had these on since 6 o'clock and I've just been having fun it just makes me feel better yeah I was like they're kind of like little shoulder dusters yeah so yeah it is you know it's summertime it's hot it's getting hotter yeah so it's a good time to put the hair up and put the statement earrings on so we're gonna show you lots of fun little things different little techniques Julie and Erica like I said both gonna be designing a couple pairs so we're excited to kind of dive in and show you all that so if you're joining us and you haven't joined us live before we always do a giveaway I'll get to that in just a second but go ahead and start leaving comments let us know where you're tuning in from we love to hear where you guys are from we do these classes once a month so it's a great opportunity for us to just interact with you guys to ask us questions you have a question about something that we're talking about something that's maybe slightly unrelated we're still on your answer it but just let us know in the comments and we're here to answer we got Brian behind the camera there and he's gonna be feeding us some great questions from you guys so yeah so speaking of the giveaway so all you need to do to win the giveaway is leave a comment so if you ask a question or just say hi that enters you too so for it today's giveaway we are doing these beautiful finding kits from beadaholique and then these these are great these are the earring finding kits so you're gonna get some ear hooks there are some head pins and some eye pins and we're giving you both the silver and gold version cuz we don't know what your preference is and speaking of silver and gold we are giving away two of our statement earring kits so we have the loom statement earring kits and this is in the Helsinki and these are really beautiful and I actually have them over here on my card let me kind of bring them in here so they are the loom earrings on the top there and we're giving you the black and white and silver version and then very exciting for us launching today we have the beaded Swarovski crystals statement earrings and these are beautiful we are giving you the high seas version so you're gonna get this lovely gold and blue and I just love the majestic blue Swarovski crystal I'm they're just really really stunning and what technique is this joy so this is circular brick stitch and like Kat mentioned these are debuting today I'm and this is gonna be the complete kit so when you win this giveaway you're gonna get everything that you need to learn how to make this including learning how to do circular brick stitch so these are a really fun kit this is my personal favorite style when I make jewelry for myself I do a lot of circular brick stitch and I love doing this it's a really beautiful result and you know you really as you're just kind of moving it around the light is really catching that and you know like we keep saying if you wear the hair up that light will come through beautifully and very stunning yeah so so this is the giveaway so like I said all you need to do is just leave a comment and we're gonna choose a giveaway winner live so stay tuned all right well before we begin making because I'm gonna start making something really quick here I'm gonna do some patina of some earrings I made a very fun large statement earring here and I'm gonna be starting that process but if you want to just show you these other circular brick stitch kits really quick so you can see the other colorways that they do come in so we have these are the beaded sake crystal statement earrings that we have 4 colorways so we have the high seas ones which is wonderful like nautical color theme we have this one right here which is blooming romance and he's got that wonderful kind of pinky purple hue then down here we have tropical punch and I think I called this one morning mist because I think it was just reminding me of like fresh green grass and dew drops so four different colorways and so two and silver and two and gold and when you do purchase our kits one thing you might not know unless you purchase one is you actually get instructions that look something like this so this is these are the instructions for this most recent kit and there's actually four pages of them there's quite a lot but for every kit we make that involves any type of new stitch or any type of bead weaving we do make you the full instructions so you can watch the video but you can host a follow along this way or you're giving us a gift you'll have good confidence that there are instructions for your recipient well and that's really nice because we know that everybody learns different ways some people really do only watch the video and you can learn absolutely by only watching the video or vice versa as well just following the written instructions so it's a great way to kind of get everybody and I love I just want to make a little comment about those earrings I love how it is the exact same earring in different colorways but just look at how different yes style is you know like I'm just like the cool I was looking at the gold in the blue there and then looking at your morning mist and it is a completely different style which is really kind of beautiful I kind of want to make them all well and you could just think of all the different outfits you're gonna wear and what exactly yeah well summer I was just saying I was like it's summer it's wedding season so you know if you want to do something that's really colorful and it has a nice little pop I love that romance one it's a little warmer so really just a stunning design and there's something for everybody there which is cool yeah well it was fun to bake I definitely enjoyed making those that was one that I was like oh so um in case you don't know Kat and I we designed all the kids here so if you are looking the beadaholique website you're looking at the kids we are here designing them once a month every month you know we we stay on trend and with new colors and seasonal so there's always fun stuff and this kit is actually kind of what prompted this class is we were really trying to look and see well what is really trending right now what's popular what are people asking us questions about what are we seeing in the fashion magazines on the runways and has all been about these really great statement earrings that really just draw the eye on so a statement earring we were talking about this a little bit before the classes like what really makes a statement earring and I think for me is something that really catches the eye it's usually a little bit longer I'd say two to three inches minimum and we're even seeing once they're super long like really going down oh yeah I love the shoulder especially on the runway it's it's part of the outfit you know they're really really long which is lovely but yeah we're seeing lots of color lengths and you know even even width I've seen some that are just really big and they kind of another big trend just to have it go up the ear yeah that kind of cuff style so yeah there's just a lot but I would say yeah to qualify a statement earring say at least two inches if not three or four inches yes and I don't think you can go too big right now I think you can go for it and I don't think you can go too big big is in for sure absolutely and speaking of big I am gonna make this guys so this is the sample here of one and if we look at him this guy here is about 5 inches yeah so that is a pretty big earring and what's nice this is actually also really lightweight so this is a lucite drop this is a vintage lucite this is a piece of vintage filigree and so those two pieces alone although they're quite large and scale they don't really weigh much of anything and so the heaviest item on here is this Czech glass bead here but the rest is just bead caps a nice big earring hook so this is actually a very lightweight earring even though it's almost 5 inches so when you are designing statement earrings definitely keep in mind the weight well and I love that you have chosen a larger hook at the top so you really get the chance to play with the scale of it because you wouldn't want to put a little tiny hook at the top I think it you know it wouldn't be comfortable to wear so you always kind of think about that so that was yes so you know when you are designing these do like Cap'n should think of every element and say you've got an earring that is maybe 2 inches and you really want to make it more of a statement hearing add a 2 inch earring hook to it we have some earring hook styles that are quite large so that will drop it down and then it becomes more of a focal piece there's a lot of things you can do when you are designing statement earrings so I'm gonna start creating okay so I want to make the pair to this also let me take this guy off the hook and we are gonna start by actually doing a little hole punching so on this vintage filigree if you look at it and you look at the edging you will notice that right up top there is one hole and that's great if you are making an earring that you didn't want to hang anything from you'd be good to go or maybe you're making a pendant but we want to be able to add that drop so what I'm gonna do because I'm gonna go right across and I'm going to use my hole punch pliers so this is a pair of pliers with a little metal tip and you see right here it's got a little hole and what I'm going to be able to do is literally just punch through the metal so again let me find my spot so I'm just gonna line it up and punch you actually saw a little piece of metal just popped right out wiggle it off and now we've got a hole so that's your first step when you make this earring but that's a nice way of being able to link multiple filigrees together because you can choose from a wide variety of philly filigrees and punch holes wherever you want so now I'm going to take a paintbrush and I'm going to start with this silver patina so this is vintage patina it's meant to be worked with on metal which is really great and I'm gonna be patina in three elements here I'm going to be doing the accents on the filigree I'm going to be doing the bead caps and I'm going to be doing a little topper on this lucite piece as well so shake your patina eye crease shook it so it should be good to go and I've put down some white computer paper always cover your work surface when you are doing any type of work with paints okay so I'm going to start with the topper of this lucite and you see how nice this is this is a really great metallic color and I'm just going to swipe it over the top of it such a smart idea to use the patina on a bead because we often think that we only use it on metal because it is for metal you can actually use it on P it is like a little capper and I think that's just so genius yeah you know it's funny there's really no rules I think add patina wherever you can and I'm just gonna take a toothpick right now because a little patina went into that hole and just poke it and then I think we do have a question oh okay great question Kimberly is asking if it matters if the punch is 1.25 or 1.5 it only matters in terms of the jump ring that you're gonna use and Julie so what size is your punch today do you have a new recall it is a 1.5 punch I believe they're my jump ring you know I'd have to look in the actual description to see what it is but I did test it out so if you're in doubt go a little bit bigger would be my recommendation if you're maybe you're also considering buying one pair of pliers versus multiple ones because are multiple sizes I want to guess they're the bigger size they'll give you more versatility okay because I because we do have the punches in several different sizes there's also different styles of metal punches that will give you the same result so you can always there's a little one that we have that kind of looks like a little anvil that has two different sizes so I think I want to say ones on that or 1.2 and then 1.5 yeah a great question we have another question as well so the question is and hi Rebecca is will the patina rub off over time it's not supposed to know I would recommend like taking it off if you're gonna go swimming like I know it's summer it's hot if you're gonna be spraying yourself with sunscreen and then go in a swimming pool with chlorine that's the type of stuff I'd watch out for but this is made by vintage and specifically made to go on metal and you don't need to put a sealant on it either but they do make a sealing if you want to use it this actually does come in a glossy and a matte finish so if you want to keep that sort of matte style that's that's on a lot of patina you can do that but you can also use the glossy work and it'll kind of create a nice little - it kind of it kind of works the same way that a topcoat on a nail polish would yeah where it sort of helps the life of it but I mean the great thing about the patina is that it generally doesn't rub off I mean you really have to scratch it off yeah you know like it is it is a permanent ink so but the great thing is is that it'll it'll stay for awhile yeah and it really does all depend on the type of wear so if you are perhaps patina is something that's gonna be on a bracelet and you're putting your arm down a lot that might cause it to actually rub against the surface so then I would go ahead and I would use a sealant on that yeah great question yeah all right keep the questions coming I'm gonna keep patina so I've got more to do here so if Chris wants to come over here and see where I'm gonna actually patina on this so here we go so I'm gonna follow my first one cuz I just made it up as I went and so I'm just gonna look at it and I wanted to kind of have it a little bit lighter so what I'm gonna do is use a little bit less paint so I'm not putting off super heavy you can also go back with a paper towel if you want it to and blot some of it off but you see I'm just going over it very gently and then I'm just gonna do these little accents in here and really there's no rule to this and you could add color I did it with the silver and black I wanted it to have a very Art Deco feel to it but you definitely could do it in any color and I think what I liked about doing it with this silver and doing it a little bit lighter is I didn't have to be too careful of where I put it so now I'm gonna pick it up even though it's still a little bit wet and I'm gonna do the edges and to do the edges I'm just gonna go like this I just wanted it if someone saw this earring from the side just have a little bit of extra detailing on it well I know we were talking about you know having statement earrings be very colorful but I think the idea is also they should be very eye-catching because statement earrings you know wear them in the day wear them in the evening and this is definitely sort of like a little evening soiree kind of a kind of a piece that you're doing and it's I look yeah I love the deco you're using a vintage bead it really all goes together it was fun to create this was a fun play day I will say certain days just feel like a play day yeah when you and I you know it's fun and that's why I think beading and jewelry making should be is you should be having fun you should be playing so I just I'm gonna accent this as well and we have another question while Julie is continuing to patina okay so the question is can we use the patina on an acrylic bead and if you do will it flake off same same kind of answer it is a permanent ink it should not flake off you can again seal it with that gloss even even though it is a metal sealer it'll still work as sort of a topcoat even if it is an acrylic bead so like what Julie is using here this is a vintage lucite bead so you are gonna have that same style I don't believe Julie used the gloss on it but you absolutely could and if you want go for it but it I mean you'd really have to scratch it like like scratch it with your nail to get it off like it's like I said it is a permanent ink it's not we have had some people try to use them all right pocket you use actual nail polish in some designs I think I can't stress that I really don't recommend that you know there is ink that is special for metal and as you know it's going to adhere to that it's also better for the plastic I mean your nails are one thing yeah but definitely I would I would recommend to using a sealer if you have it if not like I said it shouldn't really go anywhere and I have pieces that I patinaed years ago and they still look great I mean they're in my personal collection I wear them and they still look really good it's great you'll have a piece like that that's already sort of that antique brass that will only look better over time you know like as the piece itself sort of naturally patinas the patina will sort of age with it so it actually I think it creates an even better look yeah that's over time I did to another question so we have two really great questions and I'm gonna see if Chris can come in on me I'm going to start to do the next step while cat answers those questions so so the question is does it wash off with soap and water like if you have a bracelet and you're you go to wash your hands and stuff no it should not wash off I mean like I said if you're if you're really scratching it it'll come off but it should really okay you can also use a heat tool to like set it but it's really not necessary in in my experience so that was one question Brian what was the other question okay is there any surface that the patina won't work on you know we've used it on on wood we've used it on glass beads we've actually used it underneath resin Brandon yeah if there's anything that we've tried that hasn't worked it looks great under resin just a side note it looks really cool it looks like an enamel yeah it creates a really kind of neat little effect and then you don't have to worry about playing with your your resin and the a B components it was just so yeah so it's much easier to if you're gonna die to use the patina I am trying to think if there's anything I would say probably not paper and you know that is yes I was I was thinking jewelry yeah yeah yeah but if you are doing maybe you are adding like um I don't know if you are doing some type of mixed-media design and you wanted to do something with like a paper element I think it would probably saturate into the paper a little bit because it is a wet paint I was gonna say yeah you can even just see on your post-it but you know yeah silver one that you had there like it is it's just kind of it is going through the other side so it would you couldn't use it on paper you're definitely gonna have to seal then but I would I would definitely worry would crack on paper but no I don't think there's any thing that we've tried here that hasn't worked yeah and we've been working with it for a number of years and real quick if you're watching what I'm doing I'm just a quick little tip I am using a toothpick as an applicator to get these little round dots and I cut the tip off of my toothpick which you just probably saw a couple of minutes ago to get a little bit wider surface instead of the point of the toothpick so that's kind of a good thing if you are working with this and you want these little dots to you know to highlight well that way you don't have to buy all different sizes and widths and everything of paintbrushes yeah and you can kind of use the applicator and that way I also find you have a lot more control it's a lot easier we have one more question yeah the patina actually dries very fast I would say just within a couple of minutes actually it's almost instantaneous if you do try to use like the vintaj relief block oh and we have lots of videos showing you how to do that but you'd kind of let the patina dry for maybe even just a minute or two before you start to buff some of it off so that actually it does dry very quickly yeah I would say that the silver on my bead caps is already pretty dry I am gonna do a little bit of embellishing here with Swarovski crystals so if you see what I just did as we were talking is I did these little black dots to almost mimic the look of extra little crystals or just to have a little accents but I am gonna go in with some Swarovski flatbacks these are size s s 16 and they're just in a lovely jet black and I'm just gonna use four of them just to add a little something extra a little extra sparkle and I'm gonna be using e6000 glue to adhere them so just poked it open you see that just broke that interior seal I'm just gonna put that down there and again use a toothpick toothpicks working great and we're just going to put some little dabs of glue yeah you'll often see in our in our project descriptions write-ups that we recommend a toothpick or even just a scrap of wire so some so if you'll just have some extra wire hanging out those are good for little applications of glue as well okay and then to pick these guys up I'm going to be using my magical pick so this has a little bit of sticky end to it and you can just put it on the top of the crystal and set it down into your glue which is a great tool if you are using a lot of shut-ins or flat backs so I am gonna actually let this dry from it so I have my three components which have been patina and I'm gonna let them dry for just a minute as Kat works on another project and then we're gonna come back and I'm gonna show you how to put the whole earring together but you see it's actually pretty quick to make this earring yeah it's a very simple technique and there's a lot of different ways you can do it we have so many colors of the vintaj patinas so you can really make it your own which is cool absolutely alright so speaking of Swarovski crystals I'm gonna do something featuring some of their fancy stones some of the river leaves now these are I'm gonna actually sort of recreate a style of this design so speaking of color I wanted to I was really excited when Swarovski came out with the majestic blue that you see here and then this color here is the Buttercup so these are just really beautiful saturated colors and I just couldn't help myself so I'm gonna sort of recreate a similar design here using the lime and these are just so they're so pretty alright I'm gonna do this really quick and again I'm gonna use e6000 a favorite around here at beadaholique there because I'm actually gonna do all of these settings I'm gonna make the pair and just show you how fast this is so these are the little Rivoli settings they have little pointed backs on the sides or I'm sorry little pointed backs on the back so from the side you can sort of see how that Rivoli is just gonna sit in there so very simply you just take a little dab of glue and I'm gonna set it down into the center of the well there and just kind of move it around just a little bit you don't want to put too much in there but just enough there we go and I'm just gonna very simply just set my river in there and just give it a little push down just to make sure that he's nice and secure all right so there's one and so I'm gonna do the pendants here that you see in 14 millimeters and then I'm going to do little links in 12 so a lot of the rib leaves come in various different sizes so you can sort of play around with the not only the metal finish that you're using but also the Rivoli colors so for this one I'm gonna do all lime because I did the other one that had the two different colors in it all right there's my next little link or at my next pendant so now I'm gonna do the links and these are 12 so you can just see the little size difference between the two of them there it's only two millimeters but it actually does look quite a bit different and I think so and this is just a really fast little great little technique just to it you know I love doing this especially if I'm like oh shoot you know I'm wearing a green dress and I have nothing to go with that green dress or what have you you know that's a beautiful color of green isn't that like I really like it I'd you know I love these sort of saturated colors you know it's definitely you know tis the season to use them so I think we're gonna need a little more fresh glue okay Julie do you have a favorite color that you like to wear during the summer I know you and I we wear so many neutrals if we are to wear color which is so funny I know and you know it's interesting I used to shy away from color I was bald black gray yeah white you know antique brass um cream but now I love wearing this Roth ski majestic blue yeah I think that is my favorite color right now I just I love that vibrant blue and I was at the store the other day and there was a rack of all these really vibrant blue shirts and I was just like I was so drawn to it so I think that vibrant blue I'm loving orange even though I'm a redhead and I wouldn't normally think to pear Orange on me but if you look at like these earrings you made that have the orange with that blue and the gold so I think this is probably my favorite color combo right now yeah it's cheerful it makes you feel really happy yeah yeah you just you you can't help but like a look in the mirror or if you have it on your wrist you know look down and smile I think it's just a very positive happy color combination alright so I have all of my pieces glued and ready to go and I'm actually gonna start by opening one of these jump rings here just giving it a nice little loops gentle twist slipping on one of my links and slipping on my pendant and then I'm just gonna close that up and while I'm doing this I'm gonna repeat for these but we do have a question question okay so Fern has a great question and it is what is the definition of a statement earring and does it have to do with this size or the style so we were looking this up and we actually found a lot of different definitions of statement earrings there wasn't really a clear-cut one so our interpretation is that it really does have to do with the scale so statement hearings traditionally are on the larger bigger size and then also not necessarily the style because there's a lot of different styles of statement earrings but more with their impact just that they are creating more of a bold statement yeah whatever their style may be it could be bead woven it could be loomed it could be chain tassels it could be gemstones filigree more like you look at that person who's wearing and you're like wow look at those earrings they're really packing a bold punch they're making a statement but yes they're usually larger and I think a lot of them right now are quite colorful well I was just gonna say I was like you know I think the idea of a statement earring is that it is the statement piece of an outfit so it does sort of go with or really pop because okay so I'm making these lime gold earrings now they're very simple that you know they have two colors in them no more but I would call these a statement earrings because could you imagine wearing this for the cute little summer like white dress like tell me this wouldn't be the statement piece of an outfit like yeah with your hair pulled back and you're just seeing the earrings you've got short hair - for summer and yeah the earrings are really the focal piece yeah and you could wear like just a very delicate sort of you know gold bracelet just to kind of bring the whole look together but this would be sort of that statement right of the outfit so I think that's kind of part of the definition that people want to talk about a little bit okay so as we were chatting I finished up my earrings here so I chose to use a post earring on this one and the reason is is these are a little bit heavy because you have so much metal happening I just kind of flip one around you have so much metal happening and you have those crystals and the fancy stones so these are going to be a little heavier on the ear so I definitely recommend a post earring and just an opportunity to talk about that so I have these little bullet clutch earrings with the little plastic pads on them and these are what I recommend for something that is gonna be a little bit heavier it's kind of a personal preference for me these are just easier to wear they are just a little bit more comfortable and I'm actually gonna draw your eye all the way down to the end of the table here just to talk briefly about some of the other earring posts that we have so here again are those bullet clutchbacks we also do have the bullet clutches without those plastic pieces and then you can also do the ear nuts too so if you are doing a post earring and you want to do something that is a little tinier on the back of the ear we do have the little ear nuts so that's also an option as well but yeah just I would recommend going for some of the posts we do have lovely little styles we have these beautiful little flowers and these lovely little lotus beads as our Lotus post earrings as well and for both of these I do have the plastic pieces with the bullet clutch you can see just kind of down here but that's just a great little option and the other thing too is that you are if you are wearing a statement earring with a big hook you can still use these little plastic pieces on the back of the ear and those just kind of help secure because you don't want to lose your statement hearing although hopefully it's heavy enough that you'll feel alive but just to kind of secure it you know if you do kind of if you do wear your hair down I know this has happened to me more than once I've had my hair down of curled hairspray everything all of a sudden my earring is in my hair like it's out of my ear and in my hair there's a picture but the idea is that like keep them in your ears you have ways to sort of secure your pieces so they don't go flying off on the dance floor and at the summer wedding yeah anyway so say yes it is until I'm gonna call these the line culatta earrings it's very fresh and summery yes so yeah so that's how quick and easy that was so and Julia are you ready to continue I am and I was just gonna point out that I have that little plastic backing on this earring and it is so comfortable I have not really worn these before and I love it I don't even feel like I have these on and they're a substantial I was gonna say you got a lot colder a lot of metal and you know even though the tassels are light there's chain and there's components there and if they feel nice and they're comfy they're really really comfy I don't feel like I have them on and I don't feel that back at all that's good yeah I don't see it like in this yeah you don't really see it because yeah clear plastic so little personal recommendation there they're really great those are great little backs so okay I'm ready to complete my earrings so let's go ahead and start by making the top part of the earring and we're going to use an eye pin now you notice I am coordinating all my metals it's a little tip too especially when you're working with like this antique brass it's good to coordinate I'm also go all age together so we're just going to take a bead cap and then put the bead on it and then surround it with another bead cap and this is what we've got right here and now I'm going to make a little simple wire loop using wire looping pliers and these are one of my very very favorite tools and so I'm just gonna grab the wire where it exits the bead and I actually want my loop facing the opposite direction of this loop so I'm just taking keeping that in mind when I make this and you'll see why when I assemble the earrings but you just go ahead and squeeze bend it over move it up top and crisscross and right where it Criss crosses you're going to be able to snip it okay and I'm gonna be able to use that component in just a moment but first I'm going to open a jump ring and I've got two pairs of chain nose pliers so just this cat had opened her jump ring a minute ago I'm just gonna grab them on both sides and twist and then we're gonna put it through our big drop like so and then we're gonna put it ohso through our hole that we punched see go from front to back or back to front there we go and that is that 1.5 millimeter hole punch and it does fit this jump ring and we do have the list of ingredients on our website or Brian can help find it - about what size gauge these jump rings sorry I just don't remember off the top of my head just close it back up so there we've got that and now we're ready to do this piece here so I'm going to open little loop I just made twist it open and then this top loop right here and we're just building the earring straighten that up and now we're ready for our earring hook we're just going to open the loop at the base down there and then we do want it to face forward so that's what we're going to have to pay attention to and then close that back up and we are done so now I'm going to hang it on to my hook so we have a matched pair but you can see what those guys look like so a fun way of just kind of enhancing some they're not simple elements but they really pop what are you with the filigree there's so much happening that sometimes it could be hard to see all the little details but when you highlight them with patina it really brings out every little detail well as you see that negative space coming through so they do look really light and airy even though they're a WoW piece yes you know so there's that kind of that really nice balance especially because you are using a large black bead at the bottom yeah so you don't want it like the whole thing to look too heavy unless what you're going for it but no but I do like how the filigree adds that nice little kind of airiness to it and makes it a little more summery yeah more summery and then a really good tip is to look at vintage lucite beads or plastic I mean we don't usually use a lot of plastic beads but in this case when you're making something really big and you're worried about weight there's some great acrylic beads out there so keep that in mind there's just maybe a category you haven't really looked at before but it's really perfect sometimes for this application yeah and it is fun to kind of look through the vintage beads because we're always getting new ones in cuz when they are true vintage you know unfortunately we can't get them back yeah you know so it's like shop really yeah yeah and we these these are the vintage lucite but I do know there was some just acrylic beads which were new that were beautiful and bright colors yeah I was thinking of using them they're just like little simple rounds but you can use a lot of them and get a lot of scale without a lot of weight yeah so I think we have another question oh if the Reeb leaves will hurt no I just want to let you guys know that they are heavy they're not like heavy though like weigh them but no so okay so this one here these are all for teens and I did these ones here so the top two are twelve and this is a fourteen you could do all three in twelve if you're worried about the weight but it's just because these are metal components so I just wanted to just sort of point that out a little bit that's why I wanted to use the the earring post on them oh the pointed part um no these are actually they're really really smooth even on the back and on the front you can actually I'm trying to kind of get a good side view there so they are pointed but they're not sharp I just kind of want to make make that known they're just they're pointed so that they can have those beautiful facets and you can really see it on this green one here you can sort of see it looks almost like um like a prism or a rainbow the way it sort of flares out there but they are by no means sharp they are crystals but they are not sharp on the top and I dunno we've even made bracelets out of these before and they've actually been against the wrist and and we've worn them in and they're still really comfortable so does you have a smoothed over surface yeah it's like it's not sharp it's not sure it's not like like a diamond will cut yeah but really good question and that's the perfect thing to ask us when we're here and we can actually touch it and let you know so that was a really good question so thank you to whoever wrote that in and then we have another question finger protection tape when working you know what I haven't um I the only time my fingers I've ever felt a little bit of like they've gotten a little bit hurt is when I've done some heavier gauge wire wrapping yeah why are you rubbing sometimes because you kind of like keeping attention you know but no I don't think I've ever found the need for that my self I know they do make it I also know that you can wear like sometimes if we're doing a lot of patina and you want to kind of like hold it in your hand we'll use like protective gloves yeah you know just to keep the patina off but the patina will like you know it'll wash off of your hand right again it's sort of like like a nail polish you know and just go scrub it a little bit but but ya know I've never used the protective tape on my hands I know you can I know people use it they'll they'll wrap their pinky in it if they're doing like bead weaving and you kind of like are pulling on the bread just I've seen that done before but I don't use that here but yeah you absolutely can yeah it shouldn't hurt the jewelry or what you're working on at all and if it makes you more comfortable I mean we're always finding new tools and new little tricks and stuff so that could be helpful for someone so thank you for that coming because hopefully someone will go oh that's genius yeah something you've experienced and you have been looking for a remedy definitely that's something that's a cool thing I think you're gonna make another game I am gonna make another earring but I know that we have some people who are maybe just joining us right now so I want to kind of do a quick little poem back to the giveaway and talk about that so if you are just joining us and haven't joined us before we are doing a giveaway today so what we're giving away is we're giving away the silver and gold versions of our findings kits here so just really lovely and these are the earring findings so you're gonna get some lovely hooks jump rings eye pins and head pins everything you need to make your own statement earrings and then we're giving away two of our kits we have the beaded Swarovski crystals statement earrings in the high seas and that is this version here for you and then we are also giving away the loom earring kits and this is the full kit that actually comes with the baby jewel loom so just to kind of draw your eye up there we're giving you the Helsinki so we're giving you a silver and a gold and the silver and a gold of the earring so we wanted to cover everything and the way you can win these is leave a comment on this broadcast the livestream we do announce at the end of the actual live broadcasts so definitely comment let us know where you're from ask a question say hi and that all enters you to win and we will select a winner at the this broadcast so and if I didn't mention it's a over a fifty dollar value very nice so couple of kits and all the stuff you need to make it yeah alright so I'm gonna do another kind of style of earrings that we've seen a lot and those are the big hoop earrings now I tried to get this in you know by doing my own hoops by kind of trying to wrap wire and I just they never stay they always got kinked or something happened so I took to memory wire so I wanted to create little hoop earrings that are just super simple and just sort of beaded but what I'm doing is I'm using memory wire so that if they get bent out of shape they just go right back so you know you can kind of bend them and move them and you know they sort of bounce a little bit but then it really retains its shape so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna quickly show you how to make one of those earrings here so I have a couple different colorways and this again you know is something that I was talking about when you really get a chance to see things in different colors you can really understand how choosing your beads and you know you'll see here that I've added a little metal element it's it's a completely different design which is so fantastic alright so here's your memory wire and here's how it'll come it'll come in a coil we sell them in coils twelve so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna take the memory wire cutters here and you want to use specific memory wire cutters these are the Sirhan's and these are our favorites here but you don't want to use regular cutters they will ruin your regular flush cutters so you definitely want to use those memory wire cutters alright so I'm gonna cut off just over a loop here kind of a loop in a little bit extra so I'm just gonna cut and now I'm going to set that aside so this is what I'm starting with as my memory wire loop so the first thing I want to do is I want to take some round nose pliers here and I'm gonna go to one end and I'm gonna make a simple wire loop facing in so all I'm gonna do is just sort of grip that at the very tip there and just start to bend it in and just kind of work my pliers around so that I have a nice little loop at the end just like so so there is my little starting loop so I have my simple wire loop on the end facing in towards the memory wire and then I have my other side free add my beads so I'm just gonna add a kind of fast little pattern here just adding in little metal components and that's a great way to use just some metal pieces into your jewelry it really kind of makes it your own you know you can really add silver gold rose gold I like to work with gunmetal I always like to put gunmetal with rose gold I wasn't good such a kind of as I was like it's like a gray and pink combo mm-hmm and I am using czech glass fire polish beads and you're gonna see that the pattern I'm gonna develop is exactly like the one that I have on my table there I'm starting with four four four millimeters and then I'm gonna do four six millimeters and then four eight millimeter beads so all the same color I just wanted to graduate the size so and what's great is this memory wire it just sort of picks up like a little needle on the end so very cool well then what's so great is it keeps its shape it you know and that's what I kind of like about these now you could also do a version where you complete the loop all the way at the top so you can make a full hoop if you want but I kind of like to leave it a little open just personal style but there's definitely options there it's eight millimeters and then you just simply reverse the pattern there so yeah we have so many colors of the czech fire polished beads that you can really just kind of make it make it your own yeah I'm looking at the other thing this would be such a great gift for summer birthdays mm-hmm if you've got a bunch of friends you can make a bunch of different colored ones yeah I don't know if it's good or bad of me by Moi's looking at like what can I make multiples of to give to multiple people but you know that's smart this really is you know I I'm always looking for that I always look for multiples especially when I'm trying to design like bridal jewelry yes you know what can I make a multiple of that would be you know I can make you know eight bridesmaids earrings really quick you know or or gifts or something like that so there's so many occasions for gifts around the summer and just all the holiday isn't everything and you know I know we're getting into all kinds of parties and everything so this is another sort of quick and easy hey I need a pair of blue earrings you know which is fun it's fun to actually pick out your outfit and then design to your outfit so maybe you have a summer dress with a pretty pattern you could pick out the colors in the pattern you know to accent your beads and then you have a perfectly matched pair of earrings oh I have done that before I brought in I bought this sort of orange and black dress that I wanted to design for I was like I have to have a really cool pair of earrings but the orange was really specific so I brought the dress in before I didn't wear it I brought it I don't know why I didn't wear it silly but I brought it in because I wanted to try to find a seed bead that matched that would sort of work and yeah anyway so that's what we do here bring her clothes to work day all right so so what I have here is I've done I started with a gold bead I did four of the four millimeters four of the six four of the eight four of the six and then four of the four and finished it off with one gold bead so you can see that I have a little bit of my wire there just to kind of finish that off so what I'm going to do now is we need to make another loop on the other side so what I'm gonna do is just kind of all I'm doing is sort of pulling this back just to make sure there's good tension there I want to make sure that I'm not going to have sliding beads and loose beads so about 1/2 an inch or so is where you want to cut your memory wire to create that last little loop all right so I'm gonna cut and now I'm gonna take those round nose pliers and I'm gonna bend again to get that simple wire loop happening and you'll see that it really does eat up that half an inch it doesn't seem like it seems like it's gonna be too big but it really does eat up that real estate all right so now I have my earring ready to go and what I'm going to do is I'm going to use this really unique earring finding here that actually has the loop sort of facing the front now if you do have an earring where it's facing the side you can absolutely take it from the side and just give it a gentle twist and sort of move it to the front but the way this earring I want it to sort of lay this is how we're gonna do it all right so I'm going to take some chain nose pliers here and just gently open that up I'm going to slip on my loop and just close it up now there we go and now my memory wire earring is all done so now I have three earrings a little bit but but it's really fun and like I said there's so many different things you can actually do this with you know Swarovski crystals you could do it with gemstones you can also add on if you wanted to you can do a jump ring or you can add this to the loop before you close it you can do an earring post if you're going to add something heavier or if this is more comfortable for you to wear I know some people just really don't like to wear the hoops as it is but this is so like just nice and light it's got the Czech glass but it's just that again there's a lot of air going through yet so it's really nice and easy to wear so if weight is a concern for you this is a great kind of option to get a really Wow style but that will be nice and so colorful like that color just pop all right I need to borrow that one I think I think that one needs to come home with me for a few days I'm loving I'm loving all the Blues and the aqua is and you know I love that people are pairing it with bright yellows and oranges and like these really kind of juicy colors it's really lovely to see all those saturated colors and so fast is the season yeah this is a time to go for it if you're gonna wear color go for it yeah I mean look at like just I was so excited to do this and I love that these honey combs had the little metallic splash on them you know so I combined them just to kind of give a little bit of interest a little bit of gold but then added the blue and because I was actually I was gonna go for a darker blue tassel actually and then I saw how the Aqua looked and I was like you know that's the one yeah so pretty so summery um alright so Julie you're gonna take us back to our last makes more tassel yes so this class you know if you join us for a different cause you'll notice that some have more designing some have more tips and recommendations I've had more questions so this definitely was a designing one we want to show you some of the most popular styles that we've seen so the Rivoli is the the hoops that were filigree and now we're going to the tassel so when we were doing research for this class we wanted to know what were some of the really popular styles and that's what we do is part of our job here to is we're researching really what is current in fashion we want to try to create projects that are very in line with that and so we kept seeing long tassels and you know this was something that we've been wanting to do for a while and we actually brought in a special product just for so we brought in this silk and this is a hundred percent silk I'll get one that's not broken on the bottom from my use so this is a hundred percent silk it's size F and you get a hundred and forty yards so you get a lot on the spool so you could do a lot of projects with it it comes in a whole variety of colors I just have four of the colors out here right now but this is what I'm going to be using to make my tassel and I had done I'd show these on one of our bead table Wednesday's so if you're not familiar we do a live broadcast every Wednesday morning at 9:30 showing what we're working on and so one week I showed these guys and I tried to get everyone's opinion as to what color combo they'd like to see next and the overwhelming response was green yeah yeah so I did the green one when I paired it with the scarabeus green Swarovski be charmed pearl and so just that color it really pops with it but there's a whole bunch of different colors out there that you can definitely mix and match I mean even like this really pulls out that purple it kind of glows that plum color so we're going to be using the scarabeus green but there's a lot of other choices out there so again have fun with the color combos and we're going to be doing a little trick to make our tassel using a cut piece of cardboard so I've pre-cut my cardboard to the size of the tassel I want now it's a little bit shorter because I'm going to be trimming it but basically whatever length you want your tassel to be make your cardboard about half an inch three quarters of an inch longer but if you want to tassel this big don't have a piece of cardboard this big you're gonna be wasting a lot of silk in you know conversely if you want a short little tassel don't have a piece of this big or turn it to the side yep that would work too so to make your tassel you're going to need your silk you're gonna need pair of scissors and I do really recommend a pair of tweezers I have this little bent nose tweezer right here it just really helps in the actual knotting of this when it comes time so I'm gonna unwind a lot of this because we're gonna do 55 wraps on this guy and you can actually do more but for this I'm going to do 55 and that's why it's so nice you're getting 140 yards alright sound and the silk feels really nice this is a beautiful quality and we're so we were so excited to bring a product like this in it just really really helps yeah I'm making these lovely toes it does and it's very very soft so I'm not gonna count this at live I'm gonna do in my head but basically one two three four and you're gonna do that for 55 so I'm gonna keep winding I'm not gonna talk isn't it loose cows I want to kind of talk about as Julie's doing that is we do have some other great examples of some beautiful statement earrings so I'm just gonna kind of point out what we have on our table here so speaking of those large hole beads I created this now this is a little bit of a shorter statement earring but I still wanted to kind of include it in our group here because we use that same Swarovski pearl at the bottom and those little bead aligners and these are some beautiful this is actually called a silk color these are the Swarovski crystals and silk so just really beautiful again you know we are kind of tending towards Bridal season wedding season summer party season so these are just sort of just a beautiful little nod to that these are the wahoo stand earrings and then the other thing that we brought in very recently is it's actually launching on our website today is the TR cast caravan collection now again if you joined us for our Facebook live this week I went and I wanted to give a little not to talk about these but this gives me a little opportunity actually to point out these earrings here now these are vintage River leaves and I have the tierracast pendants on the bottom but what you'll notice that makes these statement earrings is the long kidney ear wire here so it really creates that nice length without adding weight and adding more element to it so it comes really nice and sleek you get that beautiful red crystal Rivoli there and you get that kind of a nice little caravan style charm at the bottom so just something else to kind of consider as you're creating lots of little stuff like that so yeah so just another thing that I wanted to point out so we actually have these as well and I'm reaching across today I'm gonna bring these by me so when I was talking about the memory wire these are great little pieces to use because these actually kind of serve as kind of little their little memory wire pieces to but they have a nice little thing so you can just beat it up or add a couple down here and then just kind of slip it right back in there so it kind of creates a nice little piece and then it has the little hoop up there and a little hoop in the center so you could actually hang something from the center I love those just another little thing to kind of create a statement earring you could also bead on this as well so a lot of different options with such a simple little component like that but again just kind of you know you could do the hoop earring with the memory wire we have hoop earrings like this we have many other hoops another little piece alright did you count I did are you good I think so alright I I might have lost count I Donna I dropped by school at one point so I don't think I lost track so I've done all my rapping so this is what it looks like yeah it's close enough it's gonna be nice and thick okay I'm just gonna trim it and then I'm gonna cut myself another little piece and then I'm gonna cut myself another little piece so we've got two extra little lengths right here that are pre-cut and waiting for us and so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna lift this guy up and this is where my tweezers really come in handy and I'm just gonna slip that under there so I'm gonna pull it up towards the top and I'm gonna tie it it doesn't have to be super tight we're gonna do more to this than what you see here so it's just securing your length now what I like about cardboard is I can bend it to pop this off so I've got it secured just gonna scoot it off and then right where it is tied is gonna be my top and I'm just gonna smooth it down stone what our goal here is is to slip this eventually into this cord end right here and you can see that well about how deep it is so now we're going to do our wrappings to secure our tassel that is we're not going to do it way down on the base here because it'd be too much to slip into that so what I want to do is take this other cut piece and wrap it around the top of it but I want to have enough that may be able tie it okay so that should be fine that should easily slip in there okay so we're gonna wrap it a couple good times and we are going to be gluing it in again with our favorite glue e6000 you'll see we use this a lot and this with good reason it really does create a very strong bond which is nice and it works with a lot of different materials like we are using it now adhering a textile to metal whereas we just used it adhering the crystals to metal so a lot of different applications for it okay so we're just tying some knots again I really like the tweezers for this because I am having to use my hand to hold on to this tassel okay okay so now we're just gonna trim our ends and now what you can do is you can either trim your tassel now or you could trim it later I'm just gonna trim it right now now you can put your scissor in here and trim it I actually prefer to do it a little bit more like what I call the haircut method where I smooth down my ends it takes a little bit of finessing and they do you like to twirl and then I just like to cut it here and that's why I made it a little bit bigger yeah both methods work if you do kind of go through the center and cut through the loop you'll probably still need to do a little bit of trimming just to get them all to the same size but you can kind of just do that with scissors or snips and I love that the silk really allows you to get that long tassel you know some of the pre-made tassels just aren't this long generally see us you get that opportunity to make something that's a little bit a bit longer yeah and you can really make it as long as you want when you are making your own tassel and you're using something like this piece of cardboard you're really not limited in any which way because you can use your silk and make it as long as you want and then your piece of cardboard as well well then it's also the same size I know some people will try to you know wind around their hands it's an inch or two so big yeah all right so to go ahead and complete your tassel you're going to just take some glue and you're gonna put it on the inside well now I definitely recommend putting around all the sides so you want to definitely have the base as well as the sides okay and we're just going to slip this guy in here and what I like to do because I could have made this thicker but I like to just push it a little bit so I'm just kind of getting it yep fill the space now I am going to continue making this earring and normally I would let this dry actually for quite a while I want that to be good and secure but for the purpose of this video I'm gonna try to fudge it a little bit yeah we recommend it's like here's the thing you can probably finish the design but we would definitely recommend waiting at least 24 hours before you wear it because that's when you're gonna put the weight on it you know so you don't want it to kind of fall out absolutely I'm gonna be using a findings kit and a finance kit for the earrings is really perfect for this because I knew I needed an earring hook an eye pin and a larger jump ring and so if we look at the findings kit it comes with the earring hooks it comes with the head pins eye pins and two different sizes of jump rings both the four and the six so I'm using three different components from this kit which is really nice to not have to buy them separately so that's just a little quick tip a lot of different pieces in there you find all my tools so I'm gonna be using an eye pin and I'm going to be using these tierracast bead aligner so I'm going to place one onto my pin facing up and you're gonna see that that just slips right into the well of the large hole bead basically what this is doing is it's converting a large hole bead into a bead with a more traditional hole that we can use these traditional findings with and still have it be really secure okay I'm gonna take my apply a my wire looping and grab it right where the wire exits the bead on the bead aligner go ahead and twist it bend it over and now I'm gonna do a wrapped wire loop I'm doing a wrapped wire loop instead of a simple wire loop just because I want it to be really tight on there to keep those bead aligners in place so I just wrapped it about one time one and a half time and trim it where it exits and then you can go ahead and you can take your pliers and clean up that little end okay so now we are gonna take one of our larger jump rings a six millimeter and our other pair of chain nose and again I would let this guy dry but I'm fudging it I'm gonna keep them on the table though I don't want them to come off yes and then just close that up and then on the other end we are going to do an earring hook and there is no right and wrong side to this airing so you don't have to worry about lining it up like you did for the other earring that we patinaed alright I'm gonna let him dry now but here is the finished piece and you can see what that tassel would look like and so then we're all done with our long tassel earrings yeah but you know and that's a really great way to showcase those large hole beads you know we have so many different we actually do have some crystal ones as well which you could absolutely use but it's just a nice way to kind to add a little extra to just a tassel earring you know those beautiful Swarovski pearls so yeah and they're a nice scale too if you are talking salmon earrings you wouldn't necessarily want to put a super tiny bead up on top of such a big tongue oh yeah it wouldn't it wouldn't balance right you know so it's a good way to do it yeah yeah so we're just we're just kind of wrapping them here I think we've we've made everything I think we have and we do have links to all these projects yeah in the product collection for this class I know Brian's been really great supplying links as you've been asking questions and we'll be checking back - yep so keep asking questions even if you're not able to catch this live keep asking questions on to the feeds because we will definitely be answering them yes and what's nice is these these videos do you live on so you can't catch us live don't worry in the future you know you'll always be able to see the replay so yeah so one last look at our giveaway look at the giveaway here so you just saw Julia actually open up the earring findings kit here and she was using the gold we're gonna give you the gold and the silver and then we're giving you the beaded Swarovski crystal earrings statement kit and we're also giving you the loo statement earring kit so just so you know a little bead weaving here for you and then we're providing you with some lovely findings as well so yeah so I mean we're really excited to kind of do classes like this where we can design a little bit more make a little bit more kind of hopefully design with something that you may not have thought of you know memory wire for earrings or you know making your own super long tassel with the silk you know so just a lot of fun stuff and I mean have fun with the filigree that we showed you and we have lots of options in terms of wearability you know different sizes of hooks pose earring backs all that kind of stuff actually really kind of goes into you know making the statement earring your own yeah and just have fun and share with us what you made we want to see it I have to say we had some great posts on Instagram over the last month of you guys tagging us with what you're making with everything you get from me - holy canned it's so excited because it inspires us and you know then we kind of then we know what colors you guys like or you know if you joined us her Facebook live will ask your opinion and we take it we're like hey do we do blue or green or red or what do ya think and you know it kind of helps us you know make stuff that you guys want to see you yeah it's fun we enjoy it so I think we're just about ready to announce our winner of our giveaway yeah all right do write our winner is Dale fraidy Wallace congratulations Roger Dale so all you need to do is just email service at and we will get all of your shipping information to ship this out to you do all right we have thanks so much for joining us guys we'll be back next month in June to talk about just some really fun stuff we got cookin here yeah so we'll be in the full swing of summer so we'll be back and having a brand new class for you guys so we do these like we said yeah once a month our big classes but be sure to join us on Facebook live we do live streams on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and also Fridays so you know we're there to interact with you guys if you have a question even if it's nothing that we're talking about shout it the shout out the question will be there to answer for you absolutely all right so thanks so much for joining us I'm Kat Sylvia Julie beam okay have a great weekend everybody and we'll see you in June great you

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